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Chapter 30 -Crimes

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“A bond, the bond Paige.” Charlotte’s voice was an exaggerated whisper. Lifting my wrist, I looked at Tantore’s bite mark. Charlotte moving closer, she gripped my wrist holding it gently. Indicating to the spot she spoke again. “This is a mark, you have one from each mate, each male. Whenever you touch it, they can feel you, they will know where you are and what you’re feeling. It can even bring pleasure during…” Charlotte’s face growing red, I remembered when the marks were kissed and caressed during the act. It was like lightening had shot through my body making me hot, making me burn for them. Charlotte’s voice heightening, she cleared her throat. “What I am trying to say, is that if you want him to come back now, touch it. He will feel what you are feeling, he will come, I am sure of it.”

“But Charlotte what happens if he doesn’t?” A thunderous noise sounding from outside, I almost jumped out of my skin as Charlotte appeared to do the same with an unsure expression blanketing her face. Slowly moving to her feet, Charlotte kept hold of my wrist as we tiptoed toward the cave entrance. Peeking out, I could see Kiba and Charlotte’s males standing near each other, baring the way as their gazes were trained on the forest before them.

Charlotte with a whisper, “maybe Tantore has returned?” I did not know how, but I knew with every fibre of my being that it was not Tantore, that Tantore was a fair distance away. A series of little roars sounding behind us I flinched as a squeal escaped my lips. Turning around, a body surrounded my own in a heartbeat. Warmth sheltering me from all sides as I looked upon little tigers. Charlotte immediately moving in front of them protectively, “shhh its okay, they are my sons.” Kiba’s hands wrapping around me, I soft pushed downward at his wrist to get a better look at the smallish creatures. Trying to walk forward Kiba held tighter to me, preventing me from getting any closer. “They are friendly.”

“She needs no other males. I am protection enough.” Kiba’s tone was one of annoyance. Turning my head to watch him in confusion, he had his attention focused on the cave entrance.

“Males? They are my children. They are only babies, they are not looking for a female.” Charlotte appeared quite offended as one of her males entered the cave moving to her side instantly. His eyes slightly darkening in our direction, he remained respectful, yet clearly displeased.

Looking at Kiba, his voice sounded, “Watch yourself Kiba, this is our home.” His arms circling Charlotte, she appeared to be lowering to the ground, calling the little tigers over. Almost as an afterthought, the man’s voice sounded once more as he gestured to myself. “Astro is approaching no doubt for her. He has brought many beasts, you have not told him she is marked by Tantore as well.”

Kiba instantly responding, “It is irrelevant.” My body shaking, what did he mean me? Why would they come for me, and Kiba is only one man, or beast or whatever. How was he going to stop anyone, would he get hurt? “Calm down beauty, everything will be okay. I will keep you safe always.” Kiba’s arms lifting me tightly to his chest he walked toward the cave entrance. My heart racing, I could feel the thump of it in my ears as we moved out into the dwindling light. My eyes squinting, I desperately tried to see what we were walking out into.

Kiba’s hand rubbing at me reassuringly, he placed me on the floor in front of him. Still maintaining his grip, Kiba held me to his heating body. His head lowering, I felt his lips press to my hair, lingering to suck in a deep breath. To be honest, I felt like a little kid, all I wanted to do was turn around reaching my arms up in the air for him to hold me. Kiba’s voice sounding lowly, “Hector, I might trouble you to stay with my female while I fix this misunderstanding should the need arise.” Not waiting for a response, Kiba turned his gaze on the horde of animals in front of us before speaking with no hesitation. “Astro, it would appear that you have followed us all the way to the outskirts of your clan. Can I help you with something great leader?” Kiba’s voice ended with a disgusted sneer crossing his face, I could hear the fierceness in his voice as some of the beasts, the animals across the way had a touch of fear in their eyes. Some going as far as to lower their tails.

My eyesight growing clearer by the second, I was adjusting to the failing light in the sky. The only man there was Astro, his face growing darker he displayed quite a malicious look. A smirk growing on his face, he looked to his sides at the beasts littering the edge of the woods. I could only imagine there were more behind the front row, just waiting and watching this scene unfold. My eyes widening, I looked to our own sides realizing in that moment that all of Charlotte’s men had pulled back waiting by the entrance of the cave, just watching. the throbbing in my ears grew worse as Astro finally took a step forward. Using a firm decisive tone. “Kiba, it has been brought to my attention that you have committed crimes against the clans, that you colluded with Johnston to take our females.”

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