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Chapter 13 – My fear or yours

Seemingly ignoring my struggles Tantore with a pained expression brought my wrist closer and closer to his growing fangs. My heart racing, I almost gagged with anxiety as I felt a full blown panic attack rising within me. Fear, I felt actual fear, fear of the pain, fear of the unknown and then… betrayal. How could he do this to me? He promised, he promised me he would not hurt me, that he would take care of me… forever. Whimpering out I felt tears prick at my eyes, having no choice or control over what was happening. I was helpless and hopeless, closing my eyes unable to do anything else I avoiding watching as a tear cleared my lid slipping down my cheek.

Making contact, his fangs sank into my flesh. It burned as a fire roared to life within my body within the space of a heartbeat. Still with fangs embedded deep in my wrist a scream flew from my lips. One of his hands rising to my face quickly he covered my mouth forcefully to cut off the sound as his body completely surrounded my own. Moaning out, the fire I felt coursed through my veins as my skin became slick with sweat. Sweat beading down my skin I continue to cry out as he finally released my flesh from his mouth. Still keeping a grip on my wrist I felt as he continuously flickered his tongue over the wound, sucking softly on the skin.

Removing his hand from my mouth, he clasped my face gently between his hands forcing me to look at his face. My lips trembling, I could not understand this fire like molten lava moving through me. Slowly prying my eyes open I half expected to see flames to explain the heat, maybe he was burning me alive. Opening my eyes slowly the only flame I saw was in his eyes, full of determinations, patience and concern. “Paige?”

It hurt, I felt my whole body throb overtaking my senses. My hands itched to reach out and touch his chest. Well they had before, but the feeling now was overwhelming. Before I could even control my actions, I had already reached out a hand allowing my fingers to slowly work their way down his muscular chest hitting his fur covering. This was not me, this could not be me, it was like I was drugged. Hands continuing, I felt my fingers trace down his hardening length from the top of his fur covering. Every fibre of my being, yelling to take to further, to grab his length and pump it evenly in my hand. The thoughts sending me that much higher, I writhed in his arms trying to gain control of my thoughts and movements.

Resigning to a feeling greater than myself, I allowed his hands to fall from my face to my body, roaming with expert precision. Though they did not roam for long, they moved and stayed attached to my hips as he continued to watch me, my expression. His own expression growing tighter by the second, I could feel a moisture pool between my legs under his intense gaze. Slightly sniffing at the air, Tantore finally spoke again, “Paige how do you feel?”

Stretching out my legs in front of me I tried to cross them to dull the itchiness. My core was itching, itching for his cock to pound inside it. What the fuck was that? Did I just think that? Something was wrong, something was very wrong with me. The heat was unnatural and growing worse by the second.

Whining out I force words between my lips, “what did you do to me? It burns, it hurts Tantore! Make it stop!”

Moving his hands to my shoulders he gently pressed me back onto the mattress. “I am sorry Paige, we have to mate, I did not want to lose you. I want you by my side for the rest of our lives, I wanted to be able to find you in case you are ripped from my grasp again. You are mine.”

My body heating further at the declaration, I could not even hope to resist his allure, I needed him. If I did not have his touch, I felt as if I could die, the pain was excruciating. Only when he held me did the heat slightly dissipate. More, I needed more skin contact, more or I would burn to death. He was my anchor, the only person grounding me to myself, to this moment.

My situation changing in a heartbeat, tingles surfaced. I did not know how, or why, but I was being taken. I was moving from this place. I could feel the tingling as it spread over my body. In reaction, I clutched at Tantore’s skin sinking my nails deep. “What is wrong? Did I hurt you?” Tantore rushed out the words concern blanketing his face as he watched my own.

“I do not want to go, do not let it take me.” Need continued to pulse through my body as I sunk my nails deeper, clinging to Tantore for dear life. A threating growl ripping through him echoing through the cave.

“Mine.” Holding me tighter, “Paige no matter what happens I will find you. You see this.” Taking my wrist he showed me the spot where he had bitten me. Furrowing my eyes brows, I had no idea where this was going. I could only focus on the feeling of the tingles spreading and growing stronger as a sense of desperation was beginning to set in. I had finally got to where I needed to be, and yet again I was to be ripped away. Though this time something was different, something was not right.

“Paige focus.” His sharp words pulled me from my thoughts as I brought myself to focus on him losing myself in his chocolate eyes. His lips continued to move, but no sound came out. He was becoming more animated as I watched his hands disappear within my body.

“Tantore, I cannot hear you!” That was when I saw something, something I had never seen before in his eyes… fear.

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