Becoming Luna

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Chapter 33


After dinner that night I grabbed some things from my room and headed across the hall to Slade. He was lying in his bed when I walked in. He eyed my arms filled with random items and laughed. "Addison, why don't you just move your stuff over here? Half your things are here anyway."

I looked around the room. He was right. I had a few items folded in the closet, some books, and pictures on the nightstand, and most of my toiletries were already in the bathroom.

I shrugged, "I have to keep a few things over there in case you don't behave yourself and I have to punish you,” I grinned at him and walked to the bed, putting my things away as I made my way over. Instead of climbing in on my side I walked to his and climbed on top of him, straddling his lap, Slade rested his hands on my hips. I cupped his face in my hands and gave him a warm smile. "Kiss me," I whispered. Slade responded instantly, wrapping his arms around me, and with a heated passion, we spent the next half hour in a feverish make-out session that left us both breathless.

I woke the next morning and stretched, a smile growing on my face. I rolled over to see a very handsome sleeping man and I brushed my lips along his jawline. He shivered and with a low moan pulled me into his arms. I loved being close to him like this. We both had work to do this morning and we got dressed and walked hand in hand down to our offices. He kissed me outside my door and then made his way to his own office. Entering my office, I was reminded of what had happened a few days ago. Deciding I wasn't about to give Vanessa another chance, I gathered my notebook and whatever files I needed and headed to Slade's office.

I tapped on the door and poked my head in. Slade looked up and with a smile and a nod, motioning for me to come in. His smile turned into a questioning look when he saw the pile of files in my arms. "What's all that?"

"It's my work for the day. I figured since Vanessa likes to ambush you when I'm not around I would just hang with you." I set the files down on the desk and then scooted one of the chairs closer. We were facing each other and as we worked I would look up occasionally to find him staring at me. Our flirty looks and light laughs electrified both of us. I was writing some notes for things I needed to do the next day when Slade closed his laptop and sat back in his chair. I could feel him watching me and smiled. "Like what you see?" I teased.

Slade chuckled. "Mhmm... And then some," he fired back. "Can you come here real quick? I need help with something?"

"Yeah..." I mumbled as I quickly finished my note. I stood from my chair and walked over. “How can I help you, Alpha?" I said, slightly sarcastically. Slade laughed and then pulled me to him so I was standing between his legs. Because he was sitting I had to look down at him and as I met his eyes I smiled. He pulled me closer so that our bodies were touching, wrapping his arms around me. I ran my fingers through his hair and softly kissed his forehead. I then planted a kiss on each cheek and his nose before finally landing on his lips. I pulled away to tease him. “So, what did you need help with?" I asked, smiling coyly.

"This." He led my hand down to his pants. I could feel his hardness and I inhaled sharply. He pushed up and sat me on the desk so I was now straddling him. He kissed me, his lips and tongue moving in sync with mine. Both of us exploring the other's body with our hands. Then Slade stopped. He looked down and smiled at me. Then grabbing my hand, he led me out of the office and up the stairs. When we made it to Slade's room he wasted no time before pulling me into a passionate kiss. He unzipped the back of the dress I was wearing and it fell to the floor. I yanked his tee-shirt over his head, revealing his broad chest, and pulled his muscular arms so they were wrapped around me. I played with his belt before finally getting it and the button on his pants undone. We made our way to the bed. Slade laid me down before climbing on to the bed. He ran his hands up and down me, feeling every inch of my body, sending electric shocks through my skin. He kissed my neck and then continued down, lightly kissing each breast before making his way back up, making my back arch. Slade spoke, his voice breathy."This is going to hurt, but the pain won't last long, I promise." Then Slade kissed the spot right above my collarbone before biting down. I let out a small yelp, but the pain quickly grew to a warm, electrifying sensation. He had marked me! I could hear my wolf howling in my head. I pulled him close and ran my hand across his chest before placing an identical mark in the same place just above his collarbone. We quickly resumed, our passion igniting, and after we finished making love Slade held me in his arms.

"Why now?" I asked, running my hand along my almost healed mark.

"It should have happened a long time ago. I was just being stubborn," Slade said, kissing a line down my arm.

"Mhm," I said smugly. My stomach growled, we had missed lunch and I was starting to get hungry.

"Shower with me," Slade whispered.

I turned to face him. "Feed me," I whispered back.

Slade pulled his boxers back on and walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

"We have some random sandwich fixings ...or pretzels. Remind me later to fill our cabinets."

I sat up, eyes wide. "Slade, I just heard you."

Slade laughed."Well yeah, I spoke to you."

"No, I hear you in my head!"

"I know, I'm speaking to you IN MY HEAD!"

Slade walked in a few minutes later with two turkey sandwiches and the bag of pretzels. I got up and threw on Slade's shirt before sitting on the end of the bed. "Addison, I marked you. As Alpha and Luna, we now have a mind link and can speak to each other."

"Ohhhh... right." I blushed. After eating Slade took my hand and led me into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and pulled his tee-shirt off over my head. I pulled him into the shower and we each took turns washing each other, kissing the bare skin as we wiped away the suds. It was sensual and it heated me up. Slade pinned me against the wall of the shower and kissed me intensely. It ended up being a long shower, we had made love again in the warm water.

Slade and I headed downstairs in time for dinner. I was called off by a couple of pack members who staffed the school which left Slade alone for a moment. Apparently, a moment was all Vanessa needed. I saw her attempt to sweet talk him yet again. She didn't know that things had changed. I smiled at him when he gave me a look that called for help. I trusted him though and continued with my conversation.

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