The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 19

Anna’s Pov

My mind is all around the place right now. After the realization of my feelings for Mr. Knight, I can’t able to think or act properly. At the breakfast table, I avoid looking at him, how could I look at those mesmerizing hazel eyes which have me hooked up. I can’t face him and act like he hasn’t had any effect on me for god sake.

But, I can’t jeopardize my career and the reputation of The Nanny Diaries by growing feelings for my client. I can control this stupid feeling, I am a grown-up woman, not some teenager. And the most important factor is, he is way out of my league and doesn’t feel the same for me. I am just a woman, who is here to look after his son, So, it’s better if I shut my heart right now before it’s getting too late.


It was 5 o’clock already so, I decided to get ready for the party. I make a french braid into a messy bun. I’m not fond of makeup but, it’s a party after all so, I put on a light layer of foundation, made a black smokey eye, and a cherry red lipstick. I pulled my black dress and red stilettos from the wardrobe. I put on a red stone earring with a matching bracelet.

Okay, I don’t like to brag but I am looking GOOD. I put my Vanilla Sandalwood perfume on my wrist, neck, and behind my ear.

Somebody knocked on my door and I asked them to come inside.” Anna, Mason has arrived and waiting for you in the hall. And you are looking gorgeous”, John said making me blush.

“Thank you, John, I will be down in a bit,” He left and I grabbed my red clutch, phone and take a last glance in the mirror. I walked downstairs to the living room where Mason was waiting for me.

“Wow! you are stunning, I’m sure all the man in the party will envy me for having the most beautiful women by my side.” I get scarlet by Mason’s compliment.

I playfully slap his arm with my clutch, “Well, somebody is not looking so bad themself.”

“Anna!” Chase ran into my arms and I kneel in front of him, he was looking at me in awe. “You are beautiful,” he said and kissed my cheeks.

I kissed him back, “thank you, baby, Now you be a good boy for John and sleep early.” he nodded his head and went back to his room.

“Shall we,” Mason holds out his arm for me to take. We walked out of the penthouse and take the elevator. The elevator door opened and there was a white limousine waiting for us. It was beautiful. Mason opened the door and I got inside, he walked to the other side of the door and got inside himself. It was my first time in a limo, and I was enjoying it, the interior was classy, the comfortable seats, mini-fridge, it was like a small club or something. The 30 minutes of drive and we reached at the venue.

Mason opened the door for me and I got out. Many media and paparazzi were covering the event and guests. I held his hand and we walked our way to the stairs.

“Mr. Walker, Who is this gorgeous lady with you?”

“Is she your new girlfriend, Mr. Mason?”

The media were blasting us with questions but we ignored them and reached the door.

“I’m sorry Anna, these media sucks, please don’t mind their stupid questions.”

“It’s okay, Mason. I know how they are most of the time,” we laughed and move inside the hall.

The decoration was flawless, the lights, the curtains, it was mesmerizing. I was getting some stares from the women at the party, some were envious, some were jealous. “All the women here are jealous of you for two reasons,” Mason said, looking around.

“And What would that be?” I asked getting curious.

“First, you are the most beautiful woman in the party, and all the man out there has their eyes on you, and second you are here with me,” I laughed knowing his reasons.

“Anna!” I turned my head after hearing my name from a familiar voice.

“Sophia, How are you doing? I missed you.” I said hugging her.

“You are looking beautiful, Oh, and you are here with this Stupid guy,” She pulled Mason’s ear.

“Oww, that hurts sweetheart,” She left his ear and pulled him for a hug, “you are breathtaking as always,” he said and kissed her cheeks.

“Where is William?” I asked Sophia. Mason excused himself to talk to some of his friends.

“He and Zach are busy with some business associates,” she said, hearing about Mr. Knight send chills down my spine.

“There you are, I was looking for you,” William came from behind and put his hand on Sophia’s shoulder.

“William?” I called his name, that finally got his attention.

“Anna, Oh my I didn’t saw you before, I missed you and wow, you are looking great.” I kissed his cheeks and hugged him.

My eyes were subconsciously looking for someone, but he was nowhere in sight. Sophia pulled my hand and we all took our seats on the table assigned to us.

Mr. Knight was standing at the podium on the stage and was about to make an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very delighted to have all your presence, I would like to appreciate the hard work, my team has done to achieve this huge success. My family and friends who gave constant support throughout my journey, Thank you, everyone, enjoy the night.” Everyone applaud by the end of his speech and he came down from the stage towards our table.

“Hey, brother congratulations,” Mason hugged Mr. Knight.

“Thanks, man,” he said and his eyes met mine.

“Congratulations Mr. Knight, the party is amazing,” I said and he nodded his head. He didn’t say anything else to me, not even a compliment, well isn’t this what I want. I don’t want his compliment anyway.

A song was playing in the background and Mason asked me to have a dance with him.” Can I have a dance with you?”

“Sure,” I said and he holds my hand.

We were dancing to a beautiful song, Sophia and William were dancing beside us. Mr. Knight was talking to some of his clients when a woman walked towards him and said something to him.

He was a bit hesitant at first then his eyes found mine and he holds her hand and came to the dance floor. The woman was beautiful but her dress was very revealing. She placed her hand behind his neck and she was talking and giving him a seductive smile.

“Ouch! Anna, Why are you holding my hand so tightly?” Mason said and distract me from the pair dancing ahead of us.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Did I hurt you?” I asked with concern.

“No, it’s fine, but What is occupying your mind, and who are you looking at?” Mason said and follow my line of vision and before I could avert my eyes from them, Mason caught me staring at them.

“Whoa, what we have here now?” he raised his eyebrows and asked curiously.

“W-What do you mean?” I tried to avoid his eyes and look everywhere else but him.

“The way you are looking no- staring at them, it has to be something. right?”

“What! NO, I Uhm... I was just looking around the place, decorations and all.” I fake my reactions but he didn’t seem to be convinced much.

“If you say so,” he shrugged his shoulders and we continue to dance.

The song was over and I excused myself and went to the balcony to get some fresh ear. “What a beautiful girl like you standing alone here?” a voice said from behind me. I turned to face a man in his early thirties with a creepy smile.

“I was not alone and was enjoying some alone time with myself before it got ruined by you.” I fake a smile and start to leave.

“Not so soon, I haven’t got to know your name gorgeous.” He said blocking my way.

“I don’t feel like to introduce my self to you, so, if you excused me.” I tried to left the balcony but he grabbed my hand tightly.

“Playing hard to get I see, I like festy one. You are nothing but a bitch who gets anything by spreading their legs to rich guys. I saw you with that Mason, I bet, I will be more fun than him on the bed.” I pulled my hand from his grip and slapped him hard. Who does he think he is.

“You bitch!” He raised his hand to slap me, I flinch and closed my eyes but that slap never came. I opened my eyes and found him on the floor with a bloody nose. I look in front of me to face a furious Mr. Knight with a bruised hand.

“Are you okay?” Mr. knight holds my face to make sure I was fine.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Sophia, William, and Mason soon came beside me and Sophia hugged me tightly. I so needed that hug.

“What happened, son?” Willaim asked Mr. Knight. But he didn’t say anything and called security to throw that man out.

I was a bit shooked by that incident, I make my way to the washroom and dap my face with cold water. I came out of the washroom but someone was standing by the door.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“I was waiting for you, let’s go,” he said.

“Where are we going?” I asked confused.

“I’m taking you HOME.” He holds out his hand for me and I placed my hand on it.


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