Find Me in Beast World

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Chapter 1 - This man was a God

The first Chapter of Find me in Beast World . Up to Chapter 3 available in Patreon Also gain access to early Chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

There was a thin clear barrier between us, he was only a few steps away, but really he was worlds away. Reaching out I touched the translucent barrier which forever hid my presence. I had been itching to do this all week, to meet this man. To go to him. The second my fingers collided with the edge of the barrier he knew. Even though I pulled back instantly, his shoulders stiffened, he knew I was there. He spoke to the air, to me. “I know you are there, come out.” His tone and demeaner scared me, I retracted further behind my invisible shield moving further from him. Slowly tingles spread through my body as always, pulling me out of my dream.

Waking in my bed, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, very wrong. Every night this week I saw the same man when I slept. He was right there in my dreams, right before my eyes. He was other worldly gorgeous, tanned and toned. His muscles had muscles and he appeared to be a leader of some sort as everywhere he went he constantly gave orders. For a week now I just followed along after him watching his every move. Though I never saw him with a girl, I constantly heard him mention one.. ‘Charlotte’. Was that his girlfriend, but if it was his girlfriend why had I not seeing her yet. This place also had giant animals. It was weird, they lived amongst the people and they were huge. I screamed at the first one I saw and thank god it couldn’t hear or see me.

I want to go back and watch him for longer, but I couldn’t. At least not until tonight. I could watch that man all day every day, I couldn’t even explain how handsome he was. Dark brown locks covered his head, while big brown eyes stared intensely at the invisible wall protecting me. Somehow he knew I was there, every night he would watch me as I watched him. He appeared fierce, a medieval warrior of some sort with an actual fur covering his genitals. Golly what was going on in my mind at the moment, that’s a bad subconsciousness.

Each day waiting till night time was agonisingly slow. 6pm would come and god, I didn’t want to wait any longer. This man in my mind was near all I could think about. By 7pm I was done, heading to my room I pulled out a silky nighty slipping it over my head jumping into the buttery soft sheets. Closing my eyes, I promptly reopened them jumping up to run to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I did a quick once over of myself, I even have jitters in my stomach. Gosh I felt like I was getting ready to go on a date.

Note to self I have some sort of problem. Taking one more glance in the mirror I raised my hand to my fresh balayage hair. I must be crazy, I even went and got my hair done for this man of my imagination. Looking into my own green eyes, “get a fucking grip Paige, you are losing it. It.. is… just… a… dream.” Emphasizing each word, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling at my own idiocy as I walk back to bed pulling the covers around me and closing my eyes.

Astounded that was the word I was going for, I was astounded. Yet again there he was. It was like I was in an invisible box following him in and out of halls, caves, the forest. Like wow I had quite an imagination, this guy really got around. Finally in a cave he was alone. Turning to face where I was, “I know you are there, come out. I will not harm you.” I held my breath as he let out an irritated growl, like an actual growl. Turning away from me he walked to what looked like a pile of fur rugs.

I didn’t want to keep watching, I wanted to go out there and meet him. However, dream or not, this man in my head seemed agitated. In saying that this was a dream and what was the worst thing that could happen, I get scared and wake up?

Sucking in a deep breath I took three steps forward moving beyond the barrier. Keeping my eyes on the man, his shoulders tensed as his muscles flexed straining against his flawless golden skin. A light breeze swept through the entrance of the cave causing goose bumps to cover my legs as my teeth chattered. Looking down I was still in my short silk nighty. “Finally.” The man in front of me chuckled menacingly, “you will regret following me little beast.”

His voice sent a new shiver through my body, one of panic. I started taking steps backward to retreat into my invisible safety zone. One step, another, another. I kept stepping backwards only finding myself backing into a wall as the man in front of me turned to face me. The second his gaze met mine the fury covering his face sent me further back into the wall.

The jagged rocks cut into my back, I cried out at the sudden pain. Sliding down the wall in fear, I cowered holding my knees to my chest. My heart beat thumped loudly in my chest as my anxiety grew, I immediately regretted my decision come out to meet him. Burying my head in my knees, I prayed for this dream to come to an end.

Foots sounded as he approached. Stopping in front of me two giant hands wrapped around my wrists sliding up my arms stopping before my shoulders. Sparks flew across my skin from his touch, “You’re a female?” No shit sherlock, I screamed in my head still not looking up from between my knees. Under his touch I trembled, he could crush me like a bug, but this was a dream wasn’t it. You couldn’t get hurt in a dream.

His hands slightly tightened around my forearms as they lifted me off the ground forcing me into a standing position. My heart beat rapidly increased out of control as I lifted my eyes to meet his. They were no longer filled with anger, but desire as he pulled me closer. “How did you get here?” His tone no longer aggressive, but a gentle simmer. Slowly I raised my head to meet his chocolate eyes. My green eyes clashed with his own as a deep throaty growl escaped him, as once again he pulled me closer still.

“Dream, it’s a dream, this is a dream.” My voice was uneven as it broke. I tried to calm myself, looking up at this monster of a man.. hunk.. thing. He towered over me. Yanking myself from his grip I tried to step back once again. I felt rocks slice into my back causing me to grit me teeth in pain.

A patient sigh left him as he took my wrists softly spinning me with ease so I was facing the wall. My palms braced on the rocky wall as I tried to struggled away. His hand moved on top of my own holding me in place as his voice turned to a stern tone. “Let me see your back, I smell blood. You have hurt yourself”

He smelt blood? My voice came out shrill, “don’t touch me! You..your crazy! I.. I’ll call the police. Yo…you will be arrested.”

His breath abruptly caught in his throat as he loosened his grip. I turned back to face him as fast as possible, his eyes widened roving over my body. Raising his eyes brows, “you’re human, you’re from Earth.”

Of course I was human, once again my heart picked up its pace. Wait what does that make him? I want to wake up now. “Tantore”, a deep voice yelled from outside the cave. I couldn’t help but flinch while jumping in response as I felt my body start to tingle all over. I was waking up, thank god this happens each time before I wake. I was going back, and now I had nothing to lose. I wanted to know what he felt like, and this could be my last chance, my only chance.

Reaching out my hand, I saw his eyes flicker as I slid my hand to his neck. A light groan left his lips as he lowered himself so my hand slid up his skin resting on his cheek. His eyes intensified as once again a low growl surfaced from his chest. I withdrew my hand swiftly at the sound. Seemingly unhappy with the lost contact he extended his own arm, but his hand went right through my body. A little devilish smile pulled at my lips. I was safe.

I watched as his brown eyes widened in surprise, his mouth moved, but I could no longer hear him. Before I even had the chance to think about the words coming from his lips, I saw him reach out to grab me again. However, it was too late.

The first Chapter of Find me in Beast World . Up to Chapter 3 available in Patreon Also gain access to early Chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

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