The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 20

Anna’s POV


A small word but that made my heart pound. I hold his hand and we went back to the hall, I hugged Sophia and William and told them about us leaving the party. Mason came with a concerned look on his face, I hugged him and told him I was fine and will call him tomorrow.

Mr. Knight called Mike to bring the car to the back entrance to avoid the media. We came in front of the car and Mr. Knight opened the door for me, I slide in and he soon followed. The drive back Home was silent, I was fidgeting with my fingers, stealing glances of him when he was focusing on his phone. I leaned my head on the window gazing at the view. The car stopped indicating that, we have arrived at the house.

Mr. Knight steps down from the car and opened my side of the door. I came out and we headed inside the building. We waited for the elevator and he pressed the button, the only sound that can be heard in the elevator is our breathing. My heart was beating fast, I bet he can hear it as well. Soon we reached our floor and the elevator door opens, we came out of it and walked ahead to the double door, he presses the bell and John opened the door.

“Sir, Anna, I hope you enjoyed the party,” John said with a smile.

“Yes, John, we did thank you,” I replied.

“John, thank you for your time, you can go now, good night,” Mr. Knight dismissed John and headed to the kitchen.

I locked the front door and walked to the kitchen, Mr. Knight was making a drink for himself, “Would you like to have one Miss Brown?” he asked pouring himself one.

“No, thank you, Mr. Knight, water would be fine,” I said and grab a glass and filled the water in it.

“I’m sorry for what happened at the party, only if I knew, I wouldn’t have invited that scumbag,”

“It’s not your fault, and I should be thanking you for saving me from the humiliation, so, thank you, Mr. Knight.”

“Zach,” he said and I gave him a confused look. “You can call me Zach, Miss Brown.” I was shocked after hearing him, was he serious? Well, he does seem one.

“Only if you called me Anna, then it will be fair,” I said with a smile.

“Deal,” he holds out his hand for a shake and I laughed at his gesture but accept it. He flinches and tried to pull his hand back but I hold it still to have a look.

“Oh my god, you hand has badly hurt, I’ll bring some ice and a first aid kit.”

“It’s okay, Anna, nothing serious, it will be gone by tomorrow,” I froze when he called my name for the first time. I never thought my name will sound this beautiful but when it came out of his lips, it was amazing. “Anna! you okay?” he waved his hand in front of my face which got me back to reality.

“Ah...uh...I’ll bring the kit you please, wait here for me,” I rushed to the bathroom and came with the kit, I took some ice from the freezer and put them in a cotton cloth.

“This will reduce the swelling,” I said and place the ice on his hand, he flinched again and I blow some air on it. “You are flinching now, but was not ready to get it treated. You are more childish than Chase, look how bad it is, Why did you even have to punch that guy anyway? You jus---” I got interrupted when he placed his index finger on my lips making my mouth shut.

“I didn’t know that you talk this much, Anna,” I froze like a statue,” and to answer your question, I hit that guy because he was misbehaving with you, I would have done the same if there were any other women but I wanted to kill that guy cause he had even thought to harm you. Is this answer enough for you Anna?” He pulled back his finger and I took a much-needed breath, I didn’t know I was holding. He smirked at my reaction.

He was messing with me, fine then. I dab some antibiotic solution on the cotton ball and pressed it on his cut, “Ouch! Anna, It hurts.” I laughed holding my stomach. He narrowed his eyes which got me scared, he moves a step forward and I took a step back, this gets repeat for some more, soon I got trapped between the wall and Zach.

We were only a few inches away from each other, our proximity was making my breathing harder, we were staring at each other’s eyes, looking for something, his eyes drifted to my lips and I licked my now dry lips, his eyes followed my movement and back to my eyes as if asking for permission, I was lost in his hazel eyes and was about to give in when my concise hit me hard.

I can’t do this, it will only hurt me in the end. I have to stop this.

“I am tired,” I blurt out shocking both of us, “Will you be okay, finishing the rest of the dressing?” I asked and he backed away, giving some space between us.

“Ahem! yeah, I will be fine thank you for your help, it was a tiring day, good night Anna.” his face showed mixed emotions, which got me more confused.

“Good night, Zach,” I said and headed to my bedroom. I changed my clothes and went to the bathroom to get a hot shower.

What was all that happened downstairs? Were we going to kiss? Does he feel the same, the way I feel for him? Or Was it the moment of heat? I mean he is a man after all. God! this is crazy, I will go crazy, What I had decided, to focus on my work and keep my distance from him, but look What have I done? I should just forget about it and keep ignoring him. Yes, that’s it.

After the little pep talk, I decided to fall asleep.


Zach’s POV

I had no idea, what I would have done if she didn’t break the silence. What the hell was I thinking? I was about to kiss her, and why do I feel like, she would have kissed me back. The way her chest goes up and down with her deep breathing, I know I had some effects on her, but I can’t do that to her. I can’t mislead Anna when I didn’t even know What I feel about her? Or I don’t want to accept the feeling I have for her.

She was looking ravishing at the party I wanted to compliment her but, I was avoiding her whenever I get close to her, I wanted to hold her, kiss her. She was different from other girls, who only wanted me for my money.

I wanted to have a dance with her at the party. Seeing her with Mason just made more pissed than ever, And when that scum bag Nick tried to hurt her, I lost all control, how dare he touch my Anna.

Whoa Whoa...Did I just say My Anna...

What is wrong with me, I act like a teenager. Making excuses to talk with her, glancing at her when she is not looking, getting jealous when she talks to some other guys. These emotions are not what I think it is? Are they? I question myself.

I can’t fall in love with Anna, I love Maria. She is my wife, the mother of my baby. I can’t betray her. But Why I feel safe and secure with Anna, why her smile makes my day. Why I can’t tolerate tears in her eyes. Why I want her to only have her eyes on me.

The answer is simple Zach, you are falling for Anna, accept your feelings before anybody else blows her away from you.

A voice inside my head said, No, I can’t lose Anna, I have already lost somebody very important to me. I can’t afford it again.



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