The Nanny Diaries

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Chapter 22

Zach’s POV

What the hell is wrong with me? I didn’t have to overreact about them being close, they are friends as Anna said and since when I became this possessive about such small things. Am I jealous of Mason? I asked myself.

Nope, not at all, I better than him, he is my best friend but still, I’m better than him in every way. In terms of looks, money, responsibility, and most important I’m not a playboy like him.

No offense Mason.

But you are a widower with a kid too. A voice inside my head said.

Shut up! I snapped at my conscious self.

I am aware of my situation but I do know, she feels for me too and I will do anything to grow that feeling into something deep, and she loves Chase a lot, that won’t be a problem but I have to make myself better for her. I can’t afford to lose her to Mason or anybody else. With Anna, I could see a future which I never thought would be possible since Maria.

The way I talked yesterday was stupid, she was mad at me and we didn’t talk all day but that’s not going to happen today. I will sincerely apologize to her and take her to have lunch with me. That sounds about right. Satisfied with the thought, I made my way to her room.

I knock on her door but I got no response, “Anna, it’s me, Zach. I wanted to talk to you,” I called but she didn’t answer, I open the door and went inside. She is not here, maybe she is with Chase. I ran downstairs inside Chase’s room and found him alone doing his paintings.

“Daddy, look I paint a cow,” he said showing me his painting.

“That’s nice bud. Baby, have you seen Anna?” I asked him.

“She is out with uncle Mason,” he said still painting.

“What!” I yelled startling him. “Sorry buddy, keep painting.” I left the room with disappointment.

She has gone out with Mason. Is it a date or something? She didn’t even tell me about it, Does she like him? but they didn’t even know each other. And I know Mason, he doesn’t do relationships, Has Anna fell for his playboy charms just like the other girls. I was hurt, angry, and disappointed. Do I even have a chance to win her heart or that already belongs to Mason?

I storm inside my office with a bad headache, I pour whiskey in my glass and gulp it at once. I very much needed that. Anna is innocent, she will get hurt if Mason broke her heart and I’ll not let that happen. I have to talk to Anna about her feelings but this time I will be polite with my words. It was 1 o’clock and I got involved in some work to distract myself from Anna’s thoughts.

It was 5 already and she has not been back yet. Are they even planning to come back at all? I was getting annoyed with the thought of Anna being alone with Mason for so long. I picked my phone to call her but drop the thought, I don’t want to sound desperate. She would have called me or John to inform me about her being late or anything. What is taking so long for them to get back here?

It’s 8 and still, she is not back yet, Chase has gone to sleep and so has John. I am waiting for her like a fool. I can’t take this anymore, I am calling her, it’s my right as I’m her client and she has to report me about her whereabouts. I was about to call her when the doorbell rang. There they are, with long strikes I went to open the door, I am fuming with anger.

I opened the door and faced a nervous Anna, alone. Giving her some space to enter and close the door behind me. “Took you long enough,” anger laced in my voice.

“I’m s-sorry, we went to this diner outside Newyork and lost the track of time and later on stuck in the traffic. I am sorry Zach, didn’t mean to be this late.”

“You could have called me, and you didn’t inform me about going out with Mason, why?” I asked coming closer to her.

“I thought we would be here in time so, I didn’t bother to call.” She said taking a step back.

“Do you any idea, how worried and restless I was? How could you so careless?” she really can push all my buttons.

“Why would you be? I mean, I had told John about my plan then, Why?” she was looking straight into my eyes looking for some answers, I was not confident enough to give.

“Y-you work for me, it’s my responsibility,” I said avoiding her eyes.

“I am not your responsibility Zach and can take care of myself. I should have called you when it got late and I’m very sorry for that,” she said and turned to left for her room but I stopped her by asking something stupid.

“Don’t go out with Mason?” I blurt out.

“Excuse me,” now we were facing each other.

“Don’t go out with him Anna, he is a nice guy, but when it comes to relationships he is not a very nice pick,” I told her in a very polite manner.

“Are we really going back to that conversation again, and that’s none of your business who I go out with. It’s my decision Zach, not yours. I may work for you but I’m not your property or anything, so, please don’t tell me what to do and what not to do.” I gripped her arm when she was about to left the living room.

“Where do you think you are going huh? I am looking out for you Anna, I don’t want you to get hurt by Mason or anybody else,” Why didn’t she get it, I’m doing it for her good.

“You don’t have to be worried about it, I can take care of myself,” Why is she behaving like this, Am I that unlikeable? I pulled her closer, we were a few inches away from each other.

“I don’t think I could do that, I cared about you and nobody can stop me from doing that,”

“Why! Why do you even care Zach?” She pushed my arms and said in a low voice almost as a whisper at me.

“Because I--“I stopped on my track, I can’t confess my feelings right now when I am not even sure about her’s.

“You don’t have anything to say, I knew it. You know what, I had a long day, I’ll take my leave,” and she left, disappointment filled her eyes.


Anna’s POV

I slammed the bedroom door shut and slide down, tears falling from my eyes. Why couldn’t he like me? I can feel the spark between us, when he touches me, came near me, it gave me butterflies. Can’t he feel anything? And what the hell with this Mason thing. How many times I had told him there is nothing between us I don’t like him but he doesn’t want to believe. And I’m done explaining if he thinks I’m going out with Mason, then be it. I’ll not correct him.

“Why would I like Mason, when I like you, Zach.” I voiced my thoughts aloud. All he felt for me is concern and responsibility, I am his Son’s Nanny, that’s all I am for him. I rose from the floor and changed my clothes. The next thing I know, I cried myself to sleep.


I woke up with a bad headache. I finish my bathroom routine and changed my clothes. Came downstairs to the kitchen where Martha was making breakfast, “Good morning, dear. What happened to your eyes, why is it red and swollen,” Martha said with concern, she came near to handed me my black coffee.

“I’m just tired Martha, nothing serious,” I said before sipping my coffee.

“You sure, I will make something healthy for you.”

“It will not be necessary, your coffee will heal my stress as usual,” I said and left the kitchen.

After getting Chase ready for the day, we came to the dining area for breakfast. I was plating the food and was waiting for Zach. “John, why Zach is not coming for breakfast,” I asked John.

“Sir has left for Seattle, early morning for two days, he will return tomorrow night,” he said and excused himself. Thank god, Chase was not sad with Zach for not informing him about his sudden plan.

And for me, I was fine, he is not here to witness my miserable state, and deep down I was already missing Mr. grumpy pants.


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