The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 18

Zach’s POV

I left the penthouse, without eating breakfast, ignoring her, I was ashamed of myself, the way I behave last night was totally uncalled for. What the hell is wrong with me? Why does it matter if she is going with Mason, Why did I react that way? I was not ready to face her.

Mike was waiting for me, besides my Black Rolls-Royce, he opened the back seat door for me to enter. He starts drive to the way of Knights Constructions. I opened my laptop to check my emails, the work has been doubled since the opening of the new branch. The car pulled over in front of the building, Mike rushed to open the door and I got out of the car.

I enter inside the building and a series of Good mornings makes their way to me. I punched the elevator button on the top floor and some moment later the door opened and I came out of it. I walked inside my office, my assistant Peter came with my breakfast and told me my schedule for the day. I quickly had my food and starts my work. I have 4 meetings today, it’s going to be a long day.

I called Peter inside my office, “Come in,” I said when he knocked on my door, “Peter, How are arrangements going on for tomorrow?” I asked when he entered.

“Sir, the event management has things under control, the decoration, food, music are prepared as the way you like it,” he explained. Satisfied with the answer, I told him to resume his work.

I was busy with some files, but my mind was occupied by a certain brunette, the way she smiles, her brown eyes. I was feeling something which I don’t want to feel, It’s unfair to Maria. I feel like, I’m betraying her. It’s wrong and very unprofessional of me, for heaven’s sake, she is my son’s Nanny. I should ignore her, I must.

It was time to left the office when Peter entered a little stressed out,

“Peter, What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Sir, Mr. Smith has rejected the design we send him last week, and he will be out of state for one month and asked us to deliver the new design by morning.”

“Has he gone insane? He chooses those design himself, What happened all of a sudden?” that man really testing my patience.

“He said the designs are outdated and wants something new,” only if he was not our old and important client than I wouldn’t have given a damn.

“Fine, call the engineers and meet me in the broad room. We will give him the designs by morning.” I pick my phone and headed to the broad room. I think this is what I needed, excuses to avoid Miss Brown.

In less than 10 minutes, the broad room filled with my best engineers and architectures. Mr. Smith was with us on the video call and told us his requirements, I really wanted to punch that man in the face, we had already given him those designs that fulfill his requirements. But he was still wasting our time.

My phone rang and I excused myself to answer the call, it was from home. I forgot to inform them about me being late tonight, Who is calling me... Miss Brown?

“Hello,” I answered hoping to hear her voice, but it was John, asking about my whereabouts, I felt a bit disappointed but I ignore that feeling.

“John, I had my dinner, and I’ll be late so, don’t wait for me and went to sleep,” I said and hang up the phone.

I went back to my seat and resume my work. All of them came with some new designs and after 8 hours of complete torture, we choose the three best designs, I send Smith those designs, and finally, he approve one of them.

I told them to take the day off for Friday, they had already done their share of work late this night. I had called Mike to leave the car behind as I was working late anyway. I drive my way back home, it was already 2 in the morning when I reached there. I opened the front door, the whole house was dark and silent, it reminds me of the first encounter I had with Miss Brown. I chuckled when the entire scene came in front of my eyes once again.

I made my way to the kitchen to grab some water, I opened the fridge and saw two plates with food, My Favorite Food, untouched. John eats in his own place, so, this plate must belong to Miss Brown, Did she made all of this? Was she waiting for me? I feel like shit right now. She must be thinking how much of a douche I am. But it’s good, the more she thought ill of me the better.

I left the kitchen and headed to my room, removing all my clothes I took the much-needed shower and changed into a sweatpant, I climbed on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

“I love you,” I said looking at her beautiful blue eyes.

“I l--love you too, Promise me you will take good care of our baby, and you will move on in your life, you will love again. I know, s-someone is there for you who will l-love you more than me and she will give the same love to our baby,” She said breathing heavily.

“I don’t need anyone, because I have you, Chase will only call you his mother nobody else. Please stop talking like you are leaving us. We are meant to be together forever.” I wiped her tears, but my own eyes were pouring out.

“I am sorry baby, b--but I have to go. Don’t miss me much.” She pulled my face closer and kissed my lips, I hugged her tightly, the heartbeat monitoring machine showed a straight line, showing me the bitter truth of life.

I woke up breathing heavily, body covered with sweats, It’s been a year I had a dream of Maria, the awful day of my life. Why was I having that dream all of a sudden? I looked at the clock on the side table, it was 8 in the morning. I made my way to the bathroom and had a cold shower to wake my senses.

I changed into a royal blue suit with a white button shirt. I headed downstairs to the dining area.

“Good morning sir,” John said and placed the food on the table.

“Morning, John,” I said, he went back to the kitchen.

“Daddy!” I turned my head to see a grinning Chase coming hand in hand with Miss Brown, her face was missing the glowing smile that could make anyone’s day.

“Good morning buddy, did you sleep well?” I picked him on my lap and kissed his cheeks.

He laughed and nodded his head. I placed him on his chair and glance at Miss Brown who was busy looking at the table cloth as if it’s the most interesting view in the world.

I clear my throat to grab her attention but didn’t get any. I was about to call her when John came again with fruit juice and place that on the table.

We start eating our food, I steal some glances of Miss Brown, but it was obvious, she was avoiding me, but why I’m not liking it. Isn’t this what I wanted.

“Bye, buddy. Be a good boy.” I kissed Chase.

“Goodbye Miss Brown,” It’s almost a day that I heard her voice, I was missing it. With the hope of hearing her voice, I wished her.

“Goodbye, Mr. Knight,” I felt a relief after a long time hearing her voice. Would I be able to keep this feeling to myself? The dream I had about Maria, does it have any connection with Miss Brown?

This is stupid, and I’m being totally ridiculous. How could I compare both situations? I have to ignore whatever I am feeling about Miss Brown and focus on my kid and work. That’s it.

With that thought in mind, I left the house, I have to visit the venue one last time before the party, everything should be perfect.



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