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Chapter 21 – Relax

Lips brushing against my own, every second that went by, every minor touch chilled my body a little more. Totally exhausted, I lay limply as I felt and heard loud noises like thunder as the ground slightly shook beneath me. Concern moved through me, though in my current state I could just not bring myself to care and or react to the abnormality. My body cooling, I felt the excitement in my body rise, but the exhaustion setting in deeper. I was tired, so tired, I felt like I had not slept in weeks. My lids wavering, I struggled to keep them open as the thundering continued to shake the cave. Feeling Tantore’s body move as a noise of irritation surfaced from his lips.

I opened my eyes properly looking to him to see his face and eyes of daggers turn toward the cave entrance. He stopped, the second he stopped touching, stopped moving, I started heating back up. Squeezing my eyes shut tightly, I blindly reached for him. My hands coming in contact with his flesh, I sighed softly as his hand caught my wrist following it back down to my body. Running down from my shoulder to my core a shiver ran through me as my body again felt like it was cooling under his soft touch.

I was almost sure if looking from above you would be able to see steam wafting off my skin as the heat once again started to dissipate. A light hot pressure pulling me from my imagination, I opened my eyes as it pushed softly between my legs. A slight pain gripping within my core, I felt the plump head of his cock moved softly through my lips or my core and back again. Teeth clenching, my hands flattened on his chest pushing lightly against him, I did not know if I could do this, if I could take it, take him. I did not know if I could have sex again so soon, I was still sore, my body trembled at the mere thought, not to mention the disgust at myself both in my mind and heart. It was like I was cheating it was like… god I had not even had a shower…

My hands suddenly forced back toward my body, my eyes widened as I was fully awake in an instant. My body stretched back open, a cry inadvertently left my throat. Deep breathing breaths blowing in my face, my eyes penetrated just as deeply into Tantore’s eyes. “Tan..tore.” My body tensing underneath his own, I watched as his brown eyes brighten as his ass pulled back, his cock sliding back out of my body before hitting forwards once more. The pain was greater then my first time, I felt like my body was almost being torn apart from the inside. Tensing all the more, I braced myself for his next thrust as I grimaced awaiting the pain. Continuing to brace, my body stiffening like a piece of wood before I eventually realized the pain was not coming.

Slowly opening my eyes, a pained expression covered Tantore’s face as he watched me. I felt like a small child cowering underneath him, his expression cutting into my body like a knife. The guilt inside me only growing. It hurt, I was in pain. Either I had to endure this, or quite literally burn to death. Exhaustion still getting the better of me, I was at a loss of what to do or say. I did not even know if I had the energy to talk. His hands gently grasping my face. “Paige, I need you to relax little one… trust me relax.” Trying my hardest to relax, I honestly could not. I could hardly move I was so stiff.

Fingers gently pressing again my temples, I felt lips press to my forehead. “Close your eyes Paige.” Obeying, I could at least manage that direction. I did want to listen to him. His husky voice sounding as his lips spoke against the skin of my neck, “relax little one.” His lips moving across to my throat, I slowly felt the tension draining from my body as his fingers rotated in little circles, soothing my mind through my temples. “That’s a good girl Paige, relax for me.”

His cock slightly moving inside me, I could not help but flinch at the sensation. Hands gripping a little tighter on the sides of my head, his strained voice breaking through my sudden jagged movement. “Re..lax.” Drawing out the word, I took a deep breath as I tried to nod my head in response. Making eye contact, I sucked my lip into my mouth nibbling softly on it as I let my body sink into the floor. His body looming over me, I watched the brown in his eyes swirl round and round as he slowly once again started to move.

His pace quickening, I could see the sweat drip from him as he tried so evidently to restrain himself. “Slo… slow down.” My voice breaking through the hoarse breaths between us I felt like I had all but resigned into the floor. Closing my eyes, I tried to stop thinking, to stop moving, to stop everything. Relaxing further, I started to hear a squelching sound as wetness started seeping from my body with each penetration of his cock. The louder it got, the easier it felt, the better it felt. The pain searing between my legs, turning to pleasure, my body started reacting more heavily. Before I knew what I was doing, my hands were moving to Tantore’s shoulders, trying to pull him closer.

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