The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 12

Anna’s POV

“We need to talk, Miss Brown.” He said with a cold tone which sends a shiver down my spine. I have a feeling; this conversation is not going to end well. He gestures me to follow him and so I did. I don’t know why I am feeling this intimidated with him. He is also a human for god sake.

We entered his office room and he closed the door, I am nervous now, he was fine at the dining table then why he wants to talk to me, suddenly. I couldn’t figure him out so, I just waited for him to break the silence.

“I like your work, Miss Brown,” He said all of a sudden which makes me jump slightly. He raised his eyebrows at my reaction. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s alright, I’m a bit jumpy.” Did I just say that? I mentally facepalm myself.

“As I was saying, you are good at your work. My family also really likes you,” he said to which I smiled at him. “But I want you to stay at your limit,” My smile dropped and I gave him a confused look. I don’t think I had done anything to cross my limit. What is he talking about?

“Mr. Knight, I know my limit and so far I don’t think I have done anything to cross it,” I asked with little anger in my voice. He maybe is my client but nobody has any right to speak to me like that.

“Yes, you have Miss Brown. I am happy you are taking good care of Chase but you are his Nanny, not his MOM. So, I hope it stays like that, I don’t want my son to get too attached to his Nanny.” When I thought he couldn’t be more rude and heartless, he proves me wrong. “I hope I make myself clear to you.” I didn’t dare to speak cause I know I was on the verge of crying. Damn you being overly sensitive. I nodded my head and left his room without giving him any second look.

Zach’s POV

I don’t know, What I did was right or wrong? But I know one thing, I don’t want Chase to feel something he might not get in the future. I know my words might have hurt Miss Brown, cause I know she genuinely cares about Chase but this is all temporary it will only break Chase’s heart in the future.

Anna’s POV

I was hardly holding my tears, when I entered my room I was hurt, angry, and humiliated. I don’t know why I’m crying like this. Whatever he said was true, then why it’s hurting so damn much. Is it his harsh words, or Chase, or because HE was the one telling me all those hurtful words? My relationship with Chase is special. He makes me smile and I want to protect him from all the negativity from the world. But when I think about the future, I somehow agree with Mr. Knight, I am his Nanny, not his Mom. I can’t stay with him forever.

I didn’t even realize when I lay on my bed. With all the crying and thinking, my eyes felt heavy and soon I drift off to sleep.


It’s been three days since my “talk” with Mr. Knight. I have decided to take things slow, I don’t want Sophia and William to be suspicious. Moreover, I don’t want Chase to feel the sudden difference. I have been avoiding Mr. Knight as much as possible unless it is important or related to Chase, otherwise, I don’t talk to him. And I think he is doing the same. Sophia and William have packed most of their things. They will be moving after two days, when Sophia first told me about their leaving, I didn’t mind anything apart from missing them but now thinking about me staying with Chase and Mr. Knight alone is quite uncomfortable; after that talk.

Both senior and junior Knights have gone to work, Sophia is doing her last-minute packing and I am here with Chase teaching him How to speak. He has improved a lot, kids around his age couldn’t even pronounce some words, where he can complete a sentence with grammar mistakes obviously. Last time at the park a woman asked me Chase’s age after listing to his speaking and when I told her that he will be Three in around 3 months she has a surprised expression.

She praised Chase and I feel so proud of him.

“I go school”, Chase’s voice brought me back to the present.

“Oh, our Chase wants to go to school already,” I asked him teasingly and he nodded his head and said a screaming “YES!!”

“Anna, I’m hungry,” he said with a pout.

“Ummm, What about Chocolate peanut cupcake?” He jumped after hearing the word.

I took his small hand and we made our way to the kitchen. It was 3 o’clock so, Martha has not come yet, we had the kitchen all by ourself. I placed Chase on the kitchen island and start picking all the ingredients required for the cupcakes. I gave Chase a carrot to munch which he denied to eat, kids these days, I thought.

We made the batter and I preheated the oven. The batter was ready to bake, I put it inside the oven and start making the frostings.

After 25 minutes the cupcake was ready. I left it to cool down a bit. Later, I decorated the cupcakes and it’s looking beautiful. The aroma filled the house and Sophia came from her bedroom.

“Is it cupcakes?” She asked in a childlike voice and I answered with just a nod. “It’s looking delicious, Anna. I didn’t know you could bake.”

“Thank you, and it’s just something I like to do in my free time.” Chase was being impatient to have them so, I gave him one. William and Mr. Knight also came at the same time and Martha brought four cups of tea to have with the cupcakes.

“Honey, you have the perfect timing look Ann--”

“Sophia makes Cupcakes,” I cut Sophia to complete her sentence and whisper her to not tell the truth. She gave me a confused look but didn’t say anything.

“These looks yummy honey,” William said kissing Sophia’s cheeks.

“Zach, try some.” She asked Mr. Knight and he took one with his tea. I didn’t want Mr. Knight to know, who made those, or else he will think I am crossing my limits.

“hmmm, it’s good mom, it’s different from your usual cupcakes but I think you should follow this recipe.” I am not blushing, I am not blushing.

God! Hearing compliments from Mr. Knight is quite something.

“You mean to say, these cupcakes taste better than the old ones,” Sophia asked Mr. Knight and he nodded his head. Sophia looked my way and I whisper sorry to her.

“Pass me your recipe, or I’ll not talk to you.” She playfully whispered in my ears. I agreed and she gave me a sweet smile. Thank god she is not mad with me.

“Daddy!! Grandpa!!” Chase ran from his room, with the frosting all over his face.

“Look, chocolate monster is here”, William said and placed him on his lap.

“Anna, make cupcakes, it’s sooo yummy...” Mr. Knight chocked on his tea after hearing chase. Chase, the wrong timing, I thought.

“Zach, you okay,” Sophia passed him the glass of water and he drank it slowly. He gave me a cold look while dring the remaining water and I hurriedly picked Chase from William to wash his face. I washed Chase’s face and he starts playing with his toys. I left his room and was about to take the first step on the stairs when somebody pulls my hand.

“What the hell do you think you are doing huh? I asked you to stay in your limit and do your work, but you are ignoring my words right,” He was holding my wrist tightly, I know, what he said clearly, but what is wrong with making food. He is being overdramatic.

“Nothing is wrong with me, Mr. Kinght. I know what I’m doing and I remembered every word you said to me. And I’m also starting to keep my distance as you told me to do but when a kid says he is hungry, then I’ll not avoid him and follow your stupid orders. Martha was not there at that time so, I decided to make it otherwise, I don’t want to do anything which causes me this humiliation.” I freed my hand from his grip and ran upstairs to my room.

He surely can push all my buttons.


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