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Chapter 36 - Overstimulated

Regret instantly filling me, I had no hope of stopping them as their bodies moved like pretzels twining around my own. Lifted and held, I could not tell where one of their bodies ended and the other began. Whose hands were griping my breasts, whose fingers were working their way to my centre pushing through my tightly closed legs. My whole body shaking violently their barrage did not stop of slow down. Overwhelmed and overstimulated my teeth clenched together making me bite into my own lip until a tangy metallic taste washed over my tongue and through my mouth.

Their hands stopping in place instantly, I felt their eyes burning through me as low growls surfaced causing my breath to catch in my throat. Tantore’s lips once again moving closer, he pressed them against firmly against my own as his tongue flittered. Licking at my lips meticulously, it was only seconds before he found the cut. A sharp squeak leaving my already constricting throat, Kiba’s voice sounded confidently with a touch of sympathy. “We don’t want you hurt Little Beauty, be careful with yourself.”

Tantore’s lips finally pulling away from my own, I felt like I was a doll. Unable to speak unable… no unwilling to stop their advances. Tantore’s voice right on cue sounded encouragingly, “Though you can bite me whenever you feel the urge Little one.” My lips still tingling from the dissipating pain of being healed, my heart skipped a beat as Tantore lifted his fingers to my lips. Slipping a single finger inside, he ran it provokingly over the rise and fall of my teeth watching me with daring eyes.

Goose bumps raising across every inch of my skin, I could not manage to say anything let alone discourage the two. My body heating, my entrance was slick and pulsing wildly. I felt like an animal, I needed release. I needed them. I needed them closer. My body so needy, I felt the overwhelming urge to grab and pull them closer, I almost felt like I could die if I didn’t get their touch.

“Ahhhh.” My voice escaping my still open mouth. Kiba’s fingers slipping past my thighs. They glided with easy through the slick wetness escaping my weeping centre. Stimulating more juices, a long thick finger of Tantore breached my entrance plunging in and hooking around to massage at my inner wall vigorously. Flinching, I could not help but moan out at the touch only to be silenced as Tantore’s lips once again collided with my own. Lapping at my mouth, his tongue stroked every surface before he tousled with my own demanding attention as he opened my mouth wider. Hands on my breasts, I could only assume there were Tantore’s as my centre continued to be teased by Kiba.

My body pulling inward, I tried to cover myself with my limbs instinctively. Roused to a point of no return I realized in that instant when looking down that the fur I had been wearing had been shredded without my notice. My face and flushed cheeks turning to look at the tattered remains of the fur now beside me, something inside me snapped. My body shaking harder, I needed it, I needed to demand more. My hips starting to move against the Kiba’s finger, I could not see his face but could picture the smile as he started working in a second finger stretching me painfully wide. Tantore hands cupping my breasts, I could see a full head of his hair as he lowered himself down my body. Latching his mouth around one of my nipples, he sucked down hard showing no mercy as my centre jerked hard clenching on Kiba’s fingers.

Clapping my hand to my mouth, the other ran through Tantore’s hair taking a firm grip as the pressure on my nipple grew greater. His fingers moving and pinching at my other nipple, he pushed me to the point where my body rose off the floor as my back arched toward his begging for more, begging for release.

A tongue darting inside the folds of my centre, I screamed out sharply as fingers pushed in deeper thrusting back and forth. Crying out once more, I could literally fill tears brimming at my eyes, “I can’t… I can’t take anymore.” The pleasure growing so high and intense, it was almost painful to endure. I was stuck at an edge wanting to roll back slowly or fall quickly, anything but maintaining the moment I was stuck in. The sensation was alone was going to destroy me. My nipple pulled at, Tantore’s mouth made a popping sound as he finally pulled away. A coldness taking hold on the wet flesh, I felt a shiver run through me allowing a single drop to fall from my already brimming eyes. The tear cascading down my cheek, Tantore’s hands moved to my neck as he watched intently.

His mouth growing closer and closer, Tantore this time placed his lips at face level as he licked at the single tear that had escaped my now stinging eyes. A solemn tone I did not expect surfacing from his throat. “Do you want us to stop little one, now is your last chance?” My heart pounding in my ears, Tantore pulled slightly back. Keeping a close watch on my face, he was waiting for an answer that he had most likely already assumed the answer to as his eyes darkened in frustration.

Kinba’s fingers pulling from my body, I felt his whole mouth cover the folds as he began to suck intensely. My ass instantly thrusting forward, I could feel the pressure in my lower abdomen grow causing me to whine out. Kiba stopping at the noise to watch me, to watch as my body was beyond boil point. “More, more, please more...” My voice loud and desperate, it was beyond rhyme or reason. Desperate animalistic lips crashing into my own in response, I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew.

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