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Chapter 37 – More then I could handle

They were killing me. Just one of them was more than enough to topple my world, but both… “Ahhhh.” Every moan, every scream leaving me seemed to spur them on. A hot tongue swirling inside my mouth and another dipping into my body, I spasmed hard as my muscles clenched and pulled stressed to the max. It was out of my control, my body no longer listening to my commands as it just shuddered continually. Yet all I could still think about was the fact that I still wanted more, needed it, would do anything to get it.

“Relax Little One.” My eyes slamming closed, I could hear and feel as Tantore spoke into my lips mumbling as his flesh meshed with my own. My head spinning, this feeling was beyond overwhelming. And above it all, I could still not work out how they could suddenly get on so well. Not care that they were being two timed in one way, a custom of this world or not I would never want to share. My mind snapping back at me I would have giggled at the thought if I had the energy, I had never wanted anyone. How dumb I was, how I could go back to my life without them now, the thought of being apart from them leaving my heart in a state of emergency.

“Kiba’s going to put it in Little One. Are you ready for him?” A smile in Tantore’s words, I could still not bring myself to even open my eyes to see for myself. I could not believe how crass and straight forward his words were, each one sending my body into a panic even more intense then the last. My fingers griping at one or both of them, I felt the warmth of Kiba’s tongue retreating from my throbbing core. Crying out aloud, my fingers griped tighter to flesh needing some sort of release and grounding as I clenched unconsciously and unable to stop.

A chill blanketing my lower half, it felt like I was going to freeze as the cool air crashed in. Energy flowing from me, it started evacuating all of my anticipation of what was to come with it. The heartbeats in my chest full of excitement, they had no gaps, but then very suddenly it started to slow. I could feel each thud as an odd sensation ran through my, each beat getting further and further apart, I slowly opened my eyes. Latching to Tantore’s eyes instantly, I could feel the happiness and amusement leaking from him as I felt the thick head of Kiba press at my entrance. Each time Kiba pushed a little harder, pushing in a little further. The breath sucked right out of me, I felt the pop as Kiba finally worked the head of his erection through the entrance.

A groan surfacing Kiba’s lips, I could feel him pressing inside. Ever so slowly, each thrust slipping him deeper and deeper into my body claiming more of me. Every time he stopped, I thought he was fully inside, but then he would pull back before pressing back in even deeper then before. My stomach in rolls, it felt so good as I quivered gently seeking more. Pulsing and clenching at the same time, I could feel the sensation growing as squelching sounds started heating my ears. Kiba’s pace growing, Tantore’s hand roamed once more seeking out my breasts. Awaiting another comment from Tantore, I knew he was going to say something sending me into another bout of embarrassment, it was just a matter of time.

Tantore massaging at my breasts, I felt like I would pop as the tingles in my stomach grew greater by the second. Sweat lacing my forehead, I had the urge to reach up and stop him, but I physically could not do it. My cheeks flushing, it appeared like he did not need to use his words to make me feel shy, embarrassed and render me physically useless. Another thrust hitting deeper I felt my eyes waver closing for a second as my body convulsed nearing the edge. Trying to turn, I failed as I remained unmoving. My limbs so heavy, they felt like unmovable boulders. Suddenly feeling the weakness set in, I kept my eyes on Tantore silently trying to gain his attention as he still watched me intently.

Tantore’s expression turning more analysing, Kiba thrusted in again harder than before as he grew faster. I wanted to scream out, to moan, but I just found myself silent as a corpse. I watched as Tantore’s smile continued to dissipate slowly. Moving off my body in one swift movement, Tantore lost all signs of happiness as he did not appear to dare touch or kiss me. Tantore’s hand slowly reaching over, he pressed it to my chest as Kiba froze in place midmovement.

My eyes patching over, I almost felt like I forgot to breath suffocating. Kiba’s voice calling out, he pulled from my body. His husky voice raising. “Paige?” Mourning the loss of him, I wanted to tell him not to stop, that I was so close, but I could not get the words out.

Tantore’s voice booming. “What wrong with her heart?” Kiba’s hand shoving at Tantore, I could hear the thud as he must have landed harshly on the ground as Kiba loomed over me taking my face in his hands. My ears growing fuzzy, I could see his lips moving, but I heard nothing. My vision continuing to fog over, I soon found myself in complete darkness. I knew I should be scared, though my energy and body drained so quickly, I hardly had the capacity too. Feeling the warm hands on my body, knowing they were there was enough.

To just know that I was not alone was more than enough. Suddenly the idea of being alone, something that I had strived for my whole life, now seemed to be the scariest concept in the world to me. I did not know when it started, but I needed them more than anything else. I did not know if they could hear me, but still I wanted to try. I was not sure if I said it inside or out loud, but I forced out the words that even I myself could not hear. “Don’t leave me.”

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