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Chapter 25 – Where are we going?

Green eyes boring into my own, the intensity of his gaze was seeping into my body like a toxin. His hand pulling away from my face, he settle it back on my hip matching his other hand holding me securely against his body. “No, I will respect your decision, you may do as you please. Now let us get you sorted out, then we can get out of here.”

“Get out of here… where?” Did Kiba have a place he wanted and or needed to return too. Did he care where we went? God, I did not even know where we were, what even were our options?

“Wherever you want Beauty. To Charlotte for answers, back to Tantore’s tribe, to my home, wherever you want to go. I will take you anywhere, as long as it makes you happy.” His tone was amendment and unwavering as he maintained eye contact.

“If we leave, what about Tantore?” My voice slightly lowering with my head, it was almost like I was afraid to hear the answer as I mumbled out, “or is he not coming back?”

A chuckle resonating from Kiba’s lips, I raised my head to look into his eyes that were clearly full of amusement. “He will come back Beauty, the day he gives you up is the day the world ends. That or I will him… with your permission of course.”

Taken back for a second by his response, I promised myself that he must have been joking. Unable to help myself taking a tone of what I thought was going to be arrogant, it came out my like sadness. “How do you know he will not just find another female from Earth? He wanted Charlotte, then me, who will be next?”

Turning away from Kiba I wanted to hide, I did not realise the pain that the thought of Tantore with another girl would cause me. It literally hurt, like someone had punched my chest taking the wind right out of me. Kiba following after me, his chest pressed against my back as his arms wrapped around my body holding me in place. One of his hands trailing across to my wrist, he brushed Tantore’s Mark. His head lowering to sit on top of my own, “you see this? This mark means Tantore belongs to you, just like this mark.” His hand tracing up to my shoulder to his own mark sat. Sending goose bumps down my arm at the simple ouch. “Just like this mark mean I belong to you. We made a choice and our lives are in your hands. Without you, we will die, we can never be with nor take another female. These marks mean forever.”

His voice continuing with clear question to them, “I had heard rumours that Earth was full of females and males? That no sex was more plentiful then the other. Also that all humans from there were of pure blood, no half breeds.”

Still caught up from what he had previous, it still did not make sense. Especially the death thing, their lives in my hands. “It means forever…” Hesitant to say what I wanted, I did not want to sound ungrateful for his help, or appear like I did not care for him but. “Why would you chain yourself to me forever after knowing me for five minutes? Why would you even help me, I don’t understand?” Pulling slightly from his grip, he allowed any and all of my movements.

Turning back to watch his expression, he appeared to be covered in a blank one. Like he was at a loss of words. Like he did not know what to say and do. After a short while of silence, Kiba sighed softly. “You know Beauty, I am definitely not the best beast to answer your questions. Why don’t we go to see Charlotte, as I promised Tantore will re-join us soon and there you can ask away till you understand whatever you need. I am sure Charlotte would not mind. She appeared to be quite worried for you, and you need not worry, I will deal with her males if she cannot.”

“She deal with them! Like a fight?” Unable to hide concern of my own, it leak out in every syllable I spoke.

A smile walking back across Kiba’s face, I almost choked at his flawlessness, it was completely ridiculous, he was like a model, they all were. “Females in this world run their families, control their males who obey and protect them with their lives.” Gosh this world was getting more and more messed up by the second, it was complete sexism, kind of opposite to how it normally worked on Earth.

Voicing my confusion, “I really do not understand. I think that it would be a good idea to see Charlotte, maybe she can help me before I decide what I am going to do next.”

A nod of obedience catching me off guard, I almost felt like Kiba was becoming my servant. It was a horrible feeling as I watched him kick into gear walking to the side of the cave. Coming back with what appeared like meat, he started cooking it over a fire before he brought me a large leaf holding water. Moving it towards my lips he promptly softly, “drink Beauty, you must be thirsty.” Forced in the same manner for the next twenty minutes, I was offered every comfort that I suppose was available in this type of setting and environment. Having eaten and drank, I felt fuller than I had been in a long time. It was near impossible to say no to Kiba, it was like saying no to the cutest child on the planet. He was adorable, yet sexy as hell provoking every illicit thought in my mind.

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