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Chapter 8 - I am back

I closed my eyes the second my head hit my pillow. Though going to sleep took longer than expected. I was so worked up, I had not stressed so much in a long time. What if he hurt me? What if I could not get back to that world? Back to him, what if… what if… My mind was plagued. Until I slipped into the darkness of sleep Tantore’s image filled my mind.

I felt his arms around me, his mouth pressing light kisses to my exposed neck, I even felt his warmth. I felt him surrounding me, god it felt so good, it felt so real. Goose bumps broke out across my skin, the physical reaction causing me to open my eyes when it was all just a little too overwhelming.

“Good morning Paige.” Looking into Tantore’s eyes, I could not help but stiffen under his intense gaze. I could not even remember falling asleep, I could not even remember entering this world. Looking around wildly, I realized I was yet again in Tantore’s bed. I had not imagined his arms around me. They were around me… now tightening, restricting my movement as he pulled me closer. “You came back to me Paige.” A smile broke across his angelic face as he dropped his head into my neck, his nose skimming the skin before placing a teasing kiss behind my ear.

“Wait.” My breath caught in my throat as he ignored me, getting even close then before. Rubbing his body up against my own like he needed the contact to survive was Earth shatteringly good. “Please stop Tantore… I...” I had to talk to him, to ask, no matter what the answer, I would fall at his feet, but… I wanted to know, needed to know.

“I will not stop Paige, I want you. I want to mark you… I want you to stay here with me.” With an utterly commanding, panty dropping tone, “you are mine.” I did not even know how to respond to that, I was his… but for how long. My body had already begun to respond, as my core clenched… my body squirming under his tone and touch… daring me to challenge him. Then he said something I did not expect. “Tell me you will be mine… mine forever.”

Heat tore though my body, did he just say forever. Before I could even stop myself, I whispered, “forever is a long time Tantore.” His eye brightening with my words he sat me up, placing me in his lap. His hands wondering over my hips and waist as his mouth once again found my neck.

In a low voice he mumbled against my neck, “so you’ll stay here… with me?”

I was so turned on, my nipples pearled, my neck stiffened as electricity short through me where his lips gently grazed my skin. He was quicksand, taking in a deep breath I could feel the change in his body matching my own. I could feel his cock press into my ass, continually getting harder as he greedily sucked down on my neck. “I don’t know how?” I forced the words out painfully. I didn’t want to leave.

Swept up in his touch I did not even notice when someone spoke, a deep growl, like actual animalistic growl or well roar left Tantore. Wrapping me in a fur from the bed he placed me on the mattress as he stood moving toward the intruder. The poor man stuttered helplessly, “b..b..bu..t g..g…great leader, they have taken Charlotte and her cubs from the...”

I felt a streak of hurt cut through me, he had said she was nothing to him, that she was not his. Yet now he was getting up from what we were doing to talk to this man about her. I had never been this intimate with anyone in my entire life and he was just going to get up and walk away. My teeth bit into the inside of my lip as I tried to stop it from trembling, was he going to leave me. Was he going to pick her over me, I didn’t know how much longer I would be here, or if I could even stay but he was going to leave me here alone in his bed. My mind was running wild with thoughts and emotions I have never experienced in my entire life. All I knew now was that I wanted to stay, and that I wanted Tantore, I didn’t want to be alone… isolated anymore.

Reaching my arm out, my hand caught on the fur covering his lower body. Halting his actions immediately. I did not know what came next, I did not want to say anything, but I needed to start showing and taking the things that I wanted. I almost could not even recognise my own voice, it was so fragile, so needy and emotional. “Tantore.. please don’t leave me.” Raising my head so I could look into his face, his eyes met mine the instant he turned back around, I waited for the pain, the rejection.

Softening, Tantore returned to my side lifting me with ease to his chest, before leaning down to my ear. “Forever, remember Paige. I’ll never leave you now, you are mine.”

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