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Chapter 5 - My Bits

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Sneaking a peak at his face, his eyes were soft as a little smile pulled at his lips. “Paige”, my name rolled off his tongue as his hands fell to my hips. With a little force he lifted me off his lap pinning me to the bed while hovering over the top of my body. With his mouth only centimetres from my own, “I am Tantore. I will be your mate.”

Nope I was wrong he hadn’t changed at all. Pinned on the bed I had no hope of escape. Again, he moved his mouth a little closer to my own. Unable to even think, I turned my head to avoid his lips. An audible exhale left him seemingly in disappointment, before he started to move smoothly down my body. Appearing to take every opportunity to gain or prolong contact, his body rubbed against my own as he continued traveling downward.

“Well, Tantore”, I couldn’t help but hesitate. “Can you at least cover your bits.” I could hear the tightness in my voice as my body reacted to his naked state and gentle the friction across my skin. His touch was like a drug, one I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Though now that I had it, I wanted it. I wanted more, but it scared me. How could he claim me to be his, and what exactly was a mate?

“hmm?” Appearing to not understand my meaning, he rose from the bed. Looking down at me blankly, he towered over my position. His thick manhood dangled between his legs, semi hard. God I tried not to look as I attempted to cover my eyes with one hand jerkily pointing at it with my other. Parroting my words he repeated, “my bits?” Following the direction my hand was pointing he looked down at his uncovered manhood. “I don’t want to cover it, I want to use it with you.”

Looking up into his face I could not believe what I had just heard, he was completely shameless. As he moved back towards me, I felt a panic set in as a thin sheen of sweat formed on my forehead. Pausing his movements, “don’t worry Paige, I will be gentle with you when we mate.”

Heartbeat racing, I flew backwards on the bed away from his approaching hands. “Please.. I don’t.” I was not ready to have sex, the only time I had ever gotten close was not by choice. The memories still scaring my mind. Even though all physical signs had been extinguished with time, mentally, it was as if nothing had changed. The fear not long dissipated, fired up in a matter of seconds turning my emotions into turmoil. My eyes locked on his position, I could only hear the thump of my heartbeats in my mind as my chest heaved up and down violently.

Tantore lurched forwards on the mattress jutting out his arms pulling me into his lap. My body stiffened as a squeak of fear escaped my lips. Holding my head firmly to his chest, he gently stroked my hair. His deep husky voice sounded almost apologetic, “calm down Paige, we will not mate now little one.” Under his watch, I shrunk into his warmth clutching at my chest trying to slow my breathing and heart rate. “Does mating with me scare you so badly? I will never hurt you little one.” Laying his lips in my hair his warm breath filtered over my skin.

Minutes past before he once again moved his hand downward gripping my hips. Lifting me carefully he lay me down on the bed next to him. “Paige, I am going to check your feet now.” Closing my eyes, I lay on the bed reaching one arm up to cover my face with my elbow, while my second hand wove into the fur blankets gripping tightly. I didn’t know what to do or say, gosh I know what I felt or wanted from this man. I wanted him close, but surely it was due to him being the only familiar person in this odd place. Surely I didn’t… My thoughts cut of as a cool damp cloth gently dabbed at my feet as a warm hand circled my ankle holding it in place.

Awareness shooting through me, I still could bring myself to sit up, not even look at him. He elicited responses, emotions and feelings I didn’t even know how to deal with or comprehend. All the while he appeared completely unphased, powering forward unafraid to do or say as he pleased. A sudden stinging sensation ripped through my feet as I sucked in a pained breath. Clutching onto the fur tighter a giant hand engulfed my own gently squeezing. A moan of pain left my throat as I stretched my legs straining against the mattress.

After a few minutes, the sharp pains dissipated only leaving behind the pleasurable burn of his saliva on my skin. His lips maintained contact with my foot, slowly moving up to my ankle. Unable to stay still, I squirmed under his touch as I felt a throbbing beat intermittently between my legs. A husky chuckle sounded as Tantore continued his assault tracing his hand up my inner thigh. “I can smell your arousal Paige, I want to taste you.”

A gasp escaped my mouth as I sat up tyring to yet again scramble backwards. His arms caught my body before I could move, pulling me back into his lap against his body. His thick muscles tightened around me. It felt so good. All I wanted to do was move closer, melt into the warmth of his body, but I couldn’t, I needed to keep my guard up. This man was quicksand, a pit that would swallow me whole if I let it. “I… I won’t be here much longer, I think my time is nearly up.” Wanting to distract him for as long as possible before he started something I didn’t have the will to stop. “Thank… thank you for helping me earlier.” Raising my eyes and slightly turning my neck, I met his gaze which was piercing through me, “I was … afraid.”

Up to Chapter 11 currently available on Patreon Also gain access to early chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

If you like this story check out my others on my profile :) Enjoy your reading!!

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