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Chapter 34 – You’re not going anywhere!

Flowing down my throat, whatever this soup was, it was delicious. Drinking greedily with big gulps my stomach finally stopped rumbling as it filled with warmth. Looking up embarrassed from my animalistic display of eating I suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious. Eyes watching me, I reached out the bowl handing it back. Tantore’s voice sounding first, “do you not like it Paige? We can make you something else?” My brows furrowing, I looked around realizing there was only 1 bowl and still a large pot on the side of the fire.

“No thank you I’m stuffed.” My hands unconsciously falling to my belly, I rubbed at it in circular motions indicating the fullness. “What about you two? Are you not going to eat?” Kiba and Tantore looking between themselves, their eyes slightly close as if unsure how to respond, like they were both thinking of how to respond.

“Sooo… have you already eaten?” Prompting further, I was not sure what they could be thinking about as I watched curiously flickering my gaze between them.

Kiba moving a step closer, he took the bowl from Tantore’s hand moving toward the pot to refill it. “Here in this world mated males eat every few days, if not longer. It is only the females and offspring who eat every day, and their meals are not shared with males. Very seldom however, I have heard of a female that will share or offer leftovers to her males, or a favoured male.” My body freezing, I almost thought he was joking until he moved back toward me trying to hand down another full bowl of the broth.

Not wanting to offend their ways or customs, my hand almost reached up to take the bowl. Kiba’s eye lightening at the fact, I felt my hands shake as I ended up pulling them back before I took it from him. Kiba expression sinking slightly, he handed the full bowl to Tantore. Kiba’s expression sinking further, it was like his happiness seemed to fade as Tantore slightly shifted behind me trying to bring his arm around to place the bowl in my hands. Taking the bowl with a sigh I reached it out toward Kiba once more who looked more then confused as he stood in place. I could only assume Tantore’s expression mirrored Kiba’s as they appeared to lock gazes questioningly.

“I meant it when I said I was full, people generally stop eating when they are full. In my world families and couples eat… well together.” Adding it in as there seemed to be something meaningful behind the passing of the bowl, I could not help but add. “It has nothing to do with who hands me a bowl. You both need to eat, especially more regularly than once every few days. Look at you both, you would waste away to nothing.” I almost felt like a teacher telling them off as my tone sounded stronger than I anticipated or thought possible.

Kiba seeming unsure, I continued holding out the bowl to him before I encouraged once more, “eat some.” Tantore suddenly stiffening behind me, I could almost feel the warning in his glare that he was shooting toward Kiba. As Kiba took the bowl in hand, I turned slightly to face Tantore while still in his loose hold. “You as well, both of you should finish the pot. I can’t eat it, and you should not waste food, you both worked hard to make it.” Laying back into Tantore’s body, my head slumped back as I let out a breath of exhaustion. I almost did not know how it was possible to be so tired after physically doing so little. Thinking about it, I almost felt like it was all just mental exhaustion getting the better of me. I half expected to wake up in my bedroom with all this being a dream still, even after everything that had happened.

Kiba passing the bowl to Tantore, they both appeared to eat silently as I remained between Tantore’s legs thinking intently. Just having that simple thought of this being a dream, it made my heart ache as I rubbed at my chest. Sliding my wrist back and forth across my chest all the way to my shoulder, I felt a sudden pang. Sensing another sudden change in the air, I opened my eyes I did not even realized I had closed to see I had the full attention of Kiba and Tantore. Kiba’s eyes fixated on my chest, I realized in that moment that the marks of each of them had touched, skin to skin. Concern plain as day on Kiba’s face, Tantore’s arms pulled me closer protectively. His words barely a whisper, “what’s wrong little one?”

My heart thumping, I sat up pulling my knees to my chest rolling into a ball. Both awaiting my response, I could not blow the question off as I focused on my slightly skinned knees. “I umm… I was just thinking that this was all very unlikely. That even though it has been some time now, that maybe it could all still be a dream. That tomorrow I’ll wake up in my own world. I just… sometimes this does not feel real, you both do not seem real, this is not normal.” Tantore’s hands and arms quickly wrapping around my body with more strength, he lifted me with ease on top of his lap. His hot breath skimming across the top of my shoulder, his lips pressed to the skin making my lower stomach thrum.

“We are very much real Little One. And you are not going anywhere, not ever again.” Hearing the promise in his words, I could only imagine the intense expression that accompanied it as his arms tightened further once more causing me to suck in a sharp breath. His words almost sounded like a threat, one that at this point I welcomed. I did not want to leave, I wanted to feel like this forever, I wanted them both close, forever.

Kiba growing closer, he took a seat next to us on the floor as his hand reached out taking a few strands of my hair in hand softly. Stroking it between his fingers with affection, his voice sounded quietly. “Do you want us to prove that we are real?” Kiba’s lips drawing closer, my skin tingled in anticipation as I looked away unable to take the sensation of need flowing through me as I watched him continue toward me. His lips making contact with my forehead softly, I closed my eyes as I felt and heard both their bodies moving around me.

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