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Chapter 3 – He’s Not Real

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I couldn’t stop myself from squealing out while pulling my hand away. Shocked at the sudden touch no doubt as much as myself, the mans grip loosened considerably. Continuing to struggle, I managed to escaped from underneath his body. Scrambling back on the mattress, I pulled a fur around me tightly to cover my bare body. Looking at the man across from me, he must have composed himself at some point. His hand was outreached in my direction beckoning me back to him, an unwavering set of brown eyes burrowing into my own.

I shook my head instantly from side to side pulling the material tighter around me still, not daring to go an inch closer to the man. His eyes were clear and intense and he watched me with desire as his nostrils slightly flared, he wanted me and not emotionally. He physically wanted my body, the thought warmed, yet disgusted me at the same time. This man had just hurt me, the pain was searing hot as it burnt at my skin. Mustering as much courage as I had left I almost yelled, “what did you do to me?”

Without missing a beat, he responded bluntly, “I healed you, I will always heal you little one.” Scrunching my eyebrows I knew he was lying, that wasn’t possible. Plus it had hurt, there must be even more damage there then was before. It was so painful that my eyes had no doubt reddened as I reached my pain tolerance threshold. Stretching a hand behind my back, I moved it around only finding silky smooth skin. No imperfections or wounds to note, no pain. Dumbfounded I once again had to remind myself this was a dream and anything was possible in a dream.

Forcing myself, I managed to get out, “thank you.” Crawling across the bed towards me I held my hand up, “Stop!” My heart thundered in my chest as he grew closer with each passing second, clearly with no intention of stopping after having ignored my words. “Clothes, I need clothes.” Nothing, he didn’t react at all, my panic was rising, “Please don’t do this.” I begged which still didn’t seem to appease him. He grew closer still. Leaning further back he hovered over the top of me, as I all but screeched, “Get back!”

“I like it too well where you are though, I want to mate with you.” Clutching, I was clutching at straws in my mind. My body was reacting, but I didn’t want this, I couldn’t want this. He was a stranger, I had no trust with him, I.. wait remembering past conversations he had Charlotte, Charlotte was important.. I think.

“Charlotte”, I almost shouted, “what about Charlotte?”

His eyes darkened as his body dropped on top of my own holding me down to the bed with his weight, the fur blanket still covering my body. “What about her?” His tone seemed uncaring. His hand dropped, firmly taking place on top of the blanket holding my hip, his fingers rubbing the area gently.

“This.. this is cheating, how could you treat her this way after saying she was yours.” His eyes slightly narrowed as he continued to watch me with a confused expression. “I heard you the other day, you said she was to be yours. I heard you.”

His features remained calm and unchanging. Bluntly and without hesitation he stated, “you will be mine little one. I want no other, we will mate.”

“Times up.” I rushed out as the tingles started to engulf my body from head to toe. Relief washed through me as I couldn’t refrain from a slight smile taking hold. Saved by the bell. His eyes widened as his hands clutched at my body that would soon disappear. It was almost as though he thought holding me tightly underneath him would keep me here.

My heart beating wildly as his lips grew closer and closer, “don’t leave.” His voice seemed almost desperate, his lips dipping lower as they brushed against my own, then he was gone.

Once again, I was pulled back to reality. I stared at my white ceiling panting harshly, as my heart still raced in my chest. Jumping up from the bed as naked as I had been when I went to sleep, I ran to the bathroom. Turning around looking over my shoulder, I exhaled loudly realizing there were no injuries on my back. Good, this was all I needed, a decent sleep and everything would go back to normal. Hopefully no more weird dreams, I could get back into a routine. Maybe start seeing Dr Jacquie again for a few sessions, just to make sure.

Stepping into the shower was the best feeling in the world, but standing there I couldn’t shake the memory of the pain the last time the water flowed over my back. It was just a memory, but the feelings it sent through my body caused me to shudder unintentionally. Pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind I finished my shower just trying to enjoy the feeling of the water. I kept finding my fingers on my lips, placed there unconsciously remembering the man that haunted those weird dreams. There just weren’t men like that in the world, he couldn’t be real.

Heading back into the bedroom with my resolution to emotionally get healthier, I froze. The towel I have wrapped around me dropped to the floor as I looked at my bed, fear taking root. Blood smeared the upper sheets, but that didn’t make sense my back was not injured, I checked. My dream coming back to me I remembered his words, even though I didn’t believe them. ‘I healed you’. So this blood was from last time I came back. No, no, no, this wasn’t happening, that was not real. There was no last time.

Breathing heavily, I walked to the bed ripping the sheets off running to the laundry throwing them in the wash. Starting the cycle I leant my back against the wall, this never happened, he wasn’t real. He wasn’t real, he didn’t want me, nobody did except in my imagination and I would prove it. This was insanity.

Hours later the sky was pitch black and I had just finished setting up my masterpiece. My heart was thumping away in my chest in anticipation for tonight. This would confirm my hallucinations or.. well there was no other option. Walking to the tripod holding my video camera, I pressed the record button. Exhaling a deep breath, I walked to my bed slipping in between the new silky sheets. Taking longer then normal, I finally started to drift asleep watching the red light of the camera silently blinking at me. Taunting me with what was to come.

Up to Chapter 6 currently available on Patreon Also gain access to early chapters of this book and my others each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

If you like this story check out my others on my profile :) Enjoy your reading!!

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