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Chapter 17 – Too Late

Laid down in something soft, I hardly believed I could feel anything at all. Opening my eyes, I could only make out shadows. Charlotte watching, while the man next to me had his fangs buried in my shoulder. The pain was completely unbearable as a second wave of heat rushed through me. The shadows slowly becoming clearer figures, I could feel as the man’s fangs retracted from my body. The man’s voice sounding. “Little Beauty, I am Kiba. I have marked you, now I will mate you. The heat will go after. You are going to be okay.”

Mate, mate, ma… no fucking way! Caught in a complete haze, I finally realized what he was saying, mate. He wanted to have sex. Like I was doused with a cold bucket of water, I scrambled backward adrenaline pulsing through me. Moving away from the man, from Kiba, I could feel the agonizing heat surge through me at the loss of contact as I jerked out of his arms. “No!” My voice projected as I could feel my body failing, the adrenaline fading with every second that passed. Losing all my strength, I fell back limply on the soft surface underneath me. Forcing the words from my lips, “Please… I am scared, I… I have some...”

“Shhhh.” Kiba hushed my desperate cries as I felt his hand press against my cheek. The instant his skin touched mine, I could feel my body cooling, edging toward him for more. I was in pain, I was being burnt alive and he was like my antidote, a block of ice in a fiery pit. Though what about Tantore, was he looking for me? Was he coming, did he want me still? Picturing his face when I was transported out of his cave, he did not seem know it was going to happen. He was angry, scared even. Hearing his voice in my mind soothed me, but now my body was crying out, craving the touch of cool skin. Tantore, Kiba, my body wanted both, whatever was closest.

Charlotte moving closer, I could see the sincerity in her features. “It is going to be okay, I will be right outside. You need to do this.” Her hand moving closer, she placed it on my arm no doubt to give me reassurance before trailing backward, towards the entrance out of view. Watching after her, sparks pricked at my arms. Turning back, my eyes met with Kiba’s, his green eyes drilling into my own. His fingers grazed at my arms before curling his fingers around my flesh squeezing gently. My heart felt as if it had exploded in my chest. It was the oddest sensation, my body craving and moving for more of Kiba’s touch, but my head protesting thinking of Tantore.

The pain ever increasing, his touch was no longer working to combat the heat. As it grew worse, I could not help but reach for him. His eyes brightening, I had never felt so self conscious in my life. “I will take care of you Little Beauty, I will protect you.” Guilt flooding my whole being, my arms fell away from Kiba to the floor as my body was going numb. Watching me intently, panic filled his eyes for a moment, “I wish it did not have to be done this way, but you are out of time. We are out of time.”

Unable to move, I had no idea what he meant. Unable to speak, I watched him silently as his head dipped to my shoulder once again pressing his mouth to the wound. Off on a tangent, this biting thing they had going on here was weird. I still did not understand, but after Kiba and Tantore bit me, this heat started, and was growing worse. His lips hitting my skin, I felt something burst inside of me as I got a sudden small burst of energy.

Kiba’s lips trailing across to my collar bone, the need I had felt before returned tenfold, as all the heat started draining to my core. Before I could even consider my reaction, my pelvis lifted off the floor as his bared cock placed pressure between my legs. The head of his cock rubbing back and forth across my entrance, a yelp of surprise left my mouth. He was undeterred, if anything he was more determined as his hands worked their way down my body to the base of the odd clothing covering me. Lifting it upward, I could feel the strength of my heartbeat increase as butterflies entered my stomach. The battle between my head and body still playing out, my heading was losing. I could not resist Kiba at all as I leant into every point our bodies touched.

“Little Beaty, you are so pretty.” Having removed the clothing, I lay stark naked in front of him, his eyes drinking in every curve. “We cannot wait Beauty, your body will not be able to take it.” Feeling overwhelmed, my eyes began to flicker as my vision once again started to blur, but this time with tears as guilt ran rampant through my body. His erect cock position above my entrance, I could hear my breathing increase with my sense of panic and helplessness.

Forcing my lips apart, “he said he would stay with me! He… he. I cannot…” Moist lips locking with my own, I felt Kiba stiffen on top of my body. Almost a growl coming out with an irritated huff, hot air escaping his nostrils as he refused to release my lips. A hand moving under my head, he pulled me closer as I could not help but snuggle into the coolness of his body grinding against my own.

Whispering into my ear, I almost moaned as his lips scraped at my skin delicately. “I will be yours now Little Beauty, I will deal with that other male. I will find him, punish him for what he has done.” In that moment I wanted to protest, to explain, but it was too late.

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