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Chapter 32 - Both

“Kiba.” The name leaving my lips in an instant, even I could hear the concern dripping off every syllable. Tantore keeping a firm hold on me, his muscles tightened as he turned swiftly looking out to the scene before us. I did not want to ignore Tantore, but right now Kiba was in trouble, and from what I heard so was I. It was like a crucial moment one of those scenes out of a fantasy movie. The one you would always see before a battle. A line of warriors, and then the other side with no more then a few to try and stop the threating army. “They… they want to take Kiba. And put me in a choosing.” My hands digging into Tantore, I held tightly trying to explain our situation.

Staring at Kiba’s back, I got the sense that he was not impressed at Tantore’s arrival and my description. That he wanted to deal with this on his own. Yet turning he walked toward us with a smile moving across his face. “You called me Beauty.” His voice cutting through to my speeding heart, I almost relaxed as he retreated from the field back toward me, toward us.

Instantly taking in the situation, I watched as Astro stared on with desperation in his eyes as he appeared to be calculating his next move. The muscles in his chest protruding further with each breath, I almost thought the veins in his neck would burst through his skin as his face twisted. Tantore’s hands shimmying across my skin, it was like he was almost oblivious to the happenings around us. Taking a handful of my hair softly stroking it with his thumb, Tantore’s flesh grazed my neck weakening my knees. Dropping his head, Tantore spoke. “I’m sorry for leaving you little one, I… I thought you would not want me around.” Like a child, his macho and strong persona shattered in a heartbeat as he appeared like he was submitting for punishment.

Shaken by the sudden change in him, and his general presence I could not even understand the emotions moving through me. Kiba getting closer still, I felt awkward in Tantore’s arms. Charlotte has said this was normal, but still it appeared and felt to me like a form of betrayal. All that aside, I still flickered my gaze to Astro across the field. Close enough in that moment, I stepped forward gripping Kiba’s arm pulling him back toward us. “I… I don’t want either of you to leave.” Cringing at my own greed, I could not look at either of them as I let my eyes fall to the floor before searching for Astro once more.

Tantore lightly pushing me into Kiba’s embrace, Kiba’s arms surrounded me as his hands ran down my skin making it hard to breath as shivers of pleasure rolled through me. The both of them could make me react in ways that totally overtook any sensation or emotion I was experiencing. Tantore’s voice sounding accusingly, “I believe you are mistaken Astro, Kiba would not kidnap our mate.” My eyes lifting, Tantore clearly moved in front of Kiba and I protectively. A few seconds passing, I could even see from the distance, the discomfort as Astro tried to smooth out his features. Tantore giving him no longer to respond, he projected his voice once again with a sense of warning lacing each word, “unless your charge stands? However, the Water Tribe will challenge your claims.”

No words spoken, Astro slowly backed up followed by the others slowly disappearing into the brush of the forest. Like a weight lift off my shoulders, it quickly came crashing back down as I found myself between Kiba and Tantore who were both watching me expectantly. “Well umm… Charlotte and I still have much to discuss.” Backing away from the two of them, Kiba’s hands fell away as Tantore reached out snagging my arm. Pulling me into his body, I heard Kiba’s low growl echo warningly as a giggle sounded not long after.

Looking in Charlotte’s direction, she had already been lifted slowly getting carried into the cave. Her voice calling out, “don’t forget what I said Paige.” Her mouth silently miming the word both. In that instant, I could not even control the heat that flushed up my neck reddening my face to a no doubt a deep shade of red.

“Both what?” Tantore’s voice a whisper in my ear, I almost moaned out. Only just managing to hold myself together, I kept quiet as possible as I attempted to control my thoughts. Them both being so close and bare, it made the task ten times more difficult as I was failing miserably to holt my imagination.

A small chuckle sounding from Kiba, I turned to see a look on his face that I had yet to see before. “Both of us, at the same time.” Shock running through me at his simple statement, I froze, had he heard our whole conversation? I felt like my rib cage was the only thing holding my body together as I tried to pull away from Tantore. I had never felt so embarrassed in my entire life.

Held tightly in place by Tantore, there was no hope of escape. “Mmm… but I think we need somewhere to stay first Little One.” Both Tantore and Kiba speaking quickly like nothing had happened, I was completely stumped. Neither batted an eyelid at the topic as they discussed the next best option for housing overnight.

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