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Chapter 35 – Could not avoid it if I tried

My body was instantly covered with goose bumps from head to toe as shivers racked me. I still could not bring myself to open my eyes, just the knowledge that they were growing closer, knowing what they intended to do. My mind filling with images from the other night, my body trembled under the warm hands that started caressing my skin. Two sets of hands caressing at my arms, face and neck had a low buzzing start between my legs. They could not be serious, they did not actually intend to have intimate relations with me again. And together at that, it was not possible, I would not survive. My body was still recovering from the last time. Yet it craved the touch hard responding against my will allowing me to sink into Tantore’s chest. Starting to murmur out incoherently, I did not know what to say, but I knew I could not handle whatever this was.

“Shhhh…” Feeling my head pulled into a warm chest, my whole body thrummed to life at the simple gesture. Opening my eyes, I felt tears at the brim ready to flow. Tantore’s eye looking into my own. “Shhhh…” Once again Tantore’s voice sounded. His hands pressing to my cheeks he used his thumbs to wipe away the little tears escaping and wetting my cheeks. “What’s wrong Little One?”

His voice tight, I could hear the concern as he turned my body. Kiba’s hand soothingly rubbing my back, he moved increasingly close with eyes full of an almost anger. “Who upset you Beauty? Did Charlotte or one of her males say something?” The edge in his voice only making the tears flow worse, I held back a sob.

“I… I…” Searching their eyes, it was extremely overwhelming. Struggling to get my words out, both were extremely close together with their focus solely on me. The fire crackling, it lit both their faces throwing shadows as heat filled the cave. The tingling inside myself only growing, I watch as their pupils constricted and nostrils flared wide.

“Paige.” Their voices sounding in unison, they were both lower than I was used to. Their hands finally beginning to move once more, the sensation only grew becoming more pronounced.

“I can’t!” Pulling back, neither one on them held me in place as I scrambled off Tantore’s lap and away from their touches.

Tantore’s eyes slightly narrowing, I could see him losing his patience as he made a move, meaning to crawl forward toward me. Kiba’s arm jutting out to settle on his shoulder, I watched Kiba squeeze it as he sent a harsh glare in Tantore’s direction. Tantore slightly turning his head away, he released an almost growl as he sat back where he was unmoving. His eyes now focused on Kiba, he appeared to be waiting for something.

Kiba taking a movement forward. His voice was full of truth as he crouched down nearer to my level, yet still somehow managing to tower over me. “Paige, we can smell very clearly what you want. You don’t need to hide it from us. We want you, but we do not want to upset or scare you. We want you to be happy here with us.” My chest rising and falling, I did not know what to say or do. Kiba edging closer still, he reached his hand out toward my knee. “Why don’t you let me take care of that.”

Looking back down at my lightly skinned flesh, I could not help but suck my lips into my mouth still not knowing what to say. Slightly nodding my head, I could tell Kiba was not going to back down, and if Tantore got involved. Well after the last few times, I knew I would have no strength or composure left. A smile in response curving the edges of his mouth, my breath caught in my throat at the sight. Kiba edging closer still, he took my ankle in one hand. Slowly Kiba stretched out my leg, supporting it just under my knee. In what felt like slow motion, his face dropped to the scraped area. His lips softly pressing against the pink skin.

Jerking away from the touch, I could not stop my reaction which he seemed to pay no attention to continuing without hesitation. Flickering out his tongue, hot saliva laced the skin of my knee. A searing pain blossoming, I cried out as Tantore moved forward wrapping up my body to support yet hold me still. “Shhh…” His hand caressing my face, he once again shushed me holding me closer as Kiba continued. Panting out harsh breaths, Kiba finally release my leg. Moving for the other, I bent in it in an instant pulling it closer to my chest not wanting for him to do the same again.

“No don’t! It’s fine. I don’t want it healed.” Whimpering out, the pain was really not worth it. The pain was sharp and hot, it burned through my body. It reminded me of the searing pain that had rippled through my body after their bites. The memory of my pain as I had writhed on the floor in agony to recent, I held my leg to my chest with fear gripping my chest. I would happily let the wound heal normally. Kiba slowly reaching forward, he ceased my ankle trying to extend my leg back out with a little force. “No really, please Kiba don’t.” Seeming unphased, he once again tried to gently pull my leg coaxingly as I turned to Tantore for help.

The second his eyes collided with my own, Tantore lifted my chin with his finger as he meshed his moist lips into my own. My heart leaping, I almost lost all control as a searing pain shot through my knee. Tantore’s hot tongue sliding into my mouth running the length of my own sucking softly. Tantore had distracted me to the point of complete complicity. A sudden squeal leaving me at the pain, it muffled as Tantore sent his tongue deeper, as he pulled me closer. A sweat breaking out across my skin, I tried to pull away only for Tantore to pull me closer. My body submitting into his own, the searing pain at my knee finally ended.

Able to breathe again, Kiba’s just about stopped my heart as his hand that was still at the back of my knee started skimming across my skin heading upwards gripping onto my upper thigh. My lips throbbing from the loss of Tantore’s mouth, Tantore moved to my ear tauntingly. His hot breath blowing seductively, “Paige let us touch you, I promise we will be gentle.” Watching Tantore, his eyes were full of mischief and excitement as he brought my wrist to his mouth.

Pressing his lips to the mark, a jolt ripped at my body as heat burned through my centre making me squeeze my legs tightly together as I moaned out embarrassingly. “mmm.”

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