The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 16

Anna’s POV

“Thank you, Miss Brown. I am grateful for your help.” John said taking the plate full of pancakes from my hand.

“John, It’s been 3 months that I started working here and you are still not used to my name. Please call me Anna, and it’s no big deal, I am glad, I could help.” I told him but he just gave me a silly smile and left the kitchen. This man I tell you, I shook my head and carry the jar of juice and follows him to the dining area.

Chase was sitting on his chair waiting for the food, he is growing fast and his appetite has grown big.

Mr. Knight walked his way to the dining and greeted us, “Good morning, Miss Brown, morning buddy.”

“Good Morning, Mr. Knight”

“Good morning, Daddy,” we said at the same time.

“I made the breakfast today, I hope you both will like it,” I said with a smile but I was nervous inside.

“You made all this, what about Martha?” Mr. Knight asked while putting the pancake, bacon, french toast on his plate.

“She called sick this morning, I later called her and she told me it’s a flu she will join the day after tomorrow.” I put eggs and vegetables on Chase’s plate and put some pancakes on my plate.

“It’s delicious, I must say, Miss Brown, you are very talented. Is there anything you can’t do?” I feel all the heat rushed to my cheeks. They must be red by now.

Mr. Knight chucked at my shyness and continued to eat his food.

“It’s yummy Anna,” Chase compliments me too. I pulled his cheeks and gave him his share of pancake. We all were eating our food when the doorbell rings and John went to open the door.

“Where are my two favorite boys in the world?” an overly cheerful voice was coming from the living room and that someone soon enter the dining area arms held wide.

“Uncle Mason”, Chase yelled and ran to hug him. The man whose name was Mason picked Chase and gave him a swing.

Mr. Knight rose from his seat and hugged Mason.

“I missed you man,” He said and his eyes met mine.

“Who is this gorgeous?” He asked suddenly and came in front of me.

I was taken aback by his overfriendly gesture but Mr. Knight came right on time for my rescue.

“Miss Brown, this is my best friend and brother Mason Walker and Mason, this is Anna Brown, she is Chase’s Nanny.” He introduced us.

“Hello, pleasure to meet you, Anna,” He holds out his hand for a shake.

“Hello, Mason, nice to meet you.” He kissed my knuckles but I quickly pulled my hand from his hold.

Mr. Knight cleared his throat and his eyes turned a shade darker.

We came to the living room and sat on the couch, Chase insisted us to stay with them so, I didn’t have a choice but to listen to their conversation.

“When did you came back from Greece?” Mr. Knight asked him.

“Last night”.

“How was your meeting with the dealers?”

“Meeting went well, they agreed to our teams and will supply the materials next week.” They were talking about business and I was feeling bored, I glance at Chase who was enjoying their talk as if they were singing some song. He must love his Uncle and Dad to have that look on his face.

“I have a meeting so, I will catch up with you later, you coming?” Mr. Knight asked Mason.

“Nah...I will spend some time with my nephew, and enjoy Anna’s lovely company.” Mr. Knight frowned his eyebrows at Mason but didn’t say anything and left for the office.

“So, Anna. Do you have a boyfriend?” he blurted out.

“You don’t waste your time do you,” I said raising my eyebrows.

“Nope,” He said popping the P.

“Well, first, it’s none of your business, and second, not interested.” I

got up from the couch and hold Chase’s hand and made my way to his room.

Even after what I said, he still has a stupid grin on his face and was following us.

“Are you mad at me?” Ignore

“What’s your type then?” Ignore

“Are you a lesbian?” I snapped my head in his direction.

He laughed when he saw my expression. When I was about to walk away his stopped me.

“Hey, Anna. look I’m sorry.” I stopped and turned to look into his eyes to see the sincerity that his eyes were holding. I keep quiet waiting for him to continue. “I was just messing with you, I still meant what I said about you being beautiful, but other than that I was just pulling your leg.”

“And, why would you do that?” I asked folding my arms across my chest.

He rubbed the back of his neck,” I accept, I flirt with gorgeous girls like you, and I tried doing the same with you but you simply ignored me and I thought you are playing hard to get so, I pushed some more but that pissed you off. But I must say, I like you, girls like you are hard to found nowadays. Please, forgive my childish self.” He confessed his behavior and gave me a puppy dog eye to forgive him.

I shake my head and tried to left the room,(Keyword: tried) but he stopped me again.

“I will never repeat that with you Anna, please and I had a feeling that, we could be friends in the future so, I don’t want to spoil that.” He almost begged in front of me which was shocking coming from a rich guy like him and Chase also laughed looking at his Uncle begging for forgiveness. I decided to gave him a chance.

“Fine, but if you ever try to annoy me again then forget about staying friends,” I told him in a strict tone.

“So, we are friends now?” He asked with a wide smile.

“I think so,” I smiled at him and he pulled me in a hug, I was shocked by the sudden reaction but the hug was innocent, the one I used to share with Mia. Maybe I really needed a friend about now.

We talked for a while about our families and work, he told me about the girls he used to date, and how long his friendship was with Mr. Knight and Maria. His eyes got wet while mentioning Maria and I could say that he was one of the people who miss Maria like a family.

“You must be aware of the party this Friday, right?” I nodded my head. “Who are you going with?”

“I am going by myself,” I said and he looked shocked.

“Why, I mean who wouldn’t want to take you out.”

“I don’t have any friends here in Newyork, and I am not dating anybody so, it’s quite obvious,” I stated the facts.

“Who said you don’t have any friends, I am your new friend and it’s my responsibility to take care of you. So, Would you do me the honor to be my date for the party?”

I chucked when he dramatically bow his head and held his hand for me to hold. I put my hand upon his agreeing to be his date.

He order some take out and I made some food for Chase, We ate them while watching The Boss Baby. I was enjoying his company so far, he is talkative, charming, sensitive, and sweet. After lunch, he left the penthouse, and I took Chase to the park and played football.

Later that evening, I asked John to bring some groceries, I wanted to cook something different today, I made butter chicken lasagna for us and creamy chicken pasta for Chase.

“Something smells very nice,” the very familiar voice startled me.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” he was wearing a sweatshirt and trousers and looking very cute with the messy hair.

“What are you cooking?” he took a seat on the kitchen island watching my every move. I was intimidated by his presence. This strange feeling I get whenever we are alone.

“Uh...Butter Chicken Lasagna for us and Creamy Chicken Pasta for Chase.” I said pulling out the plates from the cabinet.

“That sounds delicious.” he helped me with the plates and I asked him to bring Chase from his room.

I served our food on the plates and Mr. Knight and Chase share their food, enjoying both meals.

“This is very good, I didn’t know butter chicken would go this well with lasagna.” Mr. Knight compliments while devouring the food.

I wiped the cream from Chase’s face, he was really loving the pasta, I guess.

“Mason didn’t give you any hard time, did he?” He asked.

“No, he was annoying at first but he seems like a nice guy. We had a great time.” He didn’t say anything only nodded his head.

“He can be a handful sometimes but he is a good guy.” He said with a smile and I returned his smile agreeing to his point.

We tuck Chase to bed and kissed him good night, We came to the living room heading upstairs to our room.

“Miss Brown, you must be aware of going with a date is more comfortable at parties and if you don’t have any date, I could be yours.” Did he just asked me to be his date? My heart was pounding with excitement and was about to agree but then remembered my plans with Mason.

“I am sorry Mr. Knight but I am going with Mason,” I said and his expression changed he has the same cold look when we first met.

“Oh, I didn’t know you already had plans with him. That’s great. good night Miss Brown.” He didn’t wait for my answer and marched to his room and slammed his door loud shut.

Why was he so mad at me? I don’t think I have done anything wrong. Does he wanted me to be his date? Does he like me to be his date? Is that even possible?

So, many questions were lingering on my mind which I don’t have any answers to.



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