Becoming Luna

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Chapter 2


I was in the back seat of the dark SUV, looking out the window at the dark trees lining the sides of the road. “Where the hell am I?” I thought to myself. The pack I was going to visit was out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Montana. My pack was from the east of the state where it was more open and not so claustrophobic. My beta Sam had come along and was talking some nonsense I wasn’t even listening to. The only reason I was driving out here was that Alpha Max had been good friends with my father before he died. I pulled my tie, there was nothing I wanted to do less than go to an event. My wolf was feeling the same as he muttered about doing literally anything else. And so I continued to stare out the window for what seemed like an eternity.

“We are here Alpha.”

I snapped my head up to where Sam was looking. As we drove up the road I could see the lights of cabins in the distance. And then overlooking the lake I saw the packhouse which seemed to be teeming with lights and people.

The SUV pulled up and Alpha Max and Luna Leah were standing by the front door, welcoming members of the pack.

I stepped out and there was a bit of a hush, it was time to put on my smile and play my part. Max smiled as he reached out to me for a firm but warm handshake. “Alpha Slade, it is so good to see you! How have you been my boy?” Although I didn’t want to be there I couldn’t deny I liked Max Jennings. He was always kind and even came out to the funeral when my dad had passed.

“Alpha Max, great to see you too,” I smiled but that was all I offered.

Alpha Slade Black was known to be a bit of a cold, distant wolf, something I used to my advantage. It made wolves intimidated by my presence and less likely to bother me with stupid things. But Max brought out a bit of kindness in me and I had to watch myself.

I was trying not to judge- this was a bit more wilderness than I was used to. It was a comfortable home, but not the elegance I was used to. And I could tell the formal event was a bit out of the rest of the pack’s comfort zone. As I was ushered into the ballroom I looked around. It wasn’t the classiest event I had been to. White tablecloths and twinkly lights and quiet music and some form of bite-sized food being passed around on trays. I made my way to the bar and after grabbing a drink I turned to watch the party.

I could tell Max and Leah were enjoying themselves, but I was here for a reason and I knew the sooner we got down to business the sooner I could leave.

I walked up to Max. “Alpha, do you mind if we pull away and talk some business?”

Max looked up, “Of course. Leah, would you like to join us?”

I internally rolled my eyes. These Alphas were always including their mates, usually to bring the emotion in to help convince the other to help.

“No, you two talk it out. I’ll see you later,” His Luna said sweetly as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Max smiled at her and turned to me, "Okay let’s talk.”

As we walked into Max’s office he motioned to the chair, "please, sit,” before taking the one next to it. I sat down, unsure of what the Alpha wanted but the air had gotten thick.

“As you know, our pack has had some difficulties in the past with border disputes. It has left us a bit low on support in terms of protection,” Alpha Max began.

After a long talk about the boundary conflicts and such, we had agreed on how to make an effective alliance with each other and we decided to head back down.

As we walked back into the ballroom I could see the Luna not far off and we both walked over. “Hey!” she said as Max put his hand on the small of her back. It was sweet, but I shook the thought out of my head.

I wasn’t all that interested in having a mate. I had been hurt and had no desire to ever be in that situation again.

But as I had that thought I was surrounded by the most amazing aroma of lavender. I was a bit distracted for a minute until I heard Luna Leah speak my name. “Alpha Slade, have you met our daughter Addison yet?” And as I turned to her I saw the woman standing next to the Luna.

Our eyes met and we both knew.


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