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Chapter 31 – Intentional misunderstandings

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Reaching behind me, I turned my body into Kiba’s clinging to him with as much force and strength as I could muster. Astro’s voice sounding again across the field, “the female will stay in the tribe of course for your sentencing. A choosing will be held tonight to make sure she is properly looked after and protected.” A vibration buzzed through Kiba’s body as his heat surged through to my own skin. Swiftly pulling me behind himself, Kiba took but a glance back as one of Charlotte’s males came forward standing just behind me.

Kiba turning to face me, he lowered himself slightly. I felt like the world was falling around me, and I had so many questions, what was a choosing? That sounded ominous, and was he going to fight them? Was he going to go with them? His voice carefree, I took his wrist in my hand as it softly caressed my face. “Stay here with Hector, don’t look okay. This will all be over soon.” His body turning from me, I could not help it. Fear rippled through me as he took another step away from me toward the men where Astro stood tall. My hand gripping my other wrist with force, I held Tantore’s mark. My whole body trembled as the man behind me gripped my shoulder meaning to pull me back. Shrugging him off I could not help but leap forward clinging to Kiba’s arm.

“Please don’t leave me.” My voice was a shrill whisper as desperation moved through me. I needed to stop this, to stop him from leaving.

Turning back toward me, a soft smile covered Kiba’s face. Lifting me to his chest once more he walked me back to Hector’s side placing me down gently. His hand under my chin, he lifted my face lowering his own to meet my lips in front of everyone. My heart surging now for a completely different reason he licked at my lips playfully. Pulling back his mouth, he moved to my ear whispering softly. “Stay here with Hector, I will be back in but a few moments. I will never leave you. Never let anyone take you from me.” In a state of somewhat shock, I could not find my voice to protest as he once again turned taking steps toward the horde of beasts in front of us. Fangs bared on many of them, I swallowed down hard unable to relieve the lump in my throat.

A hand once again taking my shoulder, another smaller hand I could rightly assume was Charlotte’s pulled me back. Her voice quiet, “stay here, I’m sure he will be right back like he said.” The words still not mellowing my tremors, I did all that I could, watch. Kiba’s back tensing I could see the unease bloom within him. He appeared so confident, yet maybe he could not fix this like he had assured me.

Charlotte whispering behind me to one of her males, “can we not help him?”

A small chuckle surfacing on Hector’s lips, “we would only get in his way Charlotte. They will not be able to harm Kiba and if we get involved, we will have issues with the clan. Really though, he could be done with this now, Astro won’t risk war with Water Tribe. Kiba is just too proud to rely on another.”

Kiba taking yet another step in Astro’s direction he paused projecting his voice. “Astro this will be your only warning, turn around and leave my female and I be. If you do not, and proceed with these known to be lies, I will have to remove you from your position.” His voice sounding quite humorous, Kiba chuckled, “I wonder what it would be like to be leader of my own tribe?” Blinking, I missed it. One second Kiba was a man, and then yet again he was a beast, a Gorilla. The silver hairs running down his back defining his muscles under the immense mass of fur. Each breath of mine grew shallower and sharper as I watched on in almost horror. This could not be happening, Kiba could not be serious? Did he actually intend to fight all of these beasts to keep me by his side.

Breaking my thoughts, Astro’s voice sounded with a sharp edge to his voice. “You may be strong Kiba, but you can’t honestly think you could stop all of us?” Hesitation clouding in his tone, there was a clear shake in his voice. “Kiba come quietly, other clans will also rise against you. You cannot keep her to yourself.”

Through every syllable of Astro’s speech, Kiba did not waver only taking another few steps forward. A vibration through the ground starting to thrum, it almost sounded like a stampede was moving for us. Looking out across the forest, the trees started to move a slight distance away. Growing closer and closer, I watched the trees intently, flickering my gaze between them and Astro, whose stance growing more confident by the second. A figure breaking through the tree line, Kiba did not even bother turning his head slightly to get a glance.

Brown fur, huge fangs, Charlotte had been right. Looking down at my wrist, I looked back up to see a giant brown bear walking toward me in an exact line. Unable to look at him directly, I turned my attention back to my wrist once again touching the mark softly. An exchange of paws for feet and words for fur coverings, it was all white noise as I continued to stare at the white flesh of my scar. It could not be true, surely Tantore could not truly have connection to me while I touched the mark, the scar from his bite.

Still completely lost in thought and having so many things happen at once, my mind was blank. I did not know what to think, or what to do. “Tantore.” Astro’s voice sounding once again, I could not help but inwardly cringe. “Another female from Earth like the one you have yourself had been found, Kiba has marked her as you can see, yet he is a traitor. Working with Johnston, they stole females from the tribes.” An air of confidence lifting his tone considerably, I raised my eyes to watch Astro standing tall, the beasts by his side doing the same. Shrinking backward I almost forgot Tantore’s presence.

His steps growing closer, Tantore did not respond. Lowering my head again, I griped my wrist tighter unable to even look at him. His giant hand reaching out over mine own, my skin burned as he gently clasped it, pulling it from my wrist. Jerked into his embrace warm embrace, “please don’t hurt yourself little one, I will protect you.” My body screaming out against his near bare body, my teeth chattered softly as my body was set ablaze.

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