The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 14


A loud bang on the door startled me to wake up. I put on the rope of my nightdress and opened the door to face a grinning Chase. I kneel to match his height and he hugged me tightly.

“Happy morning, Anna,”

“Happy Happy morning, Chase. Why did you wake up so early?” I asked him.

“Oh, Anna. We going to amu--gee--ant park today, get ready. Daddy is taking bath. We will be late.”

“It’s 7 in the morning. We have plenty of time to get ready.” I said, he made a small “oh” shape with his lips. “You go to daddy’s room and I will meet you in 15 minutes, okay honey?”

“Okay.” He said and went inside Mr. Knight’s bedroom.

I headed to my bathroom, strip my nightdress, and stand under the shower. The warm water clam my body and soon I finish my bathroom job. I put on a jean short and a yellow top, and put my hair in a messy bun. I came downstairs, and make my way to Chase’s room. He was playing with his toys, when I came in front of him, he left his toys, holding my hand we made our way to the bathroom.

After giving a warm bath to Chase and wrapping the soft towel around his body I carried him to his room and put him on the bed.

I dried his body and hair, and walked to his closet, pulled out a jeans, and a maroon shirt. I helped him put on his clothes and we left his room.

“When are we going?” Chase asked me again.

“First of all, we are going to have a yummy breakfast, and around 10 we will leave for the park,” I said and he jumped with excitement and ran to the dining area. “Careful, Chase.” I ran behind him and bumped on something strong. I was about to fall when a strong pair of arms hold my waist and pulled me towards him. I opened my eyes to meet a pair a mesmerizing hazel eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked me and dropped his hand from my waist. I felt tingles on my waist where his hand was.

“Umm..yeah, I am fine. I’m sorry, I was following Chase and I didn’t see you coming. I am sorry again.” I can feel my face being all red by now.

“No worries Miss Brown, Where does Chase run to?”

“He is very excited about this amusement park thing so, when I told him, we will go after eating breakfast he just ran to the dining area to finish his breakfast,” I said with a laugh, and he also joined me. I never really noticed his laugh, maybe he never laugh very often, but he should. He looks very calm and approachable.

We both came to the dining room and found Chase sitting on his baby chair waiting for us. “Anna, Daddy! you are late.” He said folding his arms across his chest trying to act angry. Mr. Knight and I looked at each other and laughed our hearts out.

“Not funny!!” Chase shouts at us and we stopped and said sorry to him which he accepts and we both sat down on our table.

“Daddy, I can meet goofy?” Goofy is his favorite cartoon character and he wants to meet him in the park.

“Of course buddy, you will meet him today. Now finish your breakfast and after that, we will soon leave for the park.”

“Okay, daddy,” Chase said. We all soon finished our food and Mr. Knight excused himself for his work. We had decided to leave at 10, it was an hour-long drive to reach that place. I told Martha about our plan so, she doesn’t have to come for today. Chase dragged me to his room to select his clothes for today.

He select the t-shirt that I bought him with a white jean, it will go with the tee and pulled a black jacket just in case he will feel cold later on. I put those clothes on the bed and start with my usual teaching lesson with him. Almost an hour later, I changed his clothes and told him to wait for me in the living room while I went upstairs to change my self. I thought to match my outfit with Chase, he will like it. I pulled out my black full shelve V-neck top and white jeans. I put a light pink lipstick and an eyeliner, and that was it. I am not very fond of makeup anyway. I put my hair in a messy bun and carry a small purse, a black jacket, and my phone in my hand.

I came downstairs to the living room where I found Chase sitting on the couch impatiently. I walked to sit next to him and said, “look Chase we are matching,” I point out the matching color clothes we both are wearing.

“Oh, yes. And you are looking so pretty, Anna.”

“Really! you are looking very handsome too,” I said and lightly pinch his chubby cheeks. “Where is Daddy?” I asked Chase.

“I am here.” I turned my head and saw Mr. Knight standing in causal wear looking very dashing. And what got me hooked was, he is also wearing the matching dress code as Chase and I.

“Daddy, we are all matching matching.” Chase clapped this hand and jump in joy. Mr. Knight stares at me from up and down, which makes me blush and I was trying very hard to hide it.

“I didn’t know that you are also wearing the same as us. Just give me five minutes and I’ll change.” I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable and with our previous record of the conversations, I don’t want to take a chance. I was about to turn around to go upstairs when he stopped me.

“Wait, Miss Brown, you don’t have to go and changed. And as Chase said we are matching, it looks fun.” He said and gave me a smile, which I gladly returned.

We all left the penthouse and enter the elevator, Mike was waiting for us outside the building, we sat inside the car and Mike start driving. After one hour of driving, we finally reached our destination.

I unfasten mine and Chase’s seat belt, we came out of the car, and Mike parked the car at the VIP section.

Chase was holding both of our hands and we walked our way inside. Mr. Knight brought the VIP tickets so, we don’t have to be in the queue of any ride or food stall. The inside of the park was very colorful, all the balloons, different cartoon characters, and different rides, a playhouse, and many more.

“Daddy, that ride, let’s go.” Chase tugged our hand looking at the merry go round.

“You want to ride that?” Chase nodded his head, we made our way to the ride. Mr. Knight place Chase on the seat securely. When the ride begins Chase screamed enjoying the ride. I took my phone out to click some pictures and videos.

After the merry go round, we headed to the bouncing house, it was also for the adults so, we join Chase. All three of us laughed when trying to reach one another but bounce back. It was fun but exhausting. We took a rest on the bench for some minutes.

“Do you want anything to drink?” Mr. Knight asked me.

“Soda would be nice, thank you.” He went to get us some refreshments.

“Do you mind, if we seat here?” A woman in her thirties asked me, her daughter was standing beside her. She was around 5.

“Yeah, sure.” I moved to give them some space.

“Your son is very handsome.” She said looking at Chase, who was busy talking to her daughter. I was about to correct her when Mr. Knight came with the drinks.

“Here,” he passed me the drink.

“Oh, you must be the father, you guys made a very good looking family, and with these matching clothes, you all are looking adorable.” She said looking back and forth between me and Mr. Knight. Oh, god. Will she stop? I could see his jaw clenching. He is mad.

Her husband came and they took off, I signed and looked at Mr. Knight to explain the situation.

“Mr. Knight, I am very sorry, that lady just assume us being a family and I was trying to correct her but things just got out of hand.” I was blabbering nervously, I didn’t want the things to get difficult between us.

His cold expression was back to normal, “you don’t have to apologize for her mistake, and we are wearing matching clothes, anybody could get confused. It’s alright Miss Brown.” I signed again, it was new to get such a clam response from him.

“Let’s enjoy some more rides,” Mr. Knight picked Chase and I followed him.

There was a castle for the princess and some cartoon characters, I look around to catch a sight of goofy, and found him dancing with some kids.

“Look Chase, goofy is there.”


Chase ran and hugged goofy and we clicked some pictures with goofy and some other characters. We ride some more kids friendly rides and had our lunch in a stall. There was a photo booth stall and we clicked some more. We were enjoying more than I thought. I was not expecting Mr. Knight to enjoy all these rides, but he surprised me.

Later in the evening, we all were exhausted and called it a day. Mr. Knight called Mike to bring the car, and we left the park. Chase was already asleep, and with the movement of the car, I also fall asleep.

“Miss Brown,” I felt a hand shaking my shoulder, and I opened my eyes to face Mr. Knight. I move forward to get up but didn’t realize how close my face was to Mr. Knight. We stare at each other’s eyes as if looking for something. Mr. Knight move backed and cleared his throat. “We have reached,” He said and took Chase in his arms. We walked inside the elevator, there was an awkward silence between us. Soon we were in front of the penthouse’s double door. Mr. Knight ring the bell and John opened the door.



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