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Chapter 33 – Moving On

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Hearing every word they were saying, I did not take in a single thing more than we were going somewhere for the night. Tantore shifting into his bear form on the spot, I was still shocked having only seen it minutes before. Jumping at the sudden change, I felt a rush through my system, pins and needles shooting through my veins. Warm hands hugging to my waist Kiba’s supported me with his body. “Sorry Beauty, we forget you are not from here.” His warmth enveloping me, I could smell his scent drawing me in as he apologized. Before I had the chance to settle, Kiba’s voice sounded once more. “Okay, up you go.”

My breath catching in my throat, Kiba’s hands tightened on my waist as he lifted me upward. Flailing instantly at my sudden loss of footing, I felt myself latching onto thick fur. My ass making contact with the soft surface of Tantrore’s back, I could not help but feel unease in my chest. Like Kiba, Tantore would be in control of this animal form, yet he was a bear a really, really giant bear. Animals in my word even when you knew and training them could be dangerous. Though somehow, nobody here even seemed to think turning into an animal was weird let alone being dangerous. Not even Charlotte, and she was from my world. She just said I would get used to it, but how could you grow used to something this this? My mind thinking back to our conversation, she had said so many things that I had found odd, and I still had so many unanswered questions.

Feeling Kiba’s eyes on me, I craned my neck to watch his concerned expression. Staring off into space, I must have appeared to be a bit odd to say the least. “Is something wrong beauty?”

Feeling my lips twitch, my fingers relaxed a little as I allowed them to slide through Tantore’s fur lacing in with each back and forth motion. Unable to get the answers I was looking for from Kiba, and the fact that it was simply unfair as Tantore could not join in the conversation as well, I tried to moving forward mentally. “Where are we going?”

The concern not dissipating from his face, Kiba’s hand reached up to stoke my leg with a reassuring motion. “Tantore knows of a cave not far from here, we will head there for the night.” Nodding my head in understanding, I felt a wave of tiredness hit me strongly as my eyes began to droop. “Hold on okay.” The words leaving Kiba’s mouth, I watched as he too shifted back into his ape form as Tantore finally started moving slowly.

Immediately strengthening my grip, it was the oddest sensation being carried by a large animal. Though I felt quite secure, that was at least until he until Tantore started to gain speed. The trees whizzing past, I almost felt like I was going to be sick. Leaning forward I griped the fur tighter as I slid down his back bit by bit pushed by the sheer force of the wind. A giant hand immediately on my back, Kiba pushed me forward to where I was previous as a low roar escaped him. Alerted, Tantore noticeably slowed down allowing me sometime to readjust my hold. Remaining on my chest, I found it easier to hold on, but knowing Kiba was right behind watching me made the unease in my gut lessen. My face pressed against the softness of Tantore’s back, I could not help but allow my eyes to close as he heated beneath me like an electric blanket send little zaps of pleasure through my skin.

Lulled by the constant movement and rhythm, it only felt like second later that I was lifted from the warmth. My first instinct to stay where I was, I found myself clutching tightly to fur as I groaned out in discomfort at being moved. My eyes slowly opening, I closed them again as I was pried from the warmth to yet a similarly feeling location. The warmth penetrating into my body, I could not help but purr out snuggling deeper as vibrations and rumbling sounded around me.

Opening my eyes yet again, it appeared like more time than I realized had past. Without moving, I continued to blink my eyes to gain better vision. A fire softly crackling not far away, I watched the flames flickering across the stern looking face of Tantore. He too watched the flames intently appearing deep in thought. Turning slightly, it was then that I realized I was still coveted with fur. The arms holding me slightly loosening, I rolled my head to watch Kiba’s ape form in turn watching me with what I could only describe as a soft expression.

Startled by the sudden intensity of the gaze, my body begged to know what Tantore’s expression would be. Turning back to look for him, I found him already closing the distance between us with a carved bowl in hand. “I… umm… how long was I out?” My voice softly travelling across the cave, it still bounced off the walls echoing as it died out into silence.

Kiba propping me up into a sitting position, Tantore came closer still holding out his hand. His voice low, “not long, come and eat something.” Extending my hand to slip into his, I willingly let him guide me to a spot by the fire in front of where he sat previously. Fur blankets of sorts were already laid out as he lowered me toward the floor with a gentle push. Taking a seat behind me, Tantore’s leg extending along side my own as I stretched them out in front of me. A bowl swiftly placed down in my hands I felt Tantore’s hands move to my shoulders encouragingly pulling me back to lean on his body.

My body relaxing against him, the smell of the warm liquid in the bowl reached my nose. The heavenly scent causing my stomach to rumble so loudly I had no doubt they both heard it. Bringing the bowl toward my lips I blew on the liquid to cool it down as I tried not to look into the two sets of eyes I could feel burning into my body.

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