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Dream or reality, Paige was plagued with dreams of a strange world. Each night she would end up in the same place with the same man. At first, he had frightened her. Now she was frightened she would never see him again, trapped in a new world alone and lost. You don’t need to read the first book Beast World to read the second. However, it is recommended. Once you grasp an understanding of the world you will be fine. Women are hard to come by, especially pure females like ones from Earth. Reverse harem situation in a world where men turn into beasts and not just in the literal sense, but also in the bedroom. This is an erotic novel be prepared!

Romance / Erotica
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Sucking in a deep breath I took three steps forward moving beyond the barrier. Keeping my eyes on the man, his shoulders tensed as his muscles flexed straining against his flawless golden skin. A light breeze swept through the entrance of the cave causing goose bumps to cover my legs as my teeth chattered. Looking down I was still in my short silk nighty. “Finally.” The man in front of me chuckled menacingly, “you will regret following me little beast.”

His voice sent a new shiver through my body, one of panic. I started taking steps backward to retreat into my invisible safety zone. One step, another, another. I kept stepping backwards only finding myself backing into a wall as the man in front of me turned to face me. The second his gaze met mine the fury covering his face sent me further back into the wall.

The jagged rocks cut into my back, I cried out at the sudden pain. Sliding down the wall in fear, I cowered holding my knees to my chest. My heart beat thumped loudly in my chest as my anxiety grew, I immediately regretted my decision come out to meet him. Burying my head in my knees, I prayed for this dream to come to an end.

Foots sounded as he approached. Stopping in front of me two giant hands wrapped around my wrists sliding up my arms stopping before my shoulders. Sparks flew across my skin from his touch, “You’re a female?” No shit sherlock, I screamed in my head still not looking up from between my knees. Under his touch I trembled, he could crush me like a bug, but this was a dream wasn’t it. You couldn’t get hurt in a dream.

His hands slightly tightened around my forearms as they lifted me off the ground forcing me into a standing position. My heart beat rapidly increased out of control as I lifted my eyes to meet his. They were no longer filled with anger, but desire as he pulled me closer. “How did you get here?” His tone no longer aggressive, but a gentle simmer. Slowly I raised my head to meet his chocolate eyes. My green eyes clashed with his own as a deep throaty growl escaped him, as once again he pulled me closer still.

First 2 Chapters are released on Patreon NOW!! as well as my other books, early release chapters and erotic one shots weekly

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