The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 10

Anna’s POV

Never in my life, I had thought, I’ll be this happy and relieved. I don’t have to leave Chase right away. At least Mr. Knight is not so heartless when it comes to his son. I have to tell Sophia and William about me staying further. I hurriedly left Chase’s room to meet them. I knock on Sophia’s bedroom door and got inside when she asked me to come in.

“Anna, Do you need anything?” She was half laying on her bed with a small book on her hands.

“No, Actually I’m here to inform you that, Mr. Knight has decided to extend my stay, he told me to continue my work,” I said with a bright smile on my face.

“Oh my god, That’s great Anna, I’m so glad he did it. So, How long will you work with us?” She asked.

“Me too. Well, the limited period is one year. You can renew it every year if satisfied with the services. My contract will be for one year for now and if anything happens within this one-year duration then, we will take necessary action according to our contract.”

“I see. I am so happy you will be here for Chase, Willaim and I had decided to move back to our home next weekend so, I was worried about him, William will be happy about your stay.” She said with hopeful eyes.

“I didn’t know you guys were leaving, Oh, I’ll miss you,” I said and sit beside her for a hug. She is like a mother to me, I’ll miss her company.

“We’ll miss you too Anna.”

“I’ll go and bring Chase back from the kitchen, he was showing Martha my painting, he will not let her cook dinner peacefully.” I kiss her cheek and left her room.


Dinner went fine with Chase’s laughing and us nodding our head with is very sentence. I called Caroline after I left Sophia’s room, She told me about her conversation with Mr. Knight and she will courier the contract first thing in the morning. I called my mom and told her about the new changes, I know she was not happy about it, It’s been ages that I had visited them and soon there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and just like before I am busy this year. I didn’t give her any false hope but I hope to visit her at least for Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is the weekend and I have to go back to my apartment to collect some more clothes and other things. It was already 10 clock so, I decided to fall asleep.


“Good morning, little monkey,” I tickle Chase cute tummy and earned little giggles from him.

“Good morning Anna,” I picked him up and took him inside his bathroom for a bath.

After changing 4 different outfits he decided to choose the one I suggested at first. I tell you he can be a devil sometimes, I thought while chuckling.

We entered the dining area, Chase ran to Sophia and William to kiss them good morning and took his baby chair.

“Good morning, Sophia, William.”

“Good morning, Anna,” they said in unison. I took my seat opposite Chase.

Mr. Knight descended the stairs and walked to the dining area. He wished everybody good morning and we all begin to eat our breakfast.

“John!, Mr. Knight call John, who was standing beside the dining table.


“Tell Martha, to prepare a picnic basket for Chase and me. Make sure to put the food he loves.” John nodded his head and went inside the kitchen.

“Picnic!!!” Chase shouted and did a happy dance even sitting on his chair.

“Yes, buddy. We are going for a picnic.” Mr. Knight said ruffling Chase’s hair.

“Anna, We going to picnic? we play football.” Mr. Knight got alert and look me in the eye. He is not happy with Chase inviting me to the picnic. I can understand, he must be wanted to spend some time with his son alone.

“Chase, its’s The Picnic, and I have some work to finish so, I can’t come with you guys. sorry.” I said with a sad smile and Chase’s face dropped a bit with a cute little pout. Oh I so, know the little devil pout, that could make anything happened.

“But, we can go to this amusement park next weekend. What say?” I asked excitedly.


“Of course, now, you be a good boy and wait for me in your room, I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” I said and Chase went inside his bedroom after finishing his breakfast.

William took off to his office and Sophia went to her room, she has started to slowly pack her things with the help of Nora and Sally (the maids). Mr. Knight was about to leave the dining area when I stopped him.

“Mr. Knight,” He stopped and turned to face me.” I am visiting my apartment to collect my things, and after signing the contract I’ll give one copy to Caroline and you will have the other one.”

“I will call Mike to drive you to your apartment and he will help you with the packing.” He said and pulled out his phone to call Mike.

“It’s Okay Mr. Knight, that won’t be necessary. I don’t have much stuff to pack anyway, please don’t bother.” I said.

We were headed to our way when John’s voice stopped us. He was carrying some documents.

“Sir, This document just got delivered from The Nanny Diaries,” John informed us.

Mr. Knight took the file from John and asked me to follow him to his office room. We enter the room, he sat on his chair and I took a seat opposite him. This is the second time we are alone, I usually don’t feel intimidated but with him, I don’t know why I feel this strange. Is it his looks? Well, he is certainly the most good looking guy I have ever seen. But that’s not the only thing, the way he looks, talks, and carry himself, it’s attractive. I think being single for a long time takes its toll on you.

He gave me a copy and we begin to read it. Well only he read it, I have signed these contracts so many times, I can narrate it without looking. But I still looked in case Caroline changed any clause.

It was almost the same except the service charge, it was quite more than we usually charge, Well, it’s the first that we are servicing a billionaire. The four-page contract reading session was so boring and I started to play with the tip of the file, looked here and there. Mr. Knight was giving his full concentration to every page.

I noticed Mr. Knight was wearing his reading glasses, I must say he was looking very good in that. I shook my thoughts far away. Anna, what is wrong with you? I scolded myself, like my mom used to when I secretly steal all the candies for Halloween.

“Miss. Brown?”

“Huh?” Shit, I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice Mr. Knight calling my name. He was giving me an amused look.

“I’m sorry Mr. Knight, you were saying?” I asked again with an embarrassed face, my face must be red by now.

“It’s okay, I was saying, the contract is favorable to me, you are here for one year and after that, we will act according to the circumstances. You will have a day off on Saturday, Is there any changes you want to add or something?”

“That won’t be necessary, most of the clauses and policies are the same with every client. If everything is fine with the contract we can sign it then.” I told him and pick a pen from his table and signed the contract. I took my leave and closed his office room door behind me, I walked to my room and but the file in my bag, It’s already 10 in the morning, I have to hurry up.

I took my car keys and closed the bedroom door, I went to Chase’s bedroom, he was playing with his new car, his Dad bought him.

“Hey, baby,” I called and sit beside him.

“Anna, look his is my new car.” He shows me his car, moving it on the floor.

“Oh my god, It’s nicer than mine.” I fake a pout and he laughs.

“I am going for my work so, you be a good boy and enjoy your picnic with daddy okay, sweety,” I said picking him on my lap.

“Okay, come soon, I love you.“He said with a smile.

“I’ll come soon, and I love you more.” I shower kisses on his face and he laughed his heart out.

I left the penthouse and entered the elevator, pressed the parking button. After some time I was in front of my car, I opened its door and start the engine.

My sweet little apartment here I come.


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