The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 1

Zach's POV

It's been a year. Maria is gone but it still feels like she is right here laying on our bed beside me. I can still feel her scent from these sheets. How could you Maria? How could you leave me and our son to live a miserable life?

My soul is dead, it's like a roaming zombie with no emotions. There was a time when I tried to end my life and I almost succeeded but I was saved by my mom. She saved me and after that, she scolded me if I was 5 years old. She told me to live for the promise, Maria took from me, to look after our baby boy. And now, if I have a slight bit wish to live that's only because of my son.

(Knock Knock ) "Zack it's me, Mom. May I come in?"

"Yes, Mom. Do you want something?" After that incident mom mostly stays with us I had told her that, it's not necessary but she is too stubborn.

"When are you leaving for your work? Have you done your packing? Do you need my help with anything?" She start asking questions? She is too caring.

"Relax mom, Everything is almost done. But the only concern is Chase, I don't want to leave him alone but I can't take him with me either." I owned a Construction company, Knight Constructions, My company is one of the largest in the USA. The head branch is in Newyork, after the huge success, I wanted to start up our new branch in London and it will take one month or maybe more. Leaving Chase for that long is killing me but I am helpless.

"Zach, I'm here to look after my grandson. You don't need to worry, it is your dream company So I know your emotions about it. Chase is a very good boy So, he will understand your urgency."

"Well, that's true he indeed is a very good boy. That reminds me Where is my good boy?"

"He is playing with your dad in his room. You should go and meet him now, it's soon will be is nap time."

"Yeah, I will go." After completing my packing I went to meet my bundle of joy. He looks just like maria, one of the many reasons I can't move on but I don't want to, She was my everything and She will always be.

I went straight to his bedroom, where he was laughing because my dad was making funny faces. He really can be a kid sometimes.

"Daddy!! Daddy!!" Chase yell after finding me at the door and run to hug my leg. I picked him up to carry him to his bed. "Hey buddy, did you miss me?"

" Yes!" he screamed near my ear which almost make me deaf. Since he started to speak he has been screaming. Don't know why?

"Slow down buddy," I told him while laughing which makes him laugh. Dad leaves us to give us some father-son time, which I'm grateful for. I get a bit emotional while talking to Chase sometimes.

"Hey bud, listen, I have some work to do so I'm going to London, in the meantime, you have to be a very good boy for grandma and grandpa, okay baby." Only after I finished my sentence Chase started silent crying, It's strange that when he cries he doesn't make a sound or doesn't want to make a sound? Seeing those tears broke my heart into pieces. I hugged him as if my life depends on it, which actually is true. I rubbed his back and start singing his favorite song. After some time, his tears finally stopped. And his next words make me laugh to death. "Daddy you sing very badly." He told me in his baby voice.

"HAHAHA... I know Budd. I'll miss you."

"I miss you too Daddy !!" he screamed again. I tugged Chase to bed and kissed him goodnight. I have to leave for the airport in half an hour. Mike, my driver took my luggage to place in the trunk. "Mom Dad take care of Chase and yourself, call me immediately if anything happens, okay?" I told them with a concerned voice.

"Zach, don't you worry, we will keep you updated and take care of yourself too don't overdo it. Call us after you reach." Dad told me and gave a hug and I kissed my mom's cheek and said my Goodbyes.

I opened my car door and sit inside. "Let' go," I told Mike and he took off to the airport. After 15 minutes of the drive, we finally reached the airport. Mike took out my luggage and I get inside. Two of my company's employees were waiting for me.

"Good Morning Sir, All the documents are ready and we will be shortly arriving in London at 7 in the evening." Matt my Program Director said. We headed towards the private area where my private jet was parked, My pilot Sean was preparing for the departure. We got inside the plane and took our seat, I open my laptop to check some emails. After 7 long hours, we finally reached London airport and soon we were heading to the apartment where I will be staying for a month or so. I had my dinner on the plane so I was not hungry. I was exhausted to unpack, so I just took out my sweatpants and wifebeater and went inside the bathroom. After taking a quick shower I feel relieved. I put on the clothes and pick my phone to call mom.

"Hey Zach," Mom said in a rush tone,

"Hey Mom, everything ok?" I asked with a frown.

"oh, I'm fine, we are playing that's why. Anyway did you reach properly? how's the apartment? Have you had your dinner?"

"Mom! one question at a time. Yes, I reached fine, just had a shower, the apartment is nice and I already had dinner. Happy Now."

"Very. Oh, Chase wants to Talk to you."

"Hey, daddy!!" Chase screamed again.

I put my phone away from my ear before I go deaf. "Hey, Bud! how are you? Have you had your dinner? Are you being a good boy?" Now I know my Mom's feelings and her reasons for those questions, after being a parent you realize how much they matter to you. I thought. Love you, Mom.

"Yes, daddy! I am a good boy and I eat my dinner. I am missing you come soon, daddy!! and bring be many many toys and co..cocolate." Chase said. He is very smart for 2 years old.

"I missed you too buddy and I'll bring the toys and Chocolate for you. I love you, Chase. Now give the phone to grandma I have to talk to her."

"I love you daddy!! Grandma talk to daddy." Chase said to mom.

"Yes, honey," mom said.

"Chase is being good right? I mean He didn't cry after I left." I asked with concern.

"Well, He was a bit sad but after some hot Chocolate, he was back to normal. So, don't worry about him."

"Weakness for Hot Chocolate runs in the family. I said with a laugh. Okay, I will hang up now, have an early morning meeting tomorrow. good night mom. love you."

"Good night son, Love you too."

After talking to chase a felt a bit of relief, with that I went to sleep,

"Goodnight Maria, Love You."


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