Becoming Luna

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Chapter 32


After the pack meeting, I went back to the guest house. I threw my designer bag on the table with a huff as I entered. This shouldn't be so hard, I thought.

I wanted him. I was going to have him. It was what I deserved. I should be the Luna, not that doe-eyed bumpkin from some mountain top.

Four years earlier when I rejected him, it hurt. I had that mate pull, of course, but I didn't love him and I was not going to be trapped there, in the middle of nowhere, for the rest of my life. I didn't want to have to pretend to like everyone, to have to work. So I moved to New York. I was smart and found a rich man to give me a glamorous life. But apparently you shouldn't put all your stock in a married man. Things didn't work out. Life became hard for me and I was struggling. That was when I realized I could just go back. I had kept tabs on the pack, my friend Ramona would send me updates. And the last time I checked he was still single. I could just go back and pick things up with him. I could be Luna. I could be in charge and comfortable in that big packhouse.

The fact that he had found a mate complicated things. But I wasn't about to just give up. I had overheard him in the training fields saying he was going to take a swim after training. "Perfect," I thought. Changing into my skimpiest bikini I made my way to the pool. When he walked out of the packhouse he sat down on the edge of the pool I took advantage and swam over. "Hey."

Slade rolled his eyes, “Vanessa, I'm not in the mood to do this right now. Ever, actually."

I stood between his legs. I had to admit he looked damn good. The last four years had been good to him. "Slade, why are you denying the pull we have?"

"There is no pull, Vanessa. The only pull I feel is the one for my mate. Addison."

This was going nowhere, I thought. Time for Plan B. I was just about to reach up and kiss him when Addison walked out. Again. This was the second time she had interrupted things and it was really starting to annoy me. I knew if I made it look like something had happened it would drive a wedge between them that I could use to my advantage. I called upon my best "not so innocent" face. I saw the rage. I was about to give Slade a peck on the cheek, hoping to both anger Addison and ignite something in Slade. But Addison went postal, using her Luna command, I had no choice but to leave.

I walked in for dinner, hoping to find it arctic between the two of them. I was disappointed to not only find them sitting together, but flirting and touching.

I gave an audible “ugh” before grabbing a plate and sauntering off to the other end of the table.

As I made it back to my room I threw myself on the bed, sickened by the sight of those two. It was then and there that I needed to come up with a plan to get rid of that girl once and for all.

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