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Chapter 38 – Saying what?

A warmth surrounding me, I could not help but stretch out my arms contentedly rolling around in the softness of the bed. Retracing my thoughts, a slight panic set in as I sat upright forcing my sleepy eyes widen. A fire crackling, I looked around wildly trying to adjust to the darkness. I had been here, I knew this place. Hitting at the sheets around me, I stood to wobbly feet as my knees showed weakness with each step. There was nobody here, I was alone, alone in Tantore’s cave. I knew it well even in the darkness. “Tantore… Kiba…” I had been here so many times, the last time was when I was pulled away. The thought of that time, that memory, it awakened my anxiety as I felt breaths sucked into my lungs rapidly.

My hands moving to my body, I could feel that I had been clothed. Calling out a few more times a bit louder I still heard nothing in response. Kiba and Tantore, they were not here. Stepping down from the mattress of furs, I ran towards the entrance of the cave. I needed them, I needed them now. My mind running through thoughts that were hopefully impossible, I could not help but wonder if I had been abandoned. My mind triggering I almost laughed at myself, abandoned… in Tantore’s cave… in Tantore’s bed.

As stupid as it sounded, I could not stop the fear as I moved faster stumbling against the rocky floor. Pains piercing into my feet it did not slow me down. I still could not stop think or understand why they would both leave me in here on my own. They never let me go anywhere on my own, I was so used to at least one of them touching me at all times. Light appearing around the bend of the cave, I pushed myself harder and faster.

Light blinding my eyes, I staggered forward slowing as I raised my hands to my eyes as they squinted shut in reaction. Falling into something warm, an unfamiliar scent drifted to my nose as I tried to back up. A hand holding me upright, I would have bounced backward onto the floor. “Touching other females!” A shriek ripped through the space making me move my hands from my eyes to my ears at the horrific sound. Slowly gaining my sight back, I opened my eyes wider looking up to see a hulking man before me. He was well sexy as any other man in this place.

My heart beating rapidly, “sorry, I’m so sorry.” My voice dropping as I backed up a few more steps pulling from his gentle hold searing my skin with guilt. His gaze wondering over my body, I almost felt like he was undressing me with his eyes until his head lowered to more of a bow.

His head slightly lifting, “it is my fault beautiful female. You may touch me whenever and wherever you like.” Freezing under his words, a chill ran through me at the blunt statement. The discomfort in my chest continuing, an irritated gasp sounded from not far away. Looking to the side, I saw a female with two males by her side and a few more trailing behind her. Her eyes latched to the attractive male in front of me, I was dumbfounded at her clear attitude. Turning her gaze on me, it almost threw me, how disgusted she appeared at my standing here.

A clear anger burning in her eyes, I had no idea what I had walked into. Her squawky voice sounding off, “I saw him first, he is mine.” Not wanting the male or any communication with this girl, I stepped back yet again.

All eyes on me, I watched as they raised above my head watching behind me. Everyone suddenly moving a few steps back, I was relieved wanting to take one of my own steps back. Just to build that distance from the danger and misunderstanding of this conversation. Heated hands banding around my shoulders and down my chest, it was only then that I realized my hands were clearly against my markings. A body moving hard up against my back, I could smell Kiba’s scent surrounding me as Tantore suddenly appeared in front of me at a distance closing the space between us momentarily.

Relief washing over me once more, I felt my body relax in the safety of Kiba grip and Tantore’s eye. Though I hope they did not get the wrong idea. I wanted no part of the male standing in front of me. A kiss pecking on my cheek softly Kiba released some of the strength in the hold, “sorry we were not there when you awoke Beauty. You must have been frightened.”

The girl to the side making an odd noise, I looked over to see a clear longing in the chubby girls eyes as she stared at both Kiba and Tantore. I had the sudden urge to hide them, hide them far away from her possessive gaze. I almost felt sorry from the other man she had set her sights on. I had hardly spoken to her, yet her attitude already scared me. The male I had bumped into eyes still on the floor with his head bowed, I almost wanted to tell him to run while he could. His voice finally sounding again, his eye finally moved back to my face. “Will you take me as your own female? You can touch me some more to find out if you like me?” My eyes widening, I recoiled back into Kiba’s body so hard I honestly thought I would push him over.

Two growls surfacing from Tantore and Kiba, the male’s eyes before us snapped upward meeting their own. “But she is from the other world, everyone is saying…” Tantore taking an abrupt step toward him, not a sound or a word was spoken. Yet somehow, the young man almost toppled to the floor struggling to stand. Tantore jutting forward once more, this time he grabbed the male by the neck throwing him in the opposite direction from us.

Turning back around and walking to my side, Tantore’s hand reached for my face. Gently running a few fingers down my cheek. “I have been worried about you little one.”

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