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Chapter 18 – Bonded together by fate

Weak and straining to keep my body under my own control, my heart skipped a beat as I took in his words. He was going to be mine? Unable to move, I could feel my pussy wetting, waiting, craving his touch, craving him. I barely knew this man, I had barely spoken to this man, yet my body craved him still. This was wrong, what about Tantore? He had said he wanted to punish Tantore, to hurt him. Why was my body even reacting like this with Kiba, why was Charlotte encouraging it? Why did I kept getting bitten, what did these marks even mean?

Pulled from my inner monolog of questions and insecurity, I felt my eyes widen as air dried them to the point of me blinking madly. His hips had thrusting forward, his cock slipping into my entrance stretching me. Dipping his cock in partially, his eyes watched my reaction intently as he cautiously pulled out before moving in a fraction deeper. Unable to control my voice, I turned my head hiding it in my arm as another moan left my throat. What was wrong with me? Squeezing my eyes tightly shut I felt a rush of excitement. It felt as if a rush of water had hit my body, the heat covering my skin and insides slowly starting to subside, leaving only the need in its place.

Opening my eyes, I found my hand hold my mark from Tantore as Kiba continued to watch me, his body straining again my own. His neck protruding muscles as his jaw clenched closed, I could see the restraint in his eyes. Closing my eyes once more, I picture Tantore here as well. His body atop me, his cock thrusting into by body hard and fast relishing in my reactions. Crying out, I felt a sharp pain as each thrust brought Kiba deeper and deeper. This had to be the limit, surely, he could not have any more length to give. Though with each thrust he proved me wrong as the stinging started to heat. Feeling like something ripped inside me, I heard Kiba groan out as his hands locked on to my wrists pulling my hand from touching the bite mark of Tantore.

Stretched wide apart, he sunk back into my body, ploughing through every barrier I had left. Pain, bliss, guilt, I did not know what I felt. Though I could not stop him, I could not stop myself. Unconsciously leaning into his body, I felt his movements slow, “are you okay beauty? Did I hurt you?” Without the constant heat and pain, I came crashing back down to reality, what had I done?” How could I not control myself? Shaking my head, a small smile pulled at his lips as he slowly slid back in and out massaging my walls as they clenched and retracted with each movement.

The pressure in my core slowly building, I could feel my body working up to a point of no return. Tingling intensifying through my skin, I found myself breaking free of his grip. Allowing my movement, I found Kiba’s hands slowly exploring my body. Keeping eye contact, I watched as a frown moved across his face. Following his gaze, I realize I was holding my mark from Tantore yet again. Squeezing the mark between my fingers I felt a sense of security wash over me as if I were bracing for something.

Reaching out his hands again, Kiba gentle clasped my hands in his own, “do not touch that anymore Beauty.” Startled by his suddenly direct, harshly toned words, I obeyed. Trying to turn away, I was unable to take the pressure any longer. Scrambling up the surface underneath me I was softly pulled back. Falling back to my place, I felt the throbbing of my core take over every sensation in my body. Kiba’s movements strengthening, my body called for him, even as he was beating against the barrier that resided in my mind.

Completely exhausted, I could hardly let out another sound as what felt like lightning jointed through my body. My core spasming, I felt my pussy consume his cock as I again reached for my mark unable to stop myself. Something warm shooting inside of me, I heard the pop of Kiba’s cock as he pulled it from me. Lips meeting the bite mark on my shoulder, I felt as his chest rumbled against my body. I did not even know how, but I knew it was a growl of approval, of loyalty as suddenly every part of our skin that touched burned. It was like a gentle reminder of the pain, a promise of pleasure.

Ripped from my thoughts, I could hardly lift my exhausted body as a roar sounded from a distance away. It was devilish, full of aggression and anger. Something was wrong. The ground thumping, something was coming!

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