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Chapter 23 – Where too

Only able to listen, I had no strength to talk or argue. I barely had enough to listen and, to even stay awake. In a way that was a good thing, what was I supposed to say? I was ashamed of myself, I all but cheated on Tantore while using Kiba to stop the heat. Though in saying that, I did not ask for this, I did not ask to sleep with either of them. Who were these men really, why did they care about me anyway? They were both insanely good looking, most the men I had seen here all were. I had no doubt they could find more attractive women then me in a heartbeat. I had nothing to offer them, either of them. Trying my best to listen, I could not stop my eyelids from drooping.

“I am taking my mate home traitor, you’re not welcome.” Tantore’s words erupting with bite and aggression. My eyes closing, I could not even watch for their demeaners or expressions. Though I could feel the tension building within the silence. Repeating the word in my mind, ‘traitor.’ Did they know each other? Why did Tantore call Kiba a traitor, what did Kiba do? Too weak to even adjust myself in Tantore’s arms, I felt my mind growing fuzzy as sleep called for my surrender. Struggling to stay awake, I forced myself as I listened intently.

A humour filled chuckle sounding, I could feel Kiba growing closer as he took steps toward us. How I knew, I had no idea, but I did. I could feel him, I could feel them both in my mind. “She will not be leaving my sight little King, and I am more then happy to rip your little clan apart for her. If you think I am going to let Cumin get his wrinkly old hands anywhere near her with his magic healing bullshit, you…”

Kiba’s voice cut off, Tantore chest puffed out applying more pressure to my body as his arms flex around me. His annoyance was radiating from his body as his heat rose. “You can stay here for all I care, she is returning to the Water Tribe with me. She will not miss your presence and she does not need you. My tribe is the largest in the region and is more than enough to protect her.”

Scoffing at Tantore’s answer, Kiba came closer yet again. His small steps closing the distance between us he was close enough to touch. So close that his hand reached out brushing across my forehead earning a snarl from Tantore. Hearing it blew my mind yet again, the whole concept that they were animals, or could transform into them was… well ridiculous. “Over my dead body! She is sick, completely exhausted. And you want to walk her halfway across the forest! She can’t even stand, she can’t even keep her eyes open.” Sensing a shift in Tantore’s resolve, I felt his body slightly tense. Seconds later, I felt him relax a little as he allowed me to be pried from his grip.

Kiba taking me into his own chest, before turning to walk to what I could only assume was back inside of the cave. Loud footsteps thudding against the dirt floor behind us, Tantore’s voice came softer this time, “will she be… okay?”

“She needs rest. She is fragile Tantore, she is a female. Stop being so reckless with her. No doubt that is how she ended up in this situation in the first place.” Kiba’s voice matching Tantore’s, the tone was calming. Though each word I could feel lighting a fire in Tantore, rousing his irritation, provoking his anger.

Keeping calm, Tantore’s voice came unwavering. “Paige will choose where she wants to stay, and who she wants to stay when she wakes.” Feeling myself being lowered down, felt a sense of panic at the declaration. What kind of choice was that, and why was it mine to make? Slightly managing to crack my eyes, I viewed the thick fur blanket I was laid on. The silky texture of the fur caressing my skin as a large hand came down covering my vision. I once again felt skin brush against my forehead seemingly taking my temperature, like I had watched people do generally to their children on TV.

“Sleep Little Beauty, I will be here when you wake.” Kiba’s hand pulling back, I watched as I could once again see as he took a seat on the floor next to me. Hearing another body flop onto the ground on the other side of me, I could not see but feel Tantore presence. Needing no more encouragement, I allowed my eyes to close. Resigning to the darkness, despite everything that had happened, I still had fear. Two men, one on each side of me, yet I still feared being left alone, being abandoned. Imagining myself on the forest floor once more writhing in pain, I could not stop myself from biting my lip.

I knew they were both there, they were both right there. I knew they had already had a disagreement as to where I should be. That it would be decided when I woke, yet still I felt the unease plaguing my body. Words barely audible leaving my throat, my whisper sounded with desperation. I was embarrassed at my lack of courage, my fear clearly showing for them both to see. “Please don’t leave me.”

The silence spanning between us, I expected the worst as time ticked by. Their voices sounding in complete unison, “never.”

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