Just Like Cinderella

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What would you do when you find yourself falling for the wrong Prince Charming? Josephina Morales-Josi-can tell you exactly what she'll be doing a week from now. Coming from a big family like hers, she can't help being such a perfectionist, even when she's so clumsy. She has the same friend, wears the same look, and has even had the same crush for three years. Everything is simple and predictable for her, including her not-so-perfect family. But enter Caleb Flynn into the equation and nothing stays the same for long. Absolutely everything changes. She discovers that underneath the tough exterior he shows the whole world, Caleb is someone she could easily fall for. He's this handsome, mysterious, smart and carefree guy who can set her heart racing with just one look-her perfect Prince Charming even though he has his own fair share of problems. However, it seems like he's just not for her. It's a little confusing falling for your crush's best friend, but then, this isn't your average Cinderella story. Throw in a high school ball, deep conversations in the dark, a couple of overly interested girls, one big twist and an explosive chemistry, and you can't still expect to call this your average Cinderella story. No, not with characters like Josi and Caleb. This is what you call a modern day Cinderella story.

Romance / Fantasy
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Just Like Cinderella

"True love never has a happy ending, because there is no ending to true love."—Alexander the Great.

This is a Young Adult story, however it may contain:


➡️mature themes

➡sexual content

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