The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 17


That’s a 7, you must be thinking What am I counting? Well, My Yawning, and do you know the reason behind this torture; non-other than Mr. Knight. Yup, you read that right, that man is behind my lack of sleep. After the awkward conversation last night, I fidget on my bed till 3 o’clock, thinking of all the What’s and Why’s for his behavior but never get to a conclusion, after the disappointment I made myself to fall asleep, but it was not enough.

“Good morning, Miss Br-- Anna,” John corrected himself when I playfully glared at him.

“I roughly called this morning good John,” I asked yawing again, Now 14.

“Why? Well, I can see Why, but What happened?” he asked with concern.

I can’t exactly tell him the truth so, “I was marathon watching FRIENDS, and that caused my lack of sleep, but it was worth it.” It’s not totally a lie, I love that show.

“Oh, I could feel your pain, I am a big fan of that show myself, Monica is my favorite, She is my Idol to keep things organized, but I lack on the cooking part.” He laughed and pass me a cup of coffee. “Who is your favorite?″ He asked me.

“Joey, apart from his flirting, He is the cutest and funny,” I said sipping my coffee which makes me wide awake. We laughed some more and I made some breakfast.

(A/N; Any FRIENDS fan out there? Who is your favorite character?)

I changed Chase’s clothes and walked with him to the dining area. Mr. Knight came downstairs talking on his phone, he kissed Chase good morning, and without even glancing at me, he just left. I thought of talking to him about yesterday but he didn’t spare me a look. With a grumpy mood, I place my food on the plate and stuffed it inside my mouth.

Chase was painting something and I was reading a book to pass my time but I was not able to concentrate, I’m not liking this feeling of losing control of my emotions. If he is ignoring me then it’s fine by me. I don’t have to spoil my mood for him, I tried to convince my mind but it, as usual, betrayed me and went back to think of some stupid man who doesn’t even care.

My phone went off and picked it up from the side table to look who was calling me, it was my mom.

“Hey, mom. Is everything okay?” I asked. She knows our calling arrangement so, I am scared a bit.

“Relax, young lady, I am fine and so does everyone in the family.” I signed in relief.

“Then, why did you call?” I asked but bit my tongue after the words spilled from my mouth.

“Oh! so, a mother can’t call her daughter without a reason, huh.” She said in her sarcastic tone.

“Sorry mom, I didn’t mean it that way. You can call me whenever you want.” I said in my baby voice and she laughed at my silliness.

“Oh, Anna. I missed that voice of yours.”

“I miss you too,” my voice got cracked at the end but I covered it up quickly.

“Anna, what’s wrong? Are you feeling ill? Do you want me to visit there?” Mom bombarded with all her questions, I chuckled.

“Mom, I am fine, just missing you guys,” I half lied and hope she will not catch it.

“I’m your mother, I know all the strings in your voice, and right now I am getting a different tune from it.”

“Mom, it’s my voice, not some guitar.” I laughed at her explanation.

“Don’t change the topic, just tell me already.” I signed again but decided to share my conflicts with her, I could use some opinion right now.

I told her about almost everything, Mr. Knight, Mason, and myself.

“Hmmm...I think you like him.” I choked on the air after hearing her.

“Mom, I don’t like Mr. Knight, he is just...“I trailed off, was not able to give a proper answer.

“Yes, you do. After hearing you, I can guarantee that he also likes you.”

“First of all, I don’t like him. Second, the possibility of him liking me is close to NUN.” I said.

“If that’s the case then, why was he mad about you going with Mason, and avoiding you later on,” I got tight lip, I don’t have an answer to that question. “If you don’t like him then why it’s bothering you if he is talking to you or not.”

“I don’t know mom, I do like when he talks to me, I feel intimidated when he is near me, I--” she interrupts me.

“The answer is simple baby, you like him,” I inhaled a much-needed breath.

“No! mom, I can’t like him, I don’t. He is my client and this is unprofessional.”

“I understand that Anna, but these feelings don’t know the boundaries, they are like a free bird. I don’t want to scare you and it’s all your decision to make and I will support and respect your choice.”

“Thank you mom, I appreciate it. I will call you later, love you.”

“No, need to thank me, I’m your mother, it’s my duty and right to give suggestions. Now you take care of yourself and I love you more,” I hang up the call and took Chase to the kitchen to make our lunch.

The thing mom said was ringing in my head. He couldn’t like me, he still loves his wife so much, and he knows me for two months, Could it be possible to like someone in that little time.

Well, YOU like him even with the same time limit, My subconscious mind open her damn mouth.

No No No no no no.......I can’t like him, we are different, and he didn’t like me, he must be angry with me for any other reason, I mean I do call him bipolar for some reason. I shouldn’t give this feeling that much thought, I will be the only one to get hurt at the end of the day.

We finish our lunch and watched a movie. Mason called to inform me about the time he will pick me tomorrow. I took Chase to the park and we played a little.

I shut the thought of liking Mr. Knight totally, he is my client and I must act accordingly. But I didn’t want the awkwardness between us so, I decided to make peace with him. I asked John about Mr. Knight’s favorite food, I’m going to make his favorite dinner, that will surely help to change his grumpy mood.

John helped to set the food on the table,” the food is looking delicious Anna,” I was proud of my food and hug John for his help in the kitchen. It was about the time Mr. Knight will get home soon, I had made medium-rare steak, with mashed potatoes on the side, Hot and Sour veg soup, and apple pie for dessert.

It’s past an hour of his usual arrival time.

Maybe he is stuck in traffic. I thought. I gave Chase his dinner and waited for Mr. Knight. It’s 11 o’clock already, I trucked Chase to bed three hours ago. John was giving me a pity look. I told him to go and sleep but he didn’t want to leave me alone.

“I will give him a call,” John said and picked the landline to call Mr. Knight.

“Sir, we--” I shock my head to John and he corrects his mistake, “I was waiting for you with the dinner,” I could only get to hear one side of the conversation and waiting eagerly to know why was he taking so much time to get home.

“Oh, I will. sir, Good night.” he put the phone down and looked my way with a sad expression.

“What happened John?”

“Sir said he had his dinner at the office and will be late. He said to me not to wait for him and went to sleep.” He said. “I’m sorry Anna.”

“John, it’s not your fault. He has this big party tomorrow, and he is a busy man so, it’s okay. You just go and I will put this food in the fridge.”

“Anna, you haven’t eaten anything, I will heat the food and--” I cut him in.

“I will do it myself and eat it. You just go” He left the house and I locked the door.

I put all the food in the fridge, I didn’t feel like eating anymore. I lost my appetite. I drink some water and headed upstairs to my room. I showered and changed into my nightdress and lay on the bed.

I was hurt, feeling this pain in my chest. I felt a tear rolling down my cheeks, I wiped it away and tried to sleep. I am so doomed. I like that stupid bipolar, rude, man.

I like someone who is not for me to like, I cursed myself and fall asleep.


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