The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 11

Anna’s POV

Wow! I didn’t realize, how much I missed my apartment until I came back. Caroline has hired a cleaner to maintain my place once a week so, it is neat and fresh. I put my purse and keys on the coffee table and inter my bedroom to collect my things.

I walked to my small closet and pulled some jeans, shorts, summer dress, tops, and some cocktail dress just in case. I select some footwear to go with the selected clothes but I need to do some shopping that’s for sure. After collecting and putting all the things on the bed, I carefully put them inside the bag.

I locked the door behind me and said my goodbye to the apartment. I took the elevator and pressed the button to the parking lot. The door to the elevator opened, and I quickly got out. Putting the bags in the trunk, I opened the driver side door and sat inside. I made my way to my office so; I can give the file to Caroline. It’s almost lunchtime so, we decided to have lunch together.

I pulled my car in front of my office building, picking my purse and the file I went inside. I greeted Jenny our receptionist and she came forward to hug me, “Oh, I missed you, Anna,” she is a sweetheart.

“Oh! I missed you too.” We broke our hug and was about to talk when her phone rings and she excused herself and I continue my way to Caroline’s office.

I knock on her door and she opened her door surprising me and pulled me for a big and warm hug. “Anna, I was waiting for you so badly.”

“Can’t breath...” I said and she quickly broke our hug.

“I’m sorry, Are you okay?” she asked with a concerned face.

I gave her my sweetest smile, “I’m fine and I missed you too.”

We sat on the couch facing each other, I took the file and gave her. She went through it and put it inside the drawer.

“Caroline, I wanted to ask you about my apartment,” I said and she gave me her full attention.

“Yeah, actually, I also wanted to discuss that too.” She said and asked me to continue.

“As you know, I just leased it, when we decided I will be only working from the company. But with my one-year stay at Knights, the apartment is kinda unnecessary expense. What do I do?” I asked her with concern and a confused state of mind. Just because I earned good money, I can’t waste it on something uncalled for. It’s something my dad always told us; “Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience.”

“I know your concern Anna and I think I have a solution to your problem. You remember my niece Daisy,”

I nodded my head and said, “Yes, she once came with her mom at your birthday party; she is an adorable girl, but what about her?”

“Well, She is coming to Newyork for her college and she wanted to stay alone and I was looking for some apartment but didn’t found a good one then I thought if you don’t mind she can live at yours.” I listen to her suggestion and gave it some thought. It was not a bad idea, the apartment will be utilized and Daisy will be able to stay at a safe place.

“I think that’s wonderful,” I said, “When she will be here?”

“In ten days, I’ll call you if the date gets changed.”

“I still have some of my things in there, so, I’ll drop by some other time and put it inside some boxes, there is a small storeroom beside my bedroom, I can keep the boxes there.” She agreed with me and we left the office to have our lunch.

There is a small restaurant down the corner which serves the best food, I missed that place. I opened the door and the aroma hit me hard. We picked a table beside the window and soon a waiter came and took our order.

“So, How are the Knights?” Caroline asked munching her salad, I don’t know how anyone can have that, does it even taste any good. She is very conscious about her health, which of course is a good thing but I don’t think I can ever have that.

“Well, as I already told you before, they are very nice people, even with that much money, power, and frame, they still are very down to earth. I liked them and the cherry on the cake is the little munchkin, Chase. He is the most adorable kid ever.” I said and start eating my spicy chicken pasta. Now, this is heaven.

“Well, that’s very good to know,” I nodded my head cause my mouth was full. I know, I can eat like a pig sometimes. Well, excuse me (note the sarcasm)

“But I have never seen you this happy before, you just had this glow on your face while telling me about them as if they were your own family and Chase is your son.” I chocked on my pasta by the time she completed her sentence.

She passed me the water and patted my back.” you okay?” She asked and I nodded my head after feeling a bit better.

My little incident divert Caroline’s attention and we started to talk about other things but deep down, I was thinking about what she said earlier. I also know that I feel different with Chase compare to other kids, I ever babysit, and how I loved Sophia and William. And Mr. Knight... Well, he is just Complicated.

Anna gets a grip, it’s a job and you should just focus on your work to take good care of Chase and that’s it. Be professional as always and maintain the company’s reputation. With that thought in mind, I calm myself.

Caroline and I parted our way and I drove my car to a mall. I have some shopping to do. I was looking around and bought some shoes and heels. I was roaming around when something on the kid’s section grabbed my attention, It was a black t-shirt; Cute baby in the world, written on it in white. It was about Chase’s size. I didn’t waste my time and quickly picked the t-shirt. I hope he’ll like it.

By the time I finished my shopping, it was already 5 in the evening. They must be back from their picnic by now. I put the shopping bags on the backside of my car and drive off.

I ring the doorbell and John opened the door, he helped me carry my bags and took them to my room. Chase came running to hug me when he saw me coming. “You are late, I was waiting for you,” he said with a sad pout.

“I am sorry, please forgive me for the last time,” I hold my ears with my hand to show him how sorry I was.

He laughs looking at me and turned to look back, I follow his eyes and saw Mr. Knight sitting on the couch looking at us. I think I just embarrassed myself. I got up and took Chase’s hand and sat on the couch opposite Mr. Knight. I smiled at him and he just nodded his head. Rude much.

“So, How was your day?” I asked Chase, avoiding Mr. Rude. Wow, Someone just got a nickname.

“It was fun!. We play football, eat food and daddy gave me back rides, but I missed you, next time you will come with us, right, daddy?” He turned his head to Mr. Rude and waited for his reply.

Mr. Rude was looking at me and then at Chase, I know he was not liking this but he was not able to ignore Chase’s pleading eyes, so, he agreed.

“yeah!!, thank you, daddy,”

“Chase, I got you something, do you wanna see it?” I asked him.

“Really?” He asked looking at me with a surprised face.

“Yeah, It’s in my room, come I’ll show you,” I picked him up and talked to my room. He kept guessing what I got for him till we reached my room.

I placed him on the bed and picked the bag which has his t-shirt. His eyes were shining brightly, I was nervous now, he is Zach Knight’s son he had everything, I was not sure whether he’ll like it or not. But I didn’t think much, he is my little monkey, after all, I know he loves me and he will surely like it.

I pulled out the t-shirt and showed it to him. He happily clapped his hand and tried to read the words written on it, when I told him, what was written on it, he became happier than before. He asked me to help him wear that t-shirt which I happily obligated. We came downstairs in the living room and Sophia and William were also there with Mr. Rude. Chase ran to show them what he was wearing. Everyone complimented him even Mr. Rude. Chase asked his daddy to click his picture and even pulled me to share the frame. I was quite uncomfortable at first but for Chase, I can do this much.

We clicked some more and headed to the dining area to had our dinner. After the dinner, we wished goodnight to one another and I carried Chase to his room. I changed him into his PJs and tucked him on the bed. He was tired from the picnic that’s why I didn’t have to tell him any story tonight. I kissed him goodnight and turned to left his room when I saw Mr. Rude standing by the door.


Guess, Mr. Rude has something to say...

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