Becoming Luna

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Chapter 8


I don’t understand. Earlier that morning he seemed genuinely upset that I had taken a worry to him about the sparring match. As his mate, wasn’t I allowed to do that? I was getting irritated. I had seen what my parents had. What Sam and his mate had. He’s not making any effort at all, I thought to myself as I sat by the pool in my favorite one piece. It was a bit revealing in the best ways. It was low cut but not so bad that you saw my belly button. The sides had straps that went all the way up and the back was low. It was a sage green color that made my skin glow. The pack house had an Olympic-size swimming pool out back, fit for all the hot summer days and I was determined to enjoy it.

My wolf growled. Make him see us. Make yourself a part of his every day. Maybe he just needs to get used to you.

I guess... I thought, pulling my large brimmed hat down and closing my eyes for a minute.

I opened my eyes a few minutes later when a shadow covered me. “hey, can you… oh…”

Standing above me, eyes dark, was Slade. He was upset. I could tell by the way his eyes had changed from golden to an almost black. He was having a hard time keeping his wolf in.

I sat up, “Alpha! I’m sorry, I…”

“What are you playing at Addison?” That was the third time he had ever said my name, but it was with such irritation that I didn’t enjoy it.

“What do you mean?” I questioned, no idea how I had incurred his wrath.

“Smiling and laughing and baking muffins. Acting like you were worried earlier. What are you trying to accomplish?” He growled as he loomed over me.

“I’m sorry, what? What do you mean?” I saw red and this man had no idea what was in store. “I can’t worry for you when someone punches the crap out of you? I can’t make some muffins? I used to make breakfast EVERY morning back home and I was feeling homesick and knew you hadn’t eaten. I was just trying to be nice! What is your problem?” I got up from my chair and looked up at him defiantly. “And what the hell do you mean I can’t go around laughing and smiling?! I am trying to make the best of a situation that I have zero control over. I am trying to be happy. Are you saying I can’t be happy?”

Slade stepped back, a little less sure of himself. He hadn’t expected me to fire back like that.


“And what is YOUR deal?! You do know we are mates right? That at some point you are going to have to speak to me, or be in the same room as me, or even make eye contact with me. You sulk off every chance you get. Hiding in your room or your office or literally anywhere else than where I am. So screw you Slade! I’m not going to waste my time being sad and timid just because you’re feeling a little grumpy and uncomfortable.”

I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, trying to surface. I was not going to let him see me cry. And with that I huffed off, leaving him stunned and even more angry.

I slammed the door to my room. "How dense is this guy?! Who does he think he is? MY bad that I was just trying to be nice, keep the peace, possibly form a friendship. And he just waltzes up, pissed, assuming I have some hidden agenda?!" I yelled to the room. My eyes were starting to go dark. I was losing control and I could feel the anger my wolf had right now. I took a breath and decided to take a long, hot shower.

After the shower I felt better and relaxed. Just as I finished getting redressed Hannah burst in. “Oh my gosh, Addie! Did you seriously just have a yelling match with Slade?!” Her eyes were wild with curiosity and humor. “Girl! You’ve got some big ones sticking it to him like that! The whole pack house heard you! And then you just left him in a stupor!” At this point she was on the bed, laughing. I chuckled a bit wishing I had seen Slade standing there all shocked at his little Luna. “You made him mad though. He’s been in a mood ever since. Granted he deserved it. I noticed he’s been keeping you at a distance.”

It piqued my interest, knowing she had noticed him being a jerk. “Yeah, what is that even about? I thought as mates we could at least be friends. I’d even settle for civil at this point.”

“Nah, its because of…” Hannah’s eyes widened when she realized what she had started saying and immediately shut up.

“Because of what, Han?” I was curious now. Knowing there might be an actual reason behind his coldness towards me.

“It’s not my business,” she replied, shaking her head. “Just know that he has had a hard time. So maybe be patient with him. Unless he totally deserves it, like today! Girl!!” Hannah laughed again.

Her laugh was contagious and we ended up both laughing and then spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other better. Hannah was twenty, just a year younger than me and three years younger than her brother. Because her dad died right after she graduated high school she ended up not leaving for college but had taken some courses at the local community college where she found she loved architecture. She was a smart girl and I could see her and all of her big dreams. At around five o’clock, our stomachs started to rumble, letting us know it was almost time to eat. I hadn’t seen Slade since our confrontation, and after my talk with Hannah I felt a little guilty for going off on him like that. Even if he had started it.

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