Becoming Luna

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Chapter 30


Addison went next door to her office to work on some transfer paperwork for a couple of wolves who had found their mates in another pack and to finish up preparations for the pack meeting tonight.

Finish up early and go sit with her, my wolf suggested. That was an amazing idea.

Just as I finished up what I needed there was a tap at my door and Vanessa walked in. "Slade?"

I sighed, I did not want to do this right now. I tried to be short with her, hoping she would get the picture. "It's Alpha. Only the Luna may call me Slade."

"Sorry, Alpha. Can I come in?"

I rolled my eyes visibly so she could see my irritation. "Fine. What do you want, Vanessa?”

"Well, I came back for you. I shouldn't have left. And I can't pretend I didn't hear what was said earlier. You haven't marked that girl claiming to be the Luna. I knew you were waiting for me." She gave a flirty smirk as she twisted a piece of hair in her fingers.

I shook my head. "Vanessa, let's get something straight here. First off, Addison IS this pack's Luna and you will respect that. Second, I didn't wait for you. I have a new mate and I don't want you."

Vanessa looked shaken but then came back to herself and walked toward my desk. Sitting down on the desk, her legs almost touching mine, she leaned forward and spoke in almost a whisper, “I could barely convince you to wait a few weeks, let alone three months. You don't want her like you wanted me." She grinned slyly, tracing my jawline with her finger.

"You'll never know will you, you chose to reject me," I said coldly.

Just then Addison walked through the door, looking down at some papers. "Hey Slade, I just need you to sign these before I file them away." She looked up and with what I could only describe as a look of confusion, took in the scene before her.

Me, sitting in my chair. Vanessa sitting on top of my desk, leaning forward with her fingers still on my jaw.

Addison's eyes darkened. "I'll come back later then,” she said coldly. And with that she walked out, slamming the door.


I ran my hand through my hair as I got up to chase after her. Even though nothing had happened nor ever would have happened, I also knew what it looked like.

I ran up the stairs and stormed into her room.

"Addison, I- "

I was interrupted by something flying past my face, barely missing me.

I looked down in shock to find a pillow. I looked up at Addison with surprise as she stood next to her bed, fury in her eyes. Grabbing another pillow, she cocked her arm, preparing to launch another one at me.

"I know what it looked like Addison, nothing was-"

Second pillow launched. I had to duck out of the way. I had to admit, she had pretty good aim.

"Nothing happened!" I was trying not to yell, but I just needed to explain and she wasn't cooperating. She turned to grab another pillow and I took advantage of the pause. I lunged forward, pulling her to me. She glared up at me, her cheeks flushed and her eyes angry. "Concentrate.." I thought to myself, trying to not just kiss her then and there. She tried to push me away but I just pulled her closer. Getting low to her face I spoke quietly, “Nothing happened. Nothing would have happened. She ambushed me in my office as I was on my way to you. You are everything I want."

“Nice excuse! Go play with your girlfriend, Slade,” Addison growled.

I let out a small huff. I knew she would be stubborn about this. “I’m serious Addison. Nothing happened. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let her get so close. I should have known better.” She looked at me, still glaring for a minute before her face softened. She put her forehead on my chest and took a breath. "I leave you alone for one minute..." she said sarcastically and I knew I had been forgiven.

After leaving Addison's room I made my way out to the training field. Sitting on a bench near the edge I observed the sparring. I heard my name and looked over to see a shirtless Sam goading me into a round two. I laughed and stood up, taking my shirt off as I walked toward my Beta.

Mid-match I saw Addison coming down the hill toward us and took the opportunity to show off for my Luna. I took Sam down just as she walked up. "Oh! Hey!" I said breathlessly, acting like I didn't watch her walk up. Addison smiled, shaking her head. "Sam, do you mind if I steal him for a minute?"

"Of course not Luna." I turned to Sam to see him with an odd smile on his face. Turning back to Addison I took her hand and walked over to the bench I had previously been sitting on. I kissed her cheek as I sat down.

"What's up?" I said, wiping the sweat off my face with my shirt.

"I have an idea I want to run by you." She squeezed my hand and smiled up at me and I was pretty sure I would say yes to anything after that.

"Shoot," I responded, trying to act like she wasn't driving me crazy.

"I want to have a ‘Luna breakfast’ once a month. Where I give the cooks the morning off and I make breakfast for whoever wants to come. I miss cooking and I thought this would be a nice way to continue getting to know everyone."

I thought for a minute. It was a good idea, and a guarantee of having Addison make those amazing muffins pretty much gave me my answer. "It sounds like a great idea. We'll announce it along with everything else at the meeting tonight."

Addison beamed. I stood, needing to get back to training. Addison jumped up, throwing her arms around my neck, and pulling me into a deep, long kiss. It sent tingles down my spine. And I was angry when she pulled away blushing after receiving a chorus of whistles from all the wolves on the training field.

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