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Chapter 16 – Brother of Blood

A new presence filling the cave, utter silence followed before words rang through the air. “What have you done Johnston? What is all this?” A masculine voice echoed off the walls demanding answers.

“Join me brother, this is why I called you here, to show you the new way. Taking what we deserve.”

A large rough hand pressing to my forehead, sending a jolt of life and energy through me. The heat having resurfaced almost instantly, I moaned out in pain as the hands moved down my body pulling me up into large muscular arms. Blinking my eyes open, a man, an incredibly handsome man with thick black hair came into view. He watched me, his face growing closer as he placed his ear to my chest as if listening intently to my insides.

Ramming into my chest, my heart sored almost out of control. Not that just the site of him did not already set my heart a racing. My whole body was reacting as if Tantore himself had me in his arms, that was the only comparable experience I could use to explain this feeling. Pulling back from my chest, his green eyes laced with concern looking into my own. “You need to calm down, I will not hurt you. You are going to make yourself sick Little Beauty.”

Charlotte’s voice sounded from nearby, “she has been marked, but not mated. She is in pain! Please help us, he has my children.”

A sound of disgust leaving the man holding me. I watched his face as a gaze of accusation fell to the man I now knew as Johnston. Our capture, or at least one of them. Johnston raising his hands in the air, he was evidently forgoing the responsibility, trying to curb the emotions of this man still holding onto me. Fear was evident in Johnston’s eyes, his tone slightly shaky. “Brother, we had nothing to do with her marking, she was found abandoned in the forest. Now join me and she is yours. If she survives the marking and mating process with you, you can have her as your own. We need your strength, they are gathering against us, but this is the way.”

Nostrils flaring, I could feel the irritation of the man holding me. I could no longer bring myself to even care at his holding of me or the touches between us. I was no longer even scared or anxious. The pain was returning, getting more intense by the second as his heat seeped into my body. A wail leaving my lips, the man turned his attention back to me as I gripped at his body. The only relief I received coming from where our skin touched. “Help her!” Charlotte’s voice seemed pained as she watched on, moving toward us, her arms still tied. “Please help her, she is from Earth, she does not know the ways here, she is innocent.”

Feeling the body holding me shift and tremble, I closed my eyes having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen. The last words I heard him speak, “Both these females are leaving with me, I suggest you accept your punishment. The clans are converging, and you do not have my support. You may be blood, but you are no brother of mine.”

I heard a gasp from charlotte as the sound of ropes snapping echoed off the walls. “No!” Johnston’s voice boomed as I felt wind whip against my skin, the voice fading into the background. Finding a furry foundation as my body jolted around, I forced my eyes open. Hands gripping onto my waist, I turned my head to find Charlotte behind me holding me up to the best of her ability. We were on an animal! We were riding a beast. Its speed was incredible, collapsing forward onto the fur, the heat was growing and becoming too significant. My hands curling around the soft fur, I could not help but pull tightly at it as we exited the cave. Trees were rushing past us blurring in my vision as we plough full steam ahead.

Trying to ignore the pain, I felt Charlotte stroking my back. It burned, everything burned as I felt tears of pain streak down my cheeks. This time, I felt like I was going to die, a scream rupturing from my throat. The body beneath me rumbling, a roar ripping through the air as our pace slowed until we came to an abruptly halt. A squeak leaving Charlotte, a giant black hand reached up gripping around her body placing her onto the floor. Once again a sizzling sounded through the air as the animal hissed in a breath. “Sorry,” Charlotte’s voice quietly sounded as the hand this time came back towards me. “Wait you have to take me back, my children are still there. He has my children.”

I had no will or energy to move as the giant hand ever so gently cradled me, holding me. Placing me down next to Charlotte, I could not stand almost falling to the floor the second my feet made contact with the ground. Charlotte gripping to my side, the mans voice once again sounded. “The other clans will be there already, your children will be safe.”

Completely depleted, I felt my whole weight pull forwards, I was dying. Unable to hold me up, Charlotte’s grip slipped as rough calloused hands caught me. “Little Beauty, I need you to listen to me. If you stay like this, you will die. I have no female, let me help you.”

Beyond the point of responses or reason, I used the last shred of energy I had digging my nails into his chest. “mmm.” My vision failing me, I felt pain burst through my shoulder as something sharp entered my skin. I just wanted the pain to stop.

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