The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 9

Zach’s POV

“Yeah, Chase must be waiting for me.” Miss Brown said and left the room rather quickly.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat which brought back my parent’s attention towards me.

I was about to say something when mom interrupted me,” before you say anything, please hear me out,” I nodded my head for her to continue.

“I know you forgive us and you do understand our situation for hiring Anna and I also know that you will let her go after the contract will over. But Zach couldn’t you just let her work here.”

“Mom you know I can’t trust anyone with Chase and we are here to look after him,” I was not ready to have a stranger living with us and being with my son all the time, after losing Maria I can’t risk losing anyone.

“I can understand your concern Zach but Anna is not some random girl we picked from the street, she is well educated, and the best employee from a reputed Nanny service company. We have spent almost two months with her, she is caring, honest, and loyal person.” I was about to cut her again when she held her hand to stop me.

“Zach, we love Chase and we are always there for him and you, but with us growing old, we don’t think we can keep up with Chase’s enthusiastic day to day activities. He needs someone who can play with him apart from his friends, who can take care of him, his needs when you are not around with him. You are the owner of the most powerful construction company in the US and now with this new branch in London, you will be going to be busier than before, so, your dad and I suggest you, to think about keeping Anna and most importantly Chase loves her, he will be very upset if she leaves him. He is still very small to cope up with all the changes that happen in his life so far, first Maria and Now Anna. Later Chase will grow up and maybe then it will be easy to explain to him but not now, he is not prepared for it. We told you What we thought maybe best for Chase, now it’s up to you to decide. ” After telling me their thoughts they left the office room.

I was blank for a moment, I never realized that my parents have their own life to live, they can’t just leave everything for our sake, I can’t be this selfish moreover they are getting old. After lots of thinking, I conclude that I can give it a try to this nanny thing.

I got up from my chair and left my office to talk with Miss Brown, When I reached to Chase’s bedroom door I saw Chase and Miss Brown hugging each other tightly, I never saw Chase this relieved before and that view in front of me gave me a strange feeling inside my heart.

I clear my throat to grab their attention.

“Daddy!“, Chase ran to me and hugged my leg. ” I paint Anna, come I will show you.” he dragged me inside to show the painting.

“It’s nice buddy, I can see Miss Brown clearly in it, and you should show this to grandma and grandpa”. After hearing me, he excitedly ran to the living room leaving us both alone.

“I have to talk to you about something.” I asked her and she nodded her head for me to continue.“I want you to continue your job as the nanny, Chase likes you and I don’t want to upset him so, Will you continue it?” I said with hope in my voice.

“I’m more than happy to be here Mr. Knight,” she said with a huge smile lingering on her face. Her smile was beautiful, Did I just said that?, I shook my thought.

“I will call your boss to make a new contract, and we’ll discuss other things later. I should take my leave now.” I said and left the room.

I came back to my office, open Miss Brown’s file to check the contact details, Caroline Jones, owner of The Nanny Diaries. I pick my phone and call her directly.

“Hello, Caroline Jones here,” She answered with a professional tone.

“Hello, Mrs. Jones, this is Zach Knight, I have to talk to you about Miss Anna Brown.

“Mr. Knight, my pleasure, I was not accepting your call, Is everything okay? I am sure Anna is doing her job well.”

“Yes, Mrs. Jones, Miss Brown is doing good, actually I would like to extend our contract so, for that I would like you to send me the new contract by tomorrow,” I said

“Oh, we are glad to know you are liking our services, and don’t you worry, I will make a new contract and send you by tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Jones, nice talking to you,” I said before hanging up.

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Knight.” She said.

With the opening of the new branch and all, I am slightly backward with my work in New York. I opened my laptop and check my emails forwarded by my assistant. Thank god I have a great set of employees, who work with passion, they have handled the work very well in my absence.

I was working when my eyes landed on the frame on my table, it has our wedding picture. Maria was looking so beautiful that day. I missed Maria so much and I can’t even imagine, What Chase must be feeling? He will not able to feel the warmth of a mother ever. When I saw him today with Miss. Brown hugging tightly, I can’t help but feel sad for him, No matter how much I love him, he will always miss a motherly love in his life and I may be a billionaire but I can’t afford that love for him. That guilt just crush me to death.

Mom and Dad always tell me to move on even for the sake of Chase but I know that a stepmother is not what Chase needs. All the women are after my money and I don’t think they will love Chase like their own. So, I always drop that thought.

Thank god tomorrow is the weekend, I will take Chase and spend some quality time with him, maybe a picnic or something. Let’s see, How’s the weather will be like.

Anna Brown, She seems nice so far, whenever I look into her eyes I feel strange, maybe its because I haven’t interacted with any woman after Maria’s death apart from my employees. I hope she will serve her purpose and take good care of Chase. I can’t tolerate any negligence when it comes to my son.


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