Becoming Luna

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Chapter 6


He spoke! Ha! Was all my wolf said. As we sat in silence I dozed off, not quite knowing where we were going.

I was awakened by a touch that sent currents up my arm. “We are almost there,” Slade seemed to whisper.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and then stared in awe out the window. Billowing plains over rolling hills that just seemed to go on forever. The SUV turned to the left at a road marker and the dirt road was a little bumpy but the view was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. Wide and open. The blue sky just kept going on and on until it met the grass at the horizon.

“It’s beautiful out here,” I said quietly. I could just imagine letting my wolf loose and running for miles and miles with nothing to get in the way.

“We’re here.”

I snapped forward to see an enormous pack house splayed before me. The smaller family houses were still pretty large. Definitely bigger than the cabins back home. As we pulled up to what I could only call a mansion, I was speechless. It seemed the whole pack had heard that their Alpha had found a mate from another pack and they were all here to see. They all cheered when Slade and I stepped from the car and everyone welcomed me warmly. That helped a lot with my nervousness. As they all dispersed to let their new Luna settle in I stood to take in my new home. From what I could tell it had three a tories. Outside it was white with big windows that let in all of the light. The walk up to the front door was lined with stones and grasses. And as we walked into the first floor common area there was a grand staircase leading up. High ceilings everywhere made me feel small. To one side was a theater and games room complete with leather recliners and a projector. To the other side was their event hall but much bigger than the one back home. And it was grand. As we walked through to the back there was a large kitchen and walk in pantry, all very modern and bright. Warm woods mixed with industrial metals and stone. Across from the kitchen was the dining area. Two massive tables, each able to hold at least 40 were there and I realized just how small my pack was. Throught past the dining room was the lounge, with an enormous over-sized sectional and an entire, wall going up two stories of books. A library.

Girl we are in heaven, I heard my wolf say. But all I was able to get out was a stunned, "mhmmm.” As I was staring, jaw-dropped at the wonder inside this house I heard a cough behind me. Whizzing around I saw Slade watching me.

“Come, I’ll show you the rest.”

Heading up the staircase he stopped briefly on the second floor. “This is the pack offices,” he said, “My office is the first one here. Other than that you won’t really need anything else here.”

I just about lost it but kept my cool. “Won’t I need an office?”

With that, Slade turned to me bewildered. “Why? Being Luna doesn’t just give you an office. What on earth would you need it for?”

OH HELL NO, my wolf yelled.

I could feel the heat growing in my cheeks before taking a breath. “I’m sorry, I assumed you would want my help with things. My mother is always helping my dad with daily tasks.”

“Well, that won’t be necessary here,” he said, and I caught the snarky edge in his voice.

I led out an audible huff as we headed up to the third floor.

“Obviously, this is Alpha’s quarters. He showed me around the decent sized kitchen and living room and then through the back to the bedrooms. My breath caught, I had forgotten what mates actually do. He opened double doors to the master bedroom. It was enormous! Right in the center was a massive King size bed. The walls were a rich, smoky blue color that went with the gray and cream colored bedding. To the left was a boudoir with a mirror. I walked over there first, and then saw the giant walk in closet. I was pretty sure my whole room back home could fit in there. I crossed the room to the other side where the bathroom was, which was just as big if not bigger than the closets. White tile floors with a massive walk in shower on one side with black, white, and clear mosaic tiles inside. At the center was a massive soaker tub long drains on the floor next to its you could fill it to the top. The double vanity was on the other side with a door that she assumed let to the toilet. Large windows let in so much natural light that I didn’t think I would ever need to turn on the iron chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

It was amazing. My awe was disrupted when Slade broke into my daydream. “I’ll take you to your room.”

I had to do a double take, realizing this wasn’t where I was staying. He took me to the room just across the hall. It was smaller but still bigger than my room back home. A queen size bed at the center with white bedding and lavender colored walls. A walk in closet but not as big as the master. And a small bathroom- with no soaker tub! That was disappointing… But it was still beautiful. The bathroom had very similar materials and was bright and clean.

“I’ll leave you to settle. Dinner is at six downstairs,” Slade said as he turned to leave.

“Alpha Slade,” I called after him, “Thank you.”

He shrugged. “This is your home now. See you at six.”

I tried to make myself busy unpacking my belongings. I was a bit wired after a day in the car, so I decided on a shower. The hot water rinsed off any travel dust and weariness. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and drying off my hair when I saw something laying across the bed. A garment bag. Inside was a cute, comfortable looking white floral dress and note that just said Welcome.

Huh, I thought to myself as I put it on. It was sleeveless and fit my form, hugging my breasts and stomach until flowing at the hips. It came down to a couple inches above the knee. As I looked in the mirror wearing my new dress and favorite wedge heels, my naturally wavy hair coming down around my shoulders and my minimal makeup I nodded to myself. “Thats the best its going to get” I laughed as I turned to leave the room.

The minute I exited I was just about flattened by a flying ball of red hair and freckles. “Oh! Luna! I’m so sorry! I was just coming up to collect you for dinner! I figured walking down by yourself might be uncomfortable.” The wild thing that just about took me out smiled at me before offering her hand. “I’m Hannah. Slade’s younger sister. I am so glad to meet you. I didn’t think he would EVER mate." she said, eyes rolling. Hannah was just a bit shorter than me. Fair skin, freckled face from being out in the sun, and warm, red hair. She was pretty and kind and I had already decided I liked her. I also decided that this girl couldn’t possibly be related to the cold man that was my mate.

As we walked down to the common area together Hannah asked about my family and pack, how I liked it here, and how on earth I got stuck with her brother. The last was dripping in sarcasm and joking but I thought to myself, “girl, I have no idea.”

We entered the kitchen to find the amazing smell of grilled meat. There were more side dishes piled up than I thought I had ever seen, and made a mental note to try every single one of them. There was a female member of the pack working in the kitchen and I realized things here were very different and I was saddened by the fact that I wouldn’t get to cook anymore. Heading to the dining room I was introduced to a fair amount of the pack. Slade’s beta, Sam came and introduced himself and his mate Olivia. Olivia had kind eyes and she seemed to be friends with Hannah, so I decided I liked her as well.

The dinner was as loud as a pack dinner usually was. Everyone talking and enjoying each other’s company. Alpha Slade was sitting in the center of the bench at the first table with Sam next to him on one side and myself on the other. I had to admit, even though I didn’t know him at all- he looked good. Dark jeans covered his toned legs and a black button down shirt that seemed to be painted across his strong chest. The long sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow which just accented his muscular arms even more. I looked up only to find him staring down at me. More like glaring. Apparently he was not amused at my gawking. I quickly looked away and tried to hide my embarrassed blushing and started talking again to Hannah. As dinner was ending Slade stood up and the pack fell silent.

“Thank you all for coming out this evening and meeting your new Luna. Hopefully we can all support each other and help her make a home here. We will have the Luna ceremony next weekend during the full moon. Welcome Luna Addison.” As he finished speaking he raised his glass with everyone else as they all welcomed me to the pack.

And with that he walked away and I didn’t see him for the rest of the evening. How was I going to do this when he seemed so shut off to me?

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