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Chapter 39 - LOVE

My teeth chattering, I could not help but look around Tantore at the man he threw in the other direction with force. What he said made me uncomfortable sure, but being thrown around like that. Well it was not right, no matter what world it was in. Feeling Kiba’s arms slightly loosening as I pulled, I moved a step forward still looking at the man. “Are you okay?”

As if embarrassed, the male bowed his head once more remaining silent as Tantore turned his gaze on him once more. The man backing away slowly, Tantore stepped in front of me, his eyes agonised as he met my own. His voice shallow and barely audible. “Are you looking for more males Paige? I thought we were enough?” My heart clenching with surprise, I stepped backward crashing into Kiba’s chest as the question flooded my mind repeating itself over and over. Feeling my eyes open wide, I could not answer only shaking my head in response. I almost felt like crawling into a ball, is that honestly what he thought of me? That I would just go around looking for boyfriends, add them to a collection. This made sense to a point from what I had learnt from Charlotte, but surely, surely he could not think that of me.

Kiba at my back, his rough hands fell to a resting position on my hips. I felt a wave of confidence with his presence, though oddly enough I could feel a shakiness to his hold. My voice but a whisper, it remained steady. “Is that what you think of me? That I go around looking for men to bite me?” Raising my hand to look at his mark, I could feel a slight burn beneath the skin. Like it knew we were having a disagreement of sorts.

Kiba taking a deep breath, he moved closer still surrounding me. Keeping a low voice as well to math our own. “It is not a bite Paige… it is a mark.”

Tantore’s hand reaching out to take my hand, I could not help but pull it away feeling accused. Dropping his hands back to his sides, they fisted as a few of his knuckles cracked in response as he spoke. “Those marks mean we belong to you, that no other will or can be with or take us. That we dedicated ourselves and pledge our lives to you.”

The guilt soaring once more, I was not going to be silenced with this. There was no need for violence, not against anyone, especially not because something as silly and trivial as jealousy. “Tantore, I don’t want anyone else. That does not mean I like to see people hurt though. It is not right to treat people that way, to hurt someone. Where I come from, girls and boys can speak and not be together like that. An where I come from, it is a crime to hurt another person. I don’t like it, and it has nothing to do with us or bonds, or anything.”

A scoff sounding, the stubby female’s eyes drifted to my own. For the first time in my life, I felt the courage to say something. Her attitude sucked with a capital S, and she treated from what I could see people like objects. The males at her sides and behind following her like she was some sort of mafia boss or something. Like they were purely there to protect her. Between that and the way she had eyed Tantore and Kiba, my insides were flaring, urging me to speak up. Tantore and Kiba were oddly silent, I could see the darkness in their eyes as I flickered my gaze to theirs for the briefest of moments. “They can’t do or say anything against me Earth female.” Her voice scratchy, she looked more amused by the second. “I am a female, they can’t do anything to me. And they may be strong, but I have more males and therefore more power than you.”

Tantore speaking quite calm and clearly, “would you like to test that Tilly?” Her mouth suddenly closing, she looked around at her males before eying Kiba and Tantore who appeared to be growing by the second as they stood tall. Reaching back for Kiba, his hands softly squeezed at my hips before he exhaled into my neck placing a tiny almost kiss as his lips brushed my neck.

“Paige has made it clear that she does not like fighting Tantore. Are you dishonouring our female?” A stiffness in Tantore’s movements, he actually to my surprise backed up next to us. Clearly annoyed, I could hear a rumble in his body obviously not liking being told what to do.

The female watching me with a renewed sense of interest and mocking. “You own the strongest beast in the Tribe and won’t use him?” Her laughter erupting into a cackle, I honestly disliked her to the point of my insides twisting.

Sucking in a deep breath, my voice rose to a height that even surprised myself. “I don’t own anyone!” The laughter ceasing immediately, she looked over to Tantore and Kiba who suddenly for the first time since I had met them were quite out of sorts. Looking to me with almost fear in their eyes, it was actually painful to return their gaze.

Kiba’s voice sounding lowly, “we do not belong to… you?”

Gripping his arm with as much strength as I could muster. “No, I don’t own you. I thought we were together, I thought you were both staying with me because…” My heart throbbing, I just needed to say it. They had stolen my heart and my body, they could take any and all of me and I would submit willingly. Anything they wanted, as long as they did not leave me alone. “Well because you love me… like I love you.” Audibly everything and everyone walking around us stopped. All eyes focused on me, you could have heard a pin drop.

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