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Chapter 6 - Lights, Camera, Fail

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“Don’t leave. I will stop… just don’t leave, not yet.” His voice was a light mumble as he loosened his grip considerably. It was like he was submitting, like he thought I was threatening him that I would leave. That was not the case, it was never the case. I had no… well at least as far as I know I didn’t have any control leaving here. The only thing I could control is when I came back, but techniquely I had to sleep as some point, so really I could not choose to not come back... could I?

Pulled from my thoughts his fingers trailed down the side of my face cupping my cheek. Looking into his eyes I could see the gentleness and sincerity as he slowly lowered his face to my own. Our lips met softly once, twice, having not pushed him away, his lips descended cautiously on mine for a third time. Taking a little more from me, he nipped at my lip asking permission to take thing further. I couldn’t give him more, but I couldn’t stop either, he set my body on fire.

The tingles growing in intensity, I knew my time was up. Pulling back, I dropped my head to his chest, his hands still gripping my waist lightly rubbing my hips with his thumbs. God the tingles across me grew stronger, the ones between my legs almost causing me to moan out. “I’m sorry, my time is up.” Honestly, I had no idea how much time I had left, my body was shaking from his mere presence, his touch just causing an overwhelming sensation.

His grip strengthened around me in response. Reaching a hand down he lifted my chin before placing a soft peck to my forehead. “I’ll wait for you. Promise me you will come back.” Brown eyes engulfed my own seeking an answer. Even if I wanted to… I couldn’t promise that, I didn’t even know how I started coming here in the first place. What if I never returned, what if I woke up and could never come back.

Not wanting to see disappointment in those eyes, I gave him the only response I could. “I’ll try.” Wait what, what was I saying. I didn’t want to come back… did I? What about my home, my business, my safety that I created with my own two hands. How could I just leave that all behind!

It was cold, I was cold. Shivering I dared not open my eyes knowing I was back in my bedroom. I was no longer in the warm embrace of Tantore. I hated to admit it, but I loved the feeling of his arms around me. The warmth and security he provided me. Pulling my blanket tightly around my body, I groaned the need between my legs still apparent as the tingling continued painfully. Clenching hard, I did the only thing I could think of. Pushing a hand between my legs I rubbed the front of my panties. Biting my lip, I continued rubbing as I felt a throbbing start to thrum through my lower body.

Feeling moisture soak through my panties covering my fingers, I quicken my pace rubbing back and forth over my clit. The pressure building higher than ever, I imagined it being Tantore touching me, the man was utterly menacing, a total heart throb. Just the thought of him touching me, his muscular arms holding me, some taunting sentence like last time, ‘I can smell your arousal Paige.’ Sucking in a deep breath a moan escaped my lips and my ass push downward into the mattress. My legs stretched out tensing harshly against the sheets. The second it hit, I felt my eyes roll inward as my legs clamped shut around my hand squeezing it painfully.

Good, it felt so good. Eventually though I had to get back to reality, opening my eyes I relaxed against the mattress. Realizing in that moment that I wish it had been Tantore’s hand between my legs. Wishing I was still there in that cave, watching his eyes intensify at my explosion as he plotted his next assault. God, I should have let him take me, what was the worst thing that could happen. Sexually I wanted more, I had never wanted it before, but now all I could think of was… more. I couldn’t get enough, I wanted him… even if he threw me away after. I wanted him to taste me like he said he wanted too, I wanted him to plunge deep inside my body taking more then I had to give. Giving me more then I could handle, I wanted him to destroy me.

Lost in my thoughts I mindlessly looked around the room. Suddenly coming to my sense in a heartbeat my eyes caught on a red light. OH NO, did I really just film myself masturbating. Turning bright red, I almost fell out the bed trying to scramble for the camera. All but ripping it from the tripod I stopped the recording. I would definitely need to delete this video when I was finished with it.

As uneasiness crept into my heart. I was sure, I thought the cave and Tantore were real… they had to be real. But what if I watched the recording back, and I was in my bed the whole night. A sense of anxiety fluttered through my chest, it just had to be real. He had to be real, surely this was not a dream.

Taking in a shaky breath, I pressed play on the video. I watched myself laying in my bed watching the camera, my stomach jumped remembering last night. Last night when I thought that this could be a hallucination or just a dream of some sort. Suddenly the screen turned black, I could see anything. Before I had a chance to fiddle with the buttons, the screen lit up again. It was morning and I was just about to, “STOP.” I actually shouted the word trying to press the stop button.

Just to make sure I re-watched the video four times, each showing the same sequence of events. Somehow the video recording was stopping when I fell asleep, and it restarted in the morning. Not having any evidence either way caused my body to relax a little. Sitting back down on the bed, I flopped back against the mattress, I was wrecked. I had never been so tired in my life, I think I woke up more tired than when I went to sleep.

Closing my eyes for a quick rest I replayed his words, ‘I’ll wait for you. Promise me you will come back.’

Up to Chapter 12 currently available on Patreon Also gain access to early chapters of this book and my other each week as well as weekly erotic one shots.

If you like this story check out my others on my profile :) Enjoy your reading!!

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