Becoming Luna

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Chapter 5


She turned right into me. Granted I had been walking up to her, but I didn’t expect the contact. That night at the BBQ I had watched her from a distance. The summer evenings were warm and she was flushed in a sleeveless cotton dress. She looked amazing. So I decided to get closer, against my better judgement. Then we crashed and her scent engulfed me. I didn’t expect that, to be so affected by her. So I only spoke what little I could manage and then got away as soon as I could. I needed to clear my mind. My wolf was not happy though. The whole way back to the pack house my wolf was yelling at me.

WHY DID YOU WALK AWAY?! She was so close!! We could smell her!

“That’s the problem..” I muttered to myself.

You should have touched her, kissed her. She’s our mate!!! Why did you leave?! Was all my wolf said before going quiet again with an irritated growl. I knew I hadn’t heard the last of it yet.

I laid in bed in the guest room of the Alpha’s quarters when I heard the front door open and Max, Leah, and Addison walking in and laughing with each other. Why were these people all so happy? It was nauseating. But as I laid there I listened to their conversation. All of the encouragement. All of the advice. And of course the threat. I chuckled to myself. That alpha-dad bravado was funny and I wasn’t too scared.

I drifted off to sleep, knowing tomorrow everything was going to change.

In the morning I woke, showered, and slipped into comfortable travel clothes. After packing up my things I grabbed my bag and took it downstairs. I could smell breakfast and could tell that everyone was down there. But instead of laughter there was pained silence. Nobody knew what to say. Their daughter and sister was leaving and their family was so close I could tell it was hard for them.

Breakfast was eaten in silence. Her brother and his mate came over to say their goodbyes with promises from both sides to visit. As the bags were packed into the back of the SUV she hugged her family who all had tearful eyes. Addison wasn’t crying though. She is strong, I thought to myself. We got into the backseat of the car and slowly drove back down the mountain. I looked over to her as she watched out her window. Apparently she was just being strong for them, so they didn’t have to worry. Because now that we had driven away she sat quietly with tears rolling down her cheeks.

We rode in silence for a while, Addison still watching out the window with what looked like determination to remember every inch of the mountain that for so long was her home.

Say something, I heard whispered in my mind. My wolf was back and now that we were alone and there was no escape he decided to make his appearance.

“Like what?! I don’t know this girl. What on earth am I supposed to say to her?” I said back to him. My wolf growled which showed his irritation. I had no idea who this girl was. Just because she had some effect on me didn’t mean I knew what to do with her.

Say anything man, the silence is deafening.

“You miss your family,” was all I managed to get out before mentally smacking myself. OF COURSE she missed her family. Idiot. And my wolf snickered at my thought, calling me an idiot as well. Addison turned around with an incredulous look. That look was all the answer I needed. But she surprised me when she spoke.

“I do. I never imagined I would find a mate that was from a different pack. Obviously its a pretty normal thing, but I just assumed I would find someone from home. Honestly I didn’t even think I would find a mate. I’m 21, most people find their mate when they are first able to at 18 or 19. I guess that should have tipped me off.” She shrugged and gave me a small, tight smile.

“I wasn’t really on the hunt for a mate,” I replied.

“You didn’t want a mate?” She asked quietly.

I paused for a moment, choosing my words carefully, “I just wasn’t exactly searching for one.”

“Same,” she said with a smile. When I looked at her curiously she continued. “I could have sat at home waiting for some strong man to come and find me, but the woman in me refused to do that. So I went on with my life. Maybe I’d find a mate, maybe I didn’t.”

Her response surprised me. With most females, that was all they wanted. This girl was interesting, but I wasn’t about to let that affect me.

“Where is your pack?” She asked, bringing me back from my thoughts.

“East. It’ll be a bit different than what you’re used to. No mountains. Mostly plains and flatlands. I prefer the open space though.”

“Hmm,” Addison seemed to be lost in thought and the conversation lulled as we drove farther from her home.

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