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Chapter 10 - The Struggle

My throat was burning, body was shaking, heart was racing. Frozen, I was frozen as the bear turned toward me. Suddenly moving to me quickly, I managed to take a step back, another step and another. I did not understand, how could a person turn into a beast. Was it even Tantore anymore, would he tear me apart, would he ever turn back into Tantore… could he turn back? Managing to force myself, I shuffled my feet turning around to run. Before I hand taken a single step more a shadow overwhelmed my body. Trembling, I felt fur surround me, pressing into my skin as a dampened breath blew down onto my skin.

I was so scared, cowering almost the whole way to the floor. “Tantore.” I cried out quietly as tears leaked from eyes. Covering my face with my arms I resigned to whatever fate I would meet. His large warm hands gripped my wrists pulling my hands from my face. Tingles ran through my body, and they were not from Tantore, I was going home. For the first time in a long time I had no reservations, I welcomed the tingles silently begging for more. Home, I wanted to go home, this was too much, I did not want this.

“Paige”, his voice was gentle as he brought me to his chest holding me tightly. “It is okay Paige, calm down. I have got you.” Hands, he must have turned back. Did that mean every beast I had seen so far was a man?

Struggling hard I tried to pull away from him with no success, “yo… you are one of them! Do not touch me.” Continuing to struggle in his grip, he did not loosen as he continued to hold me to his body. “Home, hurry”, I whispered the words inwardly pleading for the process to go faster. This was not what I signed up for, I felt my heart would give out at any moment. Everything here scared me, tortured my senses, Tantore was the one thing I thought I truly wanted. He was a monster.

“NO.” His voice vibrated through my body flowing through the space. “Do not leave Paige.” His voice turning somewhat desperate, “please Paige.” I could not stay even if I wanted to, but for the first time in a while, I did not want to stay, I did not want this, I wanted to go home. I wanted to stay home and never return. His hands roamed my body as I felt myself lift off the ground. He was taking me back into the cave, people were watching, my body was growing more tingly by the second.

I was nearly home, only a couple more seconds. His hands continued to roam, touching things he was not supposed to touch. Grazing my breasts and running his hands down my sides, his face was buried into my neck. Nipping at the skin, he placed a soft kiss as I persisted with my struggles. Pounding my fist into his chest, it made no impact, “let me go, put me down!” My actions didn’t phase him in the slightest as he continued walking forward, further into the cave.

“I cannot lose you Paige, I will not. I am sorry.” Pulling far back in his arms as I could manage, I looked up to his face, what did he mean? His eyes were dark, almost black. His mouth parted and I watched as fangs lengthened in front of my eyes from him. Moving his face closer to my body I had a renewed sense of urgency as I struggled like my life depended on it. Falling from his arms, they caught me again before I hit the floor.

Turning as fast as lightening, I meant to meet his gaze, “please…” I begged, I just needed to stall a little longer, adrenalin pulsing through my every fibre. A sadness reached his eyes, but still he brought his mouth closer and close to my neck.

The world turned dark in an instant, fear still rippling through my every fibre as a roar sounded loudly in my ears and through my heart. In the next instant I was looking at the celling in my bedroom. My breathing was rapid and haggard as I used my trembling fingers to clutch the quilt pulling it securely around my body. Tears fell from my eyes, rolling down my cheeks like little rivers. I had never been so frightened in my entire life, was he going to kill me, rip my throat out? I did not understand, I could still hear the ringing in my ears from his roar.

My emotions and body had been pulled in so many directions, I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was to go to sleep, but I could not, god I never wanted to sleep again. If I slept, I would go back. My heart raced just at the thought, he was a bear, I saw him turn into a fucking bear… beast thing. What was going on, what was that place, it was not normal, and for once I did not think I was the one losing my mind.

Jumping up from my bed I went straight into the shower. Only spinning the cold tap I shivered as I walked into the water stream. Only one thought resonated through my mind on repeat, STAY AWAKE!

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