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Chapter 29 – Where was he?

“What! Like all of you at the same time? Like together?” My mind was completely blown at the prospect. How was that even possible? I could not even imagine Tantore or Kiba wanting me again, let alone together, like at the same time. Saying it aloud so abruptly, I almost yelled the words as Charlotte’s hands reached for me covering my mouth muffling my words. Embarrassment covered her expression making her redder than myself I had no doubt, as her warm fingers touched my lips. Her head span wildly, looking around as if to see if anyone had heard my words. Heavy footsteps trudging towards us, Kiba and one of Charlotte’s partners roared into the cave coming into view before I had a chance to react.

Both our sets of eyes striking in that direction, I felt the cool air drying out the surface as I could not bring myself to blink. Kiba standing there, I could see his eyes fixated on Charlottes hands still covering my mouth. Kiba moving toward us suddenly at a great speed, I almost wanted to back up as his facial expression was filled with aggression. Raising my hands instinctively to cover my face, I almost cowered as he paused his movements in reaction. Realizing in that very moment that Kiba had been moving for Charlotte, her male had also moved forward to be stopped with a hand in the centre of his chest by her.

“Stop!” Charlotte’s voice ringing out, I raised my hands to cover my ears at the screechy sound. Turning my eyes to her face she watched me with a look of amusement. “Tell your male I was not harming you.”

“What… come again?” Unsure of what she meant, I felt Kiba hands grasp my body pull me closer to his chest hiding my within the cover of his body. The heat of his hands transferring to my skin, he was like a heater. I felt the sensation of his touch ripple through my body, making me crave more. We had been apart only twenty minutes or so, but his sudden contact made me want to sink further into his embrace. Had I missed him when he had been so close? My heart swelling, I was finally realizing the tenseness to the room as a rumble bubbled within Kiba, his intense gaze still trained on Charlotte. “Oh no, Kiba she wasn’t, we were not arguing.”

The rumble inside Kiba stopping almost immediately, I watched the shoulders of Charlotte’s male drop in what I could only assume was relief. More heavy footsteps pounding again near the entrance, more of her males entered, concern blanketing their own expressions as they sort her out. “Okay get out, get out… we are talking about girl stuff.” With a swift kiss to Charlotte’s head her male obeyed warily eyeing Kiba before standing and backing up toward the few others near the entrance.

Kiba’s body made no move as he continued to hold me. My constant embarrassment was wild, though I honestly did not want his touch to end. I wanted more. Though I also wanted to know more about males in this world, and if Charlotte knew anything about Tantore? Like why he left and if he will actually come back or if Kiba was just making assumptions? “What do you wish Beauty? I can stay, or we can go?”

Sucking hard on my lip, I could taste my blood as I bit down hard before responding. “Can I stay with Charlotte a little longer… I… I still have questions.” Something dark flickering in his eyes, Kiba tightened his arms placing his lips to my neck. A shiver erupting as goosebumps ran the length of my back. My core pulsating out under the touch, I tried to turn my head away not wanting him to see my face of desire. Sucking in a deep breath through his nostrils, his lips lingered pressing softly against my neck once more.

Slowly moving away, his touch left me burning with need as his voice whispered deeply through the cave. “As you wish beauty.”

Muffled laughter leaving Charlotte, she appeared to struggle to contain herself. Waiting for Kiba to leave she continued to laugh as she spoke. “I’m curious, does your male Tantore treat you this gently also? I have heard things about his character that make him sound not so… loveable.” Her eyes squinting, I could tell she was trying not to insult his character.

“Umm… well that’s also what I wanted to talk to you about. He was lovable and he was kind and amazing, but then he walked out. Kiba said he was near and that he would return, but I have not seen Tantore since. And it hurts.” My hand raising to my chest, it shook as Charlotte closed the distance between us swiftly. Her arms wrapping around me, I felt a sense of comfort that I had never experienced until I had entered this world.

“Don’t get upset, it is okay, we can work this out together. You are bonded with them both right... so it is not like he will or could leave. I am sure Kiba is right, he will come back.” Charlotte’s tone containing a heavy air of reassurance, I still did not understand what that even meant. Raising my eyes to her own, I shrugged my shoulders hopelessly trying to indicate the fact that I had no idea what she was talking about without having to speak and reveal my vulnerability in my wavering tone.

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