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Chapter 26 – Journey to you

Standing at the entrance of the cave, I looked around the surrounding forest before I looked back down at my bare feet. One thought crossing my mind, this was not going to work. I was used to shoes and well… shoes. A chuckle sounding from behind me, Kiba stepped beside me looking downward upon my frame. “You could not walk the distance or navigate the terrain to Stone Tribe, even if you had strong enough feet Beauty. I will carry you there. His face becoming quite… well almost anxious looking, I could feel his unease.

“Paige?” My body jolting upright at the sound of my name rolling off his tongue, I knew he must have something important to say, all he ever seemed to call me at this point was Beauty. Not that I had a problem with that name, to be honest I quite liked it. It might seem silly, but it made me feel special, feel wanted. Though to be honest I liked most things about Kiba, his mere lips speaking my name sent sparks though me as I craved his touch. Looking into his green eyes, I made a soft noise acknowledging his questioning tone. “Please don’t be afraid, I am going to change. It will be faster, I won’t be able to speak with you, but I will understand every and anything you say okay? Tantore will most likely be close also, he may join us on the journey in his beast form also.”

His face looking at me expectantly awaiting an answer, I felt a little uneasy at the idea. Knowing each individual in this world had an animal form and seeing it were two very different things. Not to mention the fact that we are not talking about just anyone, we are talking about a male that I had feelings for, a male that I had intimate relations with. Then again Kiba was not talking about just seeing it, from what he was saying, he wanted me to use him like a horse, an autonomous car more like. He was a person… at least I thought he was anyway, he was not some mode of transportation. Sensing my hesitation, Kiba moved forward, “I will not hurt you Beauty, I will take care of you, I will still be myself. I swear it to you.”

Watching his face with hope and reassurance flickering in his eyes, I chewed on my lips before gently nodding my head. Stepping forward his body over shadowed mine as he took me in his embrace. My body melting against the warmth of his skin, he pulled back instantly, “you are cold Paige! Why did you not say? Are you feeling sick?”

A frown pulling at my lips, I did not think I was cold in the slightest. My lips pulling downward into a frown, I shrugged my shoulders as I spoke quietly. “I feel fine, I don’t feel cold.” Kiba’s lips pulling tightly together, he surrounded my body with his own once again allowing his warmth to seep into my body. Staying as such for the space of a few minutes, I almost felt like I had my very own sauna minus the sweat and humidity.

“You tell me the second you do feel cold, or you feel poorly.” His arms slightly strengthening, I could sense his emotion in his raw voice before he reached down taking a hold of my chin. His fingers gently directing my face upwards, his eyes appeared to search mine for an answer though I did not think it was related to what he had just said. Remaining still, he must have gotten all the encouragement he needed as his lips descended on my own. My core clenching in reaction, I felt another jolt as surprise and a desire lit inside me.

His lips beginning to pull away all too quickly and break contact, I could not help but follow them. Forbidding him from breaking the kiss off, his body came back full force as his arms wove around my lower back pulling me hand against his form. The pulsing continuing, I ran my hand up his chest before leaving them atop his shoulders pulling him closer. Unable to hear it, I could still feel the vibrations of rumbling inside his body, the very thought both terrifying and exciting me.

Finally turning my head to break off the kiss, I sucked in lungs of air as if I had been deprived. He was so distracting that I had literally forgotten to breath during the kiss. His face looking at me expectantly, a blinding smile pulled at his lips as his giant hands created a pressure on my lower back holding me closer. I could see the restraint in his eyes as his hands slightly shook before moving off my body completely.

Stepping back a few large steps, Kiba seemed tense as his eyes never left my own. His voice resonating, “if I don’t stop touching you now beauty, I won’t be able too. We need to leave now to get there before dark.” My body yearning under his confession, I did not want to admit it, but I felt the same way. I wanted him, I wanted Tantore. I missed him, since he left us I felt panicked, worried that he would not return. Before I could speak, before I could even form a sentence in my mind Kiba was gone.

My eyes widening, in clear daylight I watched Kiba turn into a giant Gorilla. His pitch black fur covering the easily identifiable mass of power and muscle. Watching the creature… him take a step towards me, I moved back in the same breath keeping equal distance between us.

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