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Chapter 12

It was dark, really dark, where was I? I was starting to hear mumblings. Straining my ears to hear them, I could not feel my body or make it move. Slowly the mumbling was becoming louder and clearer as I strove to hear better. I felt a numbness throughout my body, I was cold, cold all over. “Fix her Cumin! Why is she not awake yet?”

Unable to hear the response, I was also unsure who this Cumin person was, what an odd name. Flinching Tantore’s voice clearly boomed through my ears. “I am not going to mark her while she is unconscious, what if she does not wake up? Would you then have me mate her even if she did not wake… Get Out!” Mark, mate? I pondered what the meaning behind that could be as I felt a sense of bliss in my numbness. It almost felt like I was intoxicated, teetering on the edge of too much alcohol. Tantore’s voice was loud and vicious, I did not feel scared, but I should have. He was a beast, an animal and yet he still seemed to affect my heart as I almost found the situation funny, laughable even.

When it became completely silent, I could only assume we were alone… unless he left as well. My eyes were still to heavy to open, but my awareness was becoming stronger every second. The foundation holding me moved as body pressed against me. He definitely did not leave, Tantore laid the length of my body spooning me. Every part of our bodies I could feel flush against each other. A hand slowly roamed my bare skin resting on my belly, as soft lips pressed to my neck leaving a wet kiss. The air catching the saliva as the lips pulled away caused a shiver to run rampant through my body. Arms immediately pulled me back securely into the warm muscled embrace of Tantore.

His scent filled my nostrils as my awareness sharply rose breaking me from the daze. I felt my heart start to speed up at his touch. Every point our skin met, sparks sizzled like lightening between us. Just when I thought I could manage his touch and the emotions provoking physiological reactions within me, his fingers glided gently across my skin as he pulled me closer, holding me tighter. “Paige.” His voice sounded lightly in my ear like he was trying to coax me awake with his voice. “It is okay Paige, I will not hurt you… I want. I want you to stay here with me, I want you to be mine.” His lips once again pressed to my neck sending a wave of need through me.

I may be a little scared, but to be honest I did not know if that was at him, or at the reactions that were occurring through his touch. My body was reacting to his words… his touch. He was like a drug. For what felt like an endless number of hours I have tried to stay awake, to stay away from him. One touch and a few words and all I wanted to do was curl up in his arms obediently and snuggle. Starting to regain more feeling in my body, the pain began gnawing at my aroused body. Whenever I was sick in the past, I would be by myself, alone to endure through the pain. Now Tantore was here and all I wanted was to be close and rely on him, let him take care of me. To snuggling deeper into his embrace to try and forget the pain while soaking up his ever flowing warmth.

Trying to force my eye lids to open, I only managed to get them to crack them slightly. All I could see was darkness, my lashes impairing my vision. “Paige!” Tantore’s voice abruptly changed as he moved hovering over me, his gaze casting around my body wildly as if looking for a physical injury. As I continued to force my eyes to open wider his large hand rested on my cheek, “Paige are you okay? How do you feel?”

Letting out a breathy moan I watched his pupils constrict and the veins in his arms became more pronounced, straining against his weight. “mmmm”, I groggily agreed as I tried to reach a hand to my throbbing forehead. Giant warm fingers caught my cold hand making me feel like a child as he brought it to his chest allowing the heat to flow through into my body. Even in my current state with my hand against his bare chest I had no doubt my cheeks flushed a deep red as I tried to look away.

Using the same hand, he released my own catching my chin. Pulling my face back to his so our eyes could meet. “Paige I can not allow you leave my side again, you must stay with me. Say yes.” His grip slightly tightening he sat upright pulling me onto his lap holding my body hostage awaiting a response.

I wanted to say yes, my every fibre said yes, but still... “No.” Keeping eye contact I watched as his nostrils flared, eyes narrowed and face darkened.

“Paige.” Eyes closing his posture became ridged. The strain in his voice was evident as he appeared to have some sort of inner battle. I regretted my answer immediately, I hated to admit it, but I needed him. The last few days had been hell, he was almost all that I thought of, he consumed my every waking minute, he was… “I am sorry… I cannot lose you again Paige.”

Taking a swift strong grip on my wrist I could not help but struggle against his hold. I watched as he slowly brought my wrist to his mouth. Eyes widening in fear as I watched his teeth protrude from his gums, he was going to do it, he was actually going to bite me. My struggles growing words flew unrestrained from my lips as adrenalin hit my system, “NO, please no. You said you would not hurt me… STOP!”

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