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Chapter 2 - I am NAKED

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Then I was gone, I was home, safe in my bed. God, I think I need to get a shrink. Like seriously these dreams were getting a little beyond the joke now. Pulling off the covers, I removed my nighty heading straight to the bathroom to wash. My body was hot and sweaty, again probably due to these intense dreams I was experiencing.

Turning on the shower the bathroom filled with steam as I brushed my teeth. Looking into the fogged mirror until I could no longer see my reflection, I almost sighed in contentment. God that man was sexy as hell. His muscles had muscles, my imagination was running a muck. I wanted to do more then touch his face, the way he looked when he softened his tone. If my heart wasn’t racing from fear, god it would have been racing from him. Shaking my head to try and dislodge the naughty thoughts I was having, I stepped into the shower.

A sharp screech left my lips as pain wreaked havoc on my back. Turning the water off I almost ran out of the shower. I turned my back to the mirror trying to see what the issue was. Realizing the fog was still covering the mirror I grabbed my towel running it across the glass surface making a god-awful squeaking sound. Once again turning my body to see my back, I stared wide eyed at myself.

Bloodied puncher marks and scratches ran down the length of my bare back. Blood pulse around my body as I brought my hands to my head. What was happening to me, walking to the bedroom I fell face first into my bed. This time I scrambled up to my knees noticing the blood stains where I had been laying previously. I was losing my mind, I had to be. Remembering the rocky wall in my dream, does that mean that wasn’t a dream?

Reaching to my night stand I grabbed the Benzodiazepine. It had been a while since I had taken my insomnia medication. Maybe I just needed a decent sleep, and when I woke up everything would be back to normal. I was hallucinating, that what it was. Chugging two tablets down with water I lay on my bed closing my eyes trying not to think about anything just like Dr Jacquie taught me.

Ever since I was young I had insomnia. Moving from foster home to foster home didn’t exactly inspire security and safety. Sleeping became my enemy, I couldn’t protect myself while I was asleep, and lets be honest nobody else would protect me. I could only rely on myself. Soon as I turned 18, I was thrown from the foster system and quickly started to build up my own business that I could run from my computer. I became a shut in, protecting myself from the world and unpredictable people that were each a risk to me and my safety.

At some point I must have drifted. Opening my eyes, I was once again standing in the cave I had been in last night. Wrong there was something seriously wrong with me. I took medication this time so I would be stuck here longer, much longer, trapped in my own mind. Looking around the cave, I realised I was alone, no man. Thank god for that, even though that’s what I thought, I felt slight disappointment in my chest. Looking down I knew it was some sort of fucked up dream, I was butt naked just like when I fell asleep. Even my hair was wet from the shower running over me for the two seconds I was in there.

Unable to stop myself from yawning I rushed to the fur, mattress, rug thing. Laying down I pulled a fur up over my head and body to protect myself.

With my face down in the mattress, I could smell the man from last night that I had been watching for days. His woodsy masculine scent covered the furs surrounding my body making me feel safe. What a hoax, I was never safe, I knew that better then anyone. Unable to lay on my back due to the light throbbing pain, I remained on my belly willing this dream to end as I once again started to drift.

Pain rippled through my back, it hurt, it burned. My eyes flew open as I tried to prop my body up using my arms. The instant my arms moved, a body lay on top of my bottom half, the weight too much to move or struggle against. A hand came down in the centre of my shoulder blades pushing me down into the mattress. “Stay still little female, I’m nearly finished.” His tone was calm, it was that man. Yes, it was him, I could tell by his voice, but also by his touch as electricity flowed like lightening through my body. Looking down at the only place I could, I watched the patterned blankets. Realization hitting me like a rock, when I came back though my dream, I WAS NAKED.

A scream escaped my lips as another sharp pain ripped through my back. I struggled to get free with no results. The man caught my flailing hands in each of his own before pressing them down to the bed. Shuffling up I could feel as his body skimming across my own so his face was right against the side of my face. “Calm down little one.” As his voice ended I felt lips deliciously nip at my neck causing my core to clench in response. Wet kisses were planted on the back on my neck working their way down my back. My whole body vibrated with pleasure as he followed my spine sending shivers each time his lips grazed the slightly raised skin. As a moan was about to escape my lips, another sharp pain in my back flooded my senses. Struggling hard to try and get away, I managed to move one of my hands slightly.

Continuing to struggle I felt something hard pressing into my leg. Managing to get one arms free, I reached down trying to push away the object pressing hard into my body. It was uncomfortable as it almost burnt at my bare skin. A hiss immediately escaped the mans lips as he ceased his kisses now once again roaming the bare skin of my back. Taking a second, my face surely flushed a red as a rose realizing the hard object I now had my hand around was his thick, aroused shaft.

Up to Chapter 4 currently available on Patreon Also gain access to early Chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

If you like this story check out my others on my profile :) Enjoy your reading!!

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