The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 13

Anna’s POV

The more I think, the deep I feel hurt. But he can’t just look down on me like that, I love Chase with all my heart but I will not tolerate Mr. Knight’s rude behavior anymore. He had humiliated me twice already, one more strike and I don’t want to know what I will do to him. In the last two days, he has completely avoided me, not that I am complaining.

Sophia and William are leaving today, I am missing them already, especially, Sophia. We had a great time together, we talk, laugh, gossip in our spare time. We just had our breakfast and heading to the living area.

“I’m going to miss my pumpkin,” Sophia was hugging Chase and I know she is holding her tears in front of us.

“I miss you too grandma,” Chase said and turned his attention to William, “I miss you, grandpa,“.

“Oh, I will miss you more, champ,” William hugged him tightly and kissed both of his cheeks.

William came towards me, holding Chase in his arms. “Anna, we had a great time with you, and we are delighted to have you here to look after Chase,” He passed Chase for me to hold.

“William, Sophia, you guys are amazing, I would love and will miss the time I spend here with you,” I said to both of them and they came forward to hug me.

“We will miss you too and you will call me if, anything happens, okay dear.” I nodded my head and kissed her cheeks.

Sophia walked towards Mr. Knight had hugged him, she whispered something in his ear. It was not loud enough for us to hear and he just nodded his head like a kid agreeing to whatever Sophia said to him. William hugged him and told him to take care of everybody and make sure to call both of them often.

“Sir, Knight. The car is ready.” John said and we walked them to the door. Mr. Knight, William, and Sophia left the penthouse leaving Chase, John, and I behind. John excused himself to resume his part of work and I hold Chase’s hand and we sat on the couch to watch some movies.

We two were only at the dining table for lunch, it felt strange and lonely, mostly for Chase, he had this habit of having people around him but not anymore. I didn’t want him to feel that way so, I told him about the amusement park we will be going tomorrow. He was excited about it and start telling me what he will do tomorrow.

I haven’t formally asked Mr. Knight about my plan, and with the things going between us, I have no idea how he gonna react to it. Well, He can be grumpy for all I care. It’s for Chase and he will have to understand and keep his mouth shut.

Chase was having his afternoon nap, and I was in my room about to call Mia, I need to talk to my friend with all the things going in my life.

“Anna! how are you doing?” She said while munching something, it’s her lunchtime.

“I am doing fine, How’s Nick?”

“Oh, he is doing great, he just got promoted and he is being more loving than ever.” I can hear the excitement in her voice.

“That’s superb, he owes me a big treat now,” I said and we both laughed.

“How’s the work with Mr. Handsome?” She asked all of a sudden.

“Mr. What?” She laughed at my reply.

“Oh, come on, I am talking about, The Zach Knight. I had seen his pictures and sweet Jesus, he is a piece of art, don’t you think?” I rolled my eyes at her comment.

“Oh, please Mia, looks are not everything, I agree, he is handsome but his personality is awful, that’s the reason, I called you.”

“Why, what happened?” She asked now being serious. And I told her about the things that happened between Mr. Knight and me.

“He is a dick, I mean you are taking care of his child and you are doing your best still he is showing attitude to you.” I nodded my head agreeing with her than I realize she can’t see me.

“I know right, I mean, I understand his intention but that’s not a way to order around and speak to somebody, I work for him but he has to respect me.” I was so upset by now and I know Mia sensed it.

“Babe, you do what you are hired to do, and if he does something again then you can just quit.”

“I can quit, but I don’t want to, leaving Chase now is not something I am ready for, and that’s why I have to do some serious talk with Mr. Knight.”

“Miss Brown?” I didn’t aspect to hear that familiar voice when I was talking about him with my friend.

“I’ll call you later, bye.” I didn’t give Mia a chance to talk and cut the call.

“Talk of the devil and there he is,” I mumbled.

“Excuse me, did you say something?” He asked standing at my bedroom door.

“No!, nothing, you are early today?” I asked. It was our first conversation after two days.

“I finish early.” He was behaving strangely. He didn’t have that cold look on his face right now.

“I wanted to talk to you, Can I come in?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure. I do have something to discuss with you.” I said and he came in.

“Miss Brown, I wanted to apologize for my behavior from last time. I shouldn’t have done that, I crossed my limits and hurt your feelings.” I was shocked by now, I watched him with eyes wide open. Confirm, He has bipolar disorder. “Will, you please say something?”

I blink my eyes; I thought I was dreaming or something. “Ah, Well umm,” I was blank for sure, I was so ready to talk some sense to him, but his sudden apology stopped me for a moment, but not long enough.

“How long will it last Mr. Knight?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your apology,” I said and his face dropped.

“Miss Brown, I--”

“Save it, Mr. Knight. I am a human, I got feelings that get hurts by the harsh words you said to me last time. One day, you are normal and flick another day, you are this rude, arrogant person who doesn’t give a damn about anybody’s feelings.” I was trying to calm my anger and my tears.

“I know that Miss Brown, and I’m very ashamed of my behavior. But I had to do it for Chase and--”

“Don’t use Chase as an excuse for your every action. I know you were thinking about Chase when you told me to maintain a space between us, and I was also doing what you asked me to do, but that day, you just assumed things on your own and accused me without hearing a proper explanation.” I didn’t even realize when a lone tear fall from my eyes, but I wipe it away quickly.

He stares at my face for a moment, and I think I saw guilt on his face but it was long gone as soon as it came.

“What I have done is not something a sorry can take back, but I want you to do your job as you prefer, I will not come in between your way of working.” I was not expecting that from Mr. Knight. Does he mean what he just said? I thought.

“Why this sudden change? Last time you didn’t like my way of working and now you are agreeing to it and not only that, you will not interfere, this is quite hard to digest.”

“This is all for Chase, nothing else matters. For him, I can do anything. We started off from the wrong foot, and I don’t want that to hamper Chase in any matter. So, please, for Chase.” He said and put his hand out for a shake, “Deal?” He asked again.

I hold his hand saying,” deal, but I hope you will remember the things you just said.” I asked

“I am a businessman Miss Brown, My words valued a lot.” He said giving me a small smile.

I pulled my hand away and he left my room. I was very pleased to hear him saying sorry to me. Now I don’t have to think about him and I could focus on Chase.

Later at the dining table, we three took our usual place and started to eat our dinner when Chase starts talking about the amusement park.

“Daddy, we are going to amu-see-ant park.” Mr. Knight gave him a confused look and turned to me to explain, what Chase was trying to say. I totally forgot to ask him about it, Shit.

“uhmm. Well, Chase wanted to visit this amusement park tomorrow, and I promised him that we all are going. I forget to ask you beforehand, I am sorry.”

“You should have asked first before giving promises, Miss Brown.” He said. Is he really doing this right now, after all that talk? “But I am free tomorrow, so we can go there, it will be fun, right buddy.”

“Yes!!,” Chase smiled and I was happy Mr. Knight didn’t cancel our plan.

Chase wanted to sleep with his daddy today so, I kissed him goodnight and headed to my bedroom. I was thinking about Mr. Knight, He was trying to be nice and I think now we can survive our one year without any difficulties. He is really difficult to understand, but maybe with the coming days, we will get used to each other. Throwing all his thought away, I pulled the covers and falls under the sleeping spell.

Tomorrow is going to be fun!!!!


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