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Chapter 4 - Run!

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Opening my eyes, I knew exactly where I was. The walls were the same, the smell was the same, everything was unchanged. Looking around, I knew this could no longer be a coincidence or a dream. Thinking I was alone, I waited in silence trying to give my eyes time to adjust in the darkness while attempting to not freak out. That man was not here, nobody was here, silence blanketed the cave. There was no way I was going to fall asleep this time, and there was no way I was going near that bed again. Last times situation was dangerous, too dangerous. I felt things I didn’t think were possible, things that I thought I would never want or crave, especially from another person.

Having gone to bed in another silk nighty, at least this time I was clothed. Looking around with better adjusted eyes, I started to explore the cave. That is when I heard it, a voice from deep in the cave where I knew the bed was, so I was conveniently avoiding it. Getting a smidge closer I strained my ears trying to listen to the conversation.

“Where do you think Tantore hid the girl? why are we even here if she is not?” A growl, like an actual growl echoed through the cave. An animal, there had to be one of those huge beasts in here. Panic set in with a force as butterflies flew through my stomach. Fear guiding my actions. Run! Just run! my mind yelled at my frozen body.

Kicking into gear, I turned sprinting in the opposite direction to the voice and growl. I needed to get out of here, I needed to get out of here quickly, or I hated the thought, but I had to find that man. Surely he would keep me safe, at least until he took what he wanted from me. Which at this point seemed like my body. “Stop!” A deep masculine voice from behind me sounded sending my heart into a frenzy as I pushed myself faster. Footsteps echoed off the cave walls, they were gaining on me, getting closer and closer. I could see light flooding into the cave ahead of me. The voice yelled out from behind me again commandingly, “don’t go out there.” Ignoring the voice, I kept running as rocks embedded in and shredded my feet, the fear and urgency numbing the pain propelling me forward.

Making it through the threshold, I stopped just outside the cave hitting something. Light blinded me as I rubbed at my eyes trying to recover as I stumbled backwards. Thick muscular arms gripped me from behind. A scream filled the air before I realized it was my own. I kicked my legs only hitting air as I kept screaming, “LET ME GO.” A man held me tightly as I forced my watery eyes from light exposure open. Beyond panicked, I had no idea what to do.

Looking around wildly met the gaze of a grey wolf which stood before me with an unreadable demeaner. I searched the small crown of people who had now all stopped what they were doing to watch the scene unfold. None seemed bothered or even phased by the wolf of other beasts littering the area. Many people, well men they were all men, looked at me with surprise, as some took steps towards me and the man who still held my body captive against his own. Unlike the man who I usually bumped into, this man provoked no feeling or emotions other than fear inside me.

The man still holding me, completely ignored my words dropping his face to my neck sucking in a deep breath. Cringing away from his movements, a whimper left my lips as I tried to squirm free of his hold with no success. Nuzzling at my neck, the man behind me seemed to purr with contentment showing no signs of releasing me. The wolf only a few metres away growled towards my captor as a roar tore through the air as footsteps pounded in my direction. The man holding me flinched as a bear beast approached full speed with no signs of slowing, each step he took full of aggression. Fear consumed my body as saliva visibly drooled from his large teeth. Still held in place and unable to find my voice, I squeezed my eyes tightly shut waiting for the collision or pain, whatever came first.

A deep voice boomed through the trees, “PUT HER DOWN!” I knew that voice, my eyes flew open wildly searching for his face which was right in front of me, my heart filled with relief. I saw the man that I somehow always found in this place. He was like a magnet, always there or close by. The bear gone, the wolf gone, my heart slightly settled. Watching the man in of me, he exuded viciousness as he stared down my captor with a deathly glare. The man still holding onto my body stiffened before placing me carefully on the floor, untangling his arms from my body. Unable to control myself, I couldn’t help but launch towards the only safe place I knew.

His voice boomed out again, “DON’T MOVE.” I didn’t care for his words, I didn’t listen. I wasn’t staying somewhere I felt unsafe. Crashing into his body, a growl surfaced in his throat. His body completely surrounded my own, lifting me with ease. His warmth invaded my cold body as I clung to him like a child, willing him to keep me safe. Unable to look at the people around me I hid my face in the crook of his neck. Leaning his head down he spoke gently at the level of a whisper. “Are you okay little female? You are injured again.”

“mm” I murmured, looking down his chest I tried to view my feet. They didn’t feel painful. The damage couldn’t be too severe, it.. oh my god! I almost squealed before returning my face to his neck unwilling to look anywhere else. This man was completely starkers, he was actually walking around in public completely naked. Nobody had even appeared to notice or bat an eyelid at him for it, though I was unwilling to raise my head to check again in case like me people only just noticed.

He seemed to stay in the same spot for a short period of time before he started to move forward. I knew he had entered the cave when the warmth from the sun no longer warmed my skin. Still with me in his arms he continued further into the cave no doubt heading for the bed that I had tried so hard to avoid. My face was still buried in his neck, and at this point there was no chance I was going to release him to show my face.

My body was still shaking, even I didn’t know if it was due to the fear or the cold. Appearing to notice one of his hands started to rub softly at my back in what I thought was reassurance. Whatever it was, it helped, apart from the sparks the touch brought electrifying my body.

Sitting down on the bed with a thud I was straddling his legs, still with a good grip on his neck which I was unwilling to release. This place is scary, that bear was huge, men.. or well at least this one and the one before just seemed to touch me at will. The main issue currently being, what am I supposed to do now that I am straddling a naked mans body. A man that provoked feeling and emotions in me that I didn’t think existed.

“Little one, I’m going to put you down so I can check your feet okay.” His soft tone rang pleasantly in my ears. He had already appeared to have changes in his attitude from the last time we met. The memory resurfaced in my mind, his tone steady and assured as he stated with ease, ‘you will be mine.. we will mate.’

Swallowing audibly, if I was going to be continuously returning here, I needed to build some sort of understanding with this bull of a man. “Paige.” I all but blurted out.

Reaching down, two fingers caught my chin lifting it so our eyes met, “Paige?” He seemed to be questioning me, not understanding the information I was giving.

Pulling my chin from his grip, he allowed it as I turned away slightly dropping my eyes to the furs on the bed, “my name. My name is Paige.”

Up to Chapter 8 currently available on Patreon Also gain access to early chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

If you like this story check out my others on my profile :) Enjoy your reading!!

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